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SAP® Governance, Risk and
Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Benefit from the extensive know-how of Nagarro + MBIS - the only GRC 'SAP® Recognized Expertise' partner in Turkey. Increase the strategic, operational and financial effectiveness of your Governance, Risk and Compliance operations; better protect your organization against data-associated risks.

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Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS' consultancy services that will allow you to minimize unconscious bias
risks and fraud related risks.

Minimize risks

Take immediate action with Enterprise Risk Management. Increase compliance with central controls, improve your performance with audit planning. Detect exceptions and improve your system.

Govern access

Gain insight with continuous access analysis. Take advantage of configurable, predefined access policies. Use comprehensive identity management. Simplify your work with streamlined single sign-on.

Secure your data

Protect your data with powerful and flexible security management capabilities. Detect threats instantly with security monitoring functions. Easily identify lapses in your application landscape. Provide data protection and privacy management.

Manage trade worldwide

Manage your export and import activities. Identify restricted or embargoed individuals and institutions. Facilitate special customs procedures.

SAP® Risk Management

Establish a decision-making mechanism sensitive to access
risks in your SAP® systems with Nagarro + MBIS.

Integrate and coordinate risk management operations, analyze risks more deeply
and create timely and reliable actions with our SAP® GRC consultancy. See current
and future risks and classify them by business impact. Have a strong enterprise
risk management system that supports risk identification, assessment, analysis
and monitoring.

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Ensure minimized corporate risks with SAP® Risk Management.

Gain insight into value-adding risks

Understand how risks and controls can be optimised to meet strategic business objectives.

Always be alerted for risks and opportunities

Monitor risk levels, risk drivers, and key risk indicators continuously.

Minimise needless loss

Identify and mitigate risks that can result in unacceptable losses.

Technical and Functional Features

Risk strategy and planning

Define risk-relevant business activities; set up your organisational risk hierarchy; assign risk appetite, risk owners, and responsibilities; and automate risk monitoring.

Risk identification

Identify relationships between risks and events, define research/survey questions, and document potential root causes and consequences of risks, as well as mitigation activities.

Risk analysis

Run quantitative and qualitative risk analysis to determine the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact of identified risks.

Risk monitoring

Document incidents and losses and analyse and report on your company’s risk situation

SAP® Process Control

Take control of your core processes and manage
compliance with Nagarro + MBIS

Run more confident and simpler internal control programs by automating processes
and compliance management with SAP® Process Control. Reduce your risks with continuous
control monitoring, streamlined testing, and real-time insights real-time insight
into control status and key issues. Establish a single central resource to maintain
control across your business and implement scalable solutions with multiple process
compliance adjustments.

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Nagarro + MBIS helps you to streamline your processes with SAP® Process Control Solution.

Increase efficiency

Streamline your process control operations by identifying, prioritizing, and focusing resources on key business processes and risks.

Provide real-time visibility

Gain real-time insights into all compliance and internal control processes with continuous control monitoring functionality.

Improve compliance

Support compliance efforts across regulations including anti-bribery and corruption, financial compliance, IT controls, and industry-specific requirements.

Technical and Functional Features

Unified repository for process control information

Ensure cross-functional standardization and provide consistent process control management across your organization. Establish a single platform to manage multiple regulatory policies and compliance procedures, while optimising control assessment and testing activities.

Built-in controls to strengthen business processes

Align internal controls and policies with business objectives and risks, oversee key business processes from reconciliation to reporting, order to cash and procurement to payment, and monitor high transaction volumes in real time. Use the superior data processing power of SAP® HANA to monitor high-volume transactions in real time in SAP® S/4HANA.

Comprehensive control evaluations

Conduct comprehensive online and offline process control assessments with flexible workflows and configurable forms. Manage the entire policy lifecycle with collaborative tools and surveys. Streamline issue management and certification processes with best practice workflows.

SAP® Audit Management

Automate the operation of your internal audit procedures and improve audit
quality with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

Implement SAP® solutions with Nagarro + MBIS that will align your entire business with critical risks and
controls, increase audit efficiency, and provide trusted insights. Facilitate internal audit by
simplifying document evidence, regulation, organising work papers and and creating audit reports.

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Streamline your internal audit processes with SAP® Audit Management solution

Focus on more strategic and advisory roles

Choose high-value issues for further investigation and gain more precise insights with real-time audit analytics.

Assess risks with greater speed and ease

Empower internal auditors to perform timely risk assessments and collaborate in an integrated fashion.

Automate and accelerate the audit process

Reduce the cost of your internal audit procedures, while shrinking the cycle time time needed to generate reporting.

Technical and Functional Features

Audit planning, management, and performance

Adopt a simpler approach to creating, tracking, and managing audit issues by capturing documentation instantly with mobile devices and drag-and-drop tools.

Advanced automation with machine learning

Speed up the resolution of audit issues by reducing repeat findings and visualising results, while standardising reports with preestablished templates and automated issue tracking.

