Process Mining

With Nagarro + MBIS process mining consultancy, ensure that your business processes perform at the highest efficiency and are corresponding to the intended design. Analyze how processes work and support improvement through data visualization and drill-down capabilities.

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Benefit from Nagarro + MBIS process mining consultancy to make sure your business processes are operating at maximum efficiency

Visualize process flows

Provide data-based process discovery and visualization of end-to-end process flows.

Utilize recommendations

Benefit from recommendations on process improvement.

Improve your analysis

Run root-cause analyses to pinpoint areas that need improvement within your processes.

SAP® Process
Mining by Celonis

Improve your business processes with
Nagarro + MBIS to achieve operational excellence

With Nagarro + MBIS, implement solutions that you can gain visibility into the details
of business processes and empower your process mining efforts.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier with SAP® Process Mining by Celonis solutions.

Accelerate automation initiatives

Take a data-based approach to business automation. Identify opportunities for automation and improvement; and prioritize, structure, and streamline projects.

Achieve operational excellence

Track process performance against targets, identify issues for action and support process corrections.

Drive continuous process and efficiency improvements

Gain insights into causes of process variants and deviations and assess process requirements to identify areas for automation.

Technical and Functional Features

Automated process discovery

Collect time-stamped event logs from all systems that the process touches. Derive process flow from the digital footprints of each process step. Model intuitive, graphical visual representations of as-is process flows automatically.

Prebuilt data connectors and analytical content

Use preconfigured connectors for commonly used processes to extract required process data from relevant SAP® and non-SAP® systems. Leverage predefined analyses for specific uses and stakeholders.

Data-based process analytics

Create a digital twin of the end-to-end process flow – including all variants, deviations, and inefficiencies. Visualize process flows annotated with performance KPIs. Drill down into variants and individual process instances for root cause analysis.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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