SAP® Enterprise Asset
Management solution

Implement SAP® solutions that will allow you to always get the highest performance from your physical assets. Start using the perfect SAP® solution in a short time with the asset management experience of MBIS to meet your needs such as collecting the information of physical assets on a single platform, maintenance planning, mobile maintenance operations, predictive maintenance work.

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Take advantage of MBIS consultancy to get the best performance from your physical assets

Asset information management

Perform failure mode analysis with the data you obtain from your ERP systems; track equipment, models, locations and spare parts.

Advanced predictive analytics

Build real-time analytical models to understand the performance, opportunities and risks of predictive care services.

Digital twin analysis

Build the digital twin of an asset to help evaluate its current condition and identify signs of failure.

Work order management

Audit work orders and notifications, track actions and meter gauge readings, and enable GIS integration.

Web-based geographic information

Use public GIS information and view data on a map with geospatial features in SAP® S/4HANA.

Streamlined maintenance management

Execute scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks for optimal operations. Enable technicians to detect, report, resolve faults and quickly address emergency situations.

SAP® Asset
Intelligence Network

Create systems with MBIS that allow you to collect all information about
your physical assets in one center and share them with manufacturers

Collect and monitor equipment information in a central system with the cloud-based
asset network to be built by MBIS. Take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT).
YImplement systems with MBIS that will enable your operators and manufacturers to automatically
access asset usage, up-to-date maintenance strategies, handbooks and fault data.

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Make your asset management more efficient with SAP® Asset Intelligence Network

Enable collaborative asset management

Deploy collaborative best practices for optimal positioning, management and maintenance of your equipment.

Access all the asset information

Streamline effective asset management and customer service processes; use a single repository for all the information about your assets and equipment.

Share asset performance feedbacks

Connect with manufacturers, operators or service providers to share performance analytics.

Technical and Functional Features

Collaborative partner relationships

Invite your partners to the network via free basic membership to share content and collaborate seamlessly.

Intuitive user experience

Increase user satisfaction and simplify use by providing a unified, highly visual user experience based on SAP® Fiori.

Integration with other SAP® solutions

Connect with other SAP® solutions such as SAP® S/4HANA to facilitate seamless data exchange between enterprise management systems and asset management systems.

SAP® Asset Strategy and
Performance Management

Optimize your maintenance processes by measuring the performance of your
physical assets

Measure and improve the performance of your assets and develop maintenance strategies with SAP®
systems to be implemented by MBIS. Enable asset owners, managers, facility managers, engineers
to improve their control and make maintenance planning easier and more accurate.

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Adopt a strategic approach to asset management with SAP® Asset Strategy
and Performance Management

Balance risk, cost and performance

Make evaluations by finding a balance between the performance of each asset, the cost of performance, and the risk value it carries.

Less risks

Minimize unplanned downtime and ensure the correct levels of expenditure and maintenance to keep your equipment running without unnecessary maintenance.

Reduce maintenance cost

Cut maintenance costs while reducing risk and increasing equipment uptime. Optimize performance based on risk level with a fixed budget.

Technical and Functional Features

Asset information management

Upload information from your ERP system using templates based on ISO standards. Create entries for models, equipment, functional locations and spare parts. Manage failure mode analysis; evaluate reliability, usability and sustainability.

Risk and criticality assessment

Calculate the risk score based on various dimensions and impact categories. Evaluate asset criticality based on risk score. Apply the most appropriate risk mitigation methodology based on the outcome of the criticality assessment.

Failure modes and impact analysis (FMEA)

Identify and recognize potential failures including causes and effects. Evaluate identified failure modes, prioritize and assign a risk priority number. Identify actions to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of possible malfunctions.

SAP® Asset Manager

Take your physical asset management to mobile platform with MBIS

Run your end-to-end corporate asset operations on time and easily with the SAP®
Asset Manager mobile application that will be customized for you by MBIS. At the
same time, achieve higher levels of workforce productivity to view the health of
your assets and protect, inspect and repair your critical assets with online -
offline access.

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Manage your assets from anywhere with SAP® Asset Manager

Access asset data anytime and anywhere

Access accurate asset management data timely both online and offline to better respond to increasing customer demands, legal and social regulations.

Make use of checklists

In order to finalize the work order make it mandatory to fill out the checklist.

Turn CapEx into operational investments

Get the maximum benefit from your Information Technology investments by using cloud functions.

Technical and Functional Features

Work order management

Management of work orders, notifications, parts, measurement readings. Integration with geographic information systems. Rich visualization and actionable insights.

Cloud-based setup

Fast and cost-effective cloud setup feature using SAP® Cloud Platform; Reduced IT operation and maintenance costs.

Native integration

Native integration with SAP® Enterprise Asset Management, SAP® S / 4HANA Asset Management and SAP® Intelligent Asset Management solutions.