SAP® Business
Integrity Screening

Design the systems that enable you to get the insight you need to guard business
integrity and avoid suspicious transactions with high-risk third parties, with Nagarro + MBIS

Take action to detect and prevent fraud and errors with the data analysis consultancy of Nagarro + MBIS.
Scan large volumes of data in real time with increased accuracy to detect and prevent fraud
and errors. Identify anomalous activity quickly using flexible rule sets and predictive
analyses that can help uncover potential fraud patterns.

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Detect and prevent risks with the SAP® Business Integrity Screening solution.

Minimise fraud risk

Protect revenue and reduce fraud-induced losses by screening high volumes of transactions for anomalies.

Identify suspicious patterns

Use behavioural analytics to detect and investigate suspicious patterns, so you can take the necessary steps to mitigate future fraud risk.

Increase productivity

Benefit from powerful analytics capabilities that reduce false positives, improving the productivity of investigative teams.

Technical and Functional Features

Exception detection and compliance checks

Receive alert notifications for exception scenarios that are relevant to your organisation – such as employee theft, corruption, incorrect transactions, or warranty fraud.

Calibration of detection strategies

Refine your detection strategies with calibration and simulation features to perform what-if analyses on historical data and assess which approaches are most effective.

Prevention and deterrence

Analyse exception-based scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence and determine which approaches are most effective in deterring anomalous and fraudulent activity.

Business partner screening

Avoid doing business with high-risk or sanctioned parties by screening against lists from government agencies, international organisations, and private content providers.

SAP® Cloud Identity
Access Governance

Simplify your identity and access management with
SAP® ’s cloud-based solutions

Streamline identity and access management (IAM) in complex on-premise and cloud
environments with high-level solutions designed by Nagarro + MBIS consultants. Improve user
activity with an enhanced interface and a lean experience in the cloud. Govern access
authorisations with greater ease and minimise mistakes, misuse, and financial loss.

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Streamline access governance activities across your on-premise and cloud landscapes with Nagarro + MBIS

Simplify the governance of data access

Support comprehensive identity management and access governance, minimise access risk, and mitigate potential risks for financial loss.

Deliver a seamless user experience

Improve the productivity of your users by managing security procedures in complex cloud and on-premise environments with a unified view of access profiles.

Reduce your IT workload

Take advantage of automated, maintenance-free updates to tightly control the consumption of your cloud IAM services amid changes in user and business needs.

Technical and Functional Features

Access compliance management

Run continuous access analysis and use real-time insights to support access compliance management. Leverage configurable, predefined access policies and rules. Update user access dynamically as business needs change

Intelligent optimisation of assignments

Assign user access more accurately. Use dashboard-driven user interfaces, visual prompts, and analytic intelligence to pinpoint business-critical issues. Change access dynamically and use guided remediation to manage risks

Extended control and risk management

Extend access control to enterprise applications and users anywhere and on any device. Enable risk remediation and mitigation monitoring processes for segregation of duties (SoD) and the security of on-premise and cloud systems. Simplify compliance management with preconfigured audit reporting.

SAP® Watch List Screening

Simplify business partner screening process with Nagarro + MBIS

Identify risky businesses, individuals and organizations with Nagarro + MBIS's consultancy services that
combine legal requirements with technology. Lower the cost and effort of third-party due diligence
by simplifying the process of assessing business partners against restricted or denied party lists
from governments and institutions.

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SAP® Watch List Screening helps you to avoid high-risk businesses, individuals, and entities.

Reduced risk

Elude partnerships and relationships with sanctioned individuals and entities and reduce the risk of noncompliance business-wide.

Automated compliance

Automate compliance checks across critical sales and procurement processes to improve results and decrease supply chain delays.

Simplified screening

Use a SaaS model that simplifies screening, provides instant access to up-to-date watch lists, streamlines uploads, and accelerates time to value.

Technical and Functional Features

Restricted and denied party screening

Enable real-time compliance checks for order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes. Take advantage of automated screening of restricted or denied parties with inline process blocking and release.

Integration and extensibility

Utilize the prebuilt integration with SAP® S/4HANA and published APIs to extend to other systems.

SAP® Global
Trade Services

Benefit from the extensive Nagarro + MBIS experience in ensuring
legal compliance in global trade operations.

Take advantage of the SAP® consultancy services provided by Nagarro + MBIS to centralize global trade
management. Accelerate your cross-border supply chain by automating and streamlining trade
processes and compliance. Centralise global trade management with a single repository for
all compliance master data and content.

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Streamline and centralise global trade management with SAP® Global Trade Services

Improve efficiency

Boost productivity by automating time-consuming, manual tasks for global trade management and compliance.

Reduce risk with automated compliance

Validate every order against the latest compliance regulations to reduce the risk of fines and penalties.

Accelerate the supply chain with simplified scanning

Enable faster supply chain processes with real-time compliance checks.