SAP® Predictive Maintenance
and Service

Use MBIS SAP® consulting experience to achieve the best in
predictive maintenance activities

MBIS offers predictive SAP® technologies that allow you to complete the maintenance of your
physical assets without failure. You can inform your operators and service providers in a
timely manner with the SAP® solutions that you implement with MBIS' guidance, you can predict
malfunctions early and allow them to carry out preventive maintenance operations.

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Adopt a predictive and proactive approach to maintenance activities with SAP®

Increase service profitability

Increase the visibility of your field assets so OEM and third-party service providers offer high-profit services with lower risk.

Reduce maintenance costs

Dynamically plan and standardize your maintenance schedules to improve resource utilization and reduce asset downtime.

Increase asset availability

Empower asset operators and service providers with data science, helping them predict errors early and take corrective actions.

Technical and Functional Features

Management and decision support

Streamline the maintenance and service processes by optimizing asset maintenance with anomaly detection, spectral analysis, and machine learning algorithms.

IoT connectivity

Monitor data from connected devices and use IoT data transfer services to optimize scalable and cost-effective storage and data management.

Visualizing predictive analytics

Uncover valuable insights through real-time data analytics based on business needs.

SAP® Work Manager

Extend the life of your physical assets with MBIS.

Empower maintenance teams to work more securely, productively and independently with the
SAP® Work Manager mobile app to be customized for you by MBIS. Extend the life of your assets
by ensuring timely processing of directed workflows, work orders, notification and asset
master data, online or offline.

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Turn your maintenance expenses into operational investments with SAP® Work Manager

Reduce downtime and maintenance repetitions

Eliminate overhead costs and process delays by improving first-time resolution rates, and achieve higher levels of workforce security and business productivity.

Extend and improve asset life and reliability

Extend the life of your assets with timely processing of workflows, work orders, notifications, and asset master data.

Switch to paperless maintenance management

Eliminate paperwork based processes while reducing downtime and pending maintenance.

Technical and Functional Features

Multiple deployment options

Choose between cloud or on-premise installation to meet your specific business needs.

Mobile device flexibility

Possibility to use on Apple iPad, iPhone and Android and Microsoft devices with mobile features such as TouchID and location services. Simplified and engaging user experience utilizing SAP® Fiori.

Offline and online mobile asset management

Ability to manage existing business and asset data online, offline. ERP synchronization at user defined intervals.

Asset Management

Perfectly plan, schedule and operate maintenance operations with SAP® S/4HANA,
using MBIS expertise.

Using MBIS consultancy, you can define the optimum asset maintenance and service
strategy that you will build on SAP® S/4HANA; observe the results, and perform
corrective and preventive actions proactively.

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SAP® S/4HANA Asset Management offers best practices in asset management.

Optimize maintenance planning

Simulate scope and workload, create schedules, and monitor operational status using SAP® S/4HANA Asset Management for maintenance planning.

Improve visibility in asset operations and planning

Increase maintenance efficiency with fast access to analytics on costs, failure rates and damage, while enabling maintenance planners to proactively track critical and time-sensitive jobs across maintenance activities and spare parts inventory.

Maintain safe operations

Provide safe working conditions for all employees in your maintenance department and comply with environmental protection regulations.

Technical and Functional Features

Integrated business intelligence

Use the reporting capabilities of SAP® S/4HANA to gain insights and analyze your asset management.

High user satisfaction

Remove difficulties for users to adopt the system. Tailor system-related configurations according to the role and language of business users, not IT teams.

Integration with HR systems

Make sure that the most appropriate care staff with the right skill set are assigned to the right jobs and assets.

SAP® Product
Lifecycle Costing

Provide geographic information support to your corporate applications with MBIS consultancy

Benefit from the superior consulting services of MBIS to view and manage your assets on
the map in your corporate asset management operations. Improve your performance and
decision-making abilities by using geo-based data in your corporate software solutions.

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Extend the functionality of SAP® S/4HANA with geographic data

Increase the return on your assets

Prioritize your operations with geospatial enabled processes, optimize your planned business outages, and increase asset information reliability by leveraging data such as live weather notifications.

Minimize operational risks

Get an instant and accurate view of your business assets. Improve the quality, integrity and geosaptial accuracy of your data to improve decision making capabilities.

Increase workforce productivity

Speed ​​decision-making, increase productivity and improve employee performance with user-friendly and map-based navigation enriched with unified GIS data layers.

Technical and Functional Features

Web based geo explorer

Use publicly available GIS information and view data on a map with geospatial features in SAP® S/4HANA.

Independent geographic editor

Make adjustments using geographic information for any spatially enabled entity in SAP® S/4HANA.

Customization of Geospatial features

Customize map interfaces for different user groups and customize app launch functions from the map.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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