Technical and Functional Features

Sanctioned party list (SPL) screening

Ensure proper screening of restricted or denied parties with inline process blocking and release.

Export management

Manage export compliance, classification, outbound trade finance, and customs services with direct filing capabilities.

Import management

Streamline imports with comprehensive features, including self-filing, importer security filing, and duty calculation.

Real-time compliance checks

Enable real-time regulatory compliance checks. Order and shipping processes, powered by SAP® S / 4HANA, help you keep compliance-related data - and your products - moving as fast as possible.

Support for special customs procedures

Meet customs requirements for foreign trade zones, bonded warehousing, processing trade in China, inward and outward processing (IPR/OPR), Intrastat, and the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS).

Accelerated application data analysis

Use SAP® HANA as the primary database for SAP® Global Trade Services. Based on powerful in-memory computing technology, SAP® HANA includes tools for data modeling, data and lifecycle management, and security.

SAP® Enterprise
Threat Detection (ETD)

With the preventive security consultancy of Nagarro + MBIS, identify, Addresss,
analyse and neutralize cyberattacks when they happen

Take advantage of a security information and event management (SIEM) tool that uses
real-time intelligence. Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS's corporate cyber security consultancy
services to ensure data protection and effectively manage system vulnerability to
external and internal cybersecurity threats.

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Protect your organization against cyber threats with SAP® Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) solution.

Enhance security

Keep your SAP® systems secure in a continuously changing cybersecurity threat environment using powerful and flexible monitoring, detection, and response capabilities.

Detect suspicious activities

Identify security lapses in your application landscape readily and efficiently with real-time data processing using smart data streaming services and SAP® HANA.

Neutralize threats

Receive actionable alerts in time to neutralize threats to your business-critical assets and to prevent damage to your business.

Technical and Functional Features

Log correlation and analysis

Analyse a vast quantity of log data and correlate information to get a complete picture of landscape activities. Perform forensic threat detection to discover previously unknown attack variants. Customise the integration of non-SAP® systems and infrastructure components. Use an exclusive kernel API to send logs directly to SAP® Enterprise Threat Detection to make manipulation more difficult.

Automated threat detection and alerting

Find SAP® software-specific threats related to known attacks by using attack detection patterns. Create attack detection patterns without the need to code. Conduct attack investigations based on generated alerts and publish alerts to enable integration with external processes and solutions.

Easy integration across SAP® solutions

Detect threats at the application server level and at the database level. Integrate with SAP® solutions across your entire IT landscape.

SAP® Privacy

Implement the SAP® Privacy Governance system with Nagarro + MBIS
consultancy to comply with data privacy regulations.

Build systems with Nagarro + MBIS that simplify privacy and security requirements, operationalize privacy
management activities, and manage data claims lifecycle. Gain the governance, transparency,
and monitoring capabilities you need to help your business stay compliant by using the
SAP® Privacy Governance application.

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Comply with security and privacy requirements with SAP® Privacy Governance

Simplify governance

Evaluate organisational maturity and establish a security and privacy governance model in accordance with requirements and best practices.

Operationalize privacy management

Embed data-driven assessments within business processes to meet organisational privacy requirements.

Manage the data subject rights request lifecycle

Facilitate self-service requests and automate the review and response process to enable better privacy management practices.

Technical and Functional Features

Security and privacy governance

Identify security and privacy risks and create a remediation plan to meet objectives and comply with regulatory requirements. Deploy and manage maturity assessments with flexible and configurable templates. Manage security and privacy control evaluations and monitor ongoing compliance.

Data-driven assessments

Manage privacy assessments including a record of processing activities. Integrate privacy data intelligence and monitor the data lifecycle governance process. Monitor program activities centrally and show program effectiveness.

Data subject rights requests

Initiate data subject rights requests with self-service capabilities and fulfil requests with a workflow-driven review and response process. Verify identities with artificial intelligence. Automate the validation of the modification or deletion of personal data.

SAP® Access Control

Secure SAP® access management from end
to end with Nagarro + MBIS experience.

Create your policy-based controls to prevent access risks with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, build the
infrastructure to streamline the process of managing access to on-premise applications and
data and deploy SAP® 's leading software solutions. Detect and remediate access risk violations
with Nagarro + MBIS.

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Control SAP® access with the Access Control solution

Detect and remediate risk

Identify and remediate access risk violations automatically across SAP® and third-party systems.

Enforce compliance

Embed compliance checks and mandatory risk mitigation into business processes.

Empower users

Enable users to create and submit self-service, workflow-driven access requests and approvals.

Technical and Functional Features

Analysis of access risk

Identify and remediate violations of segregation of duties (SoD) and critical access accurately with embedded risk analysis.

Data-based evaluations

Automate user access assignments across SAP® and third-party systems by using policy rules.

Role-based access control

Define, operate and maintain compliance roles in business-friendly terms and language.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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