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Manage your user authorizations at data field level in your SAP® systems with aura (attribute-based access control for SAP® )

Take your data privacy and security in SAP® to the next level by making your user authorizations dependent on field-based conditions and rules with aura, which is specially developed in Nagarro + MBIS' R&D Center

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What is aura?

SAP® authorization architecture that was created ‘with a role-based Access control’ method and has a 5-layered structure (1-User, 2-profile 3-authority 4-authorization object 5-object class) successfully works at Functional and Organizational levels.

However; changes such as big data, regulations on data management and the importance of protecting personal data have changed the dynamics of "data" and increased its sensitivity. In this context, field-based authorization approaches were born, and the management of data on a granular basis has become a great need for all companies.

Developed in the Nagarro + MBIS R&D Center, aura is a software that can perform dynamic authorizations and field hiding functions for standard or non-standard screens in SAP® , according to the pre-defined or custom conditions and rules.

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Nagarro + MBIS aura, Attribute-Based Access Control for SAP

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Main functionalities of aura

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Prevent entry

You can prevent data entry to the fields for the users you choose.

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Field masking

If you possess SAP® UI Masking license, you can show the specified SAP® fields with applying masking.

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Field hiding

Within the rules, you can make any field invisible on the screen for specified roles and user groups

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Mandatory entry

You can enforce SAP® fields to be filled in for specified roles or individuals.

The logic of aura

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aura’s technical features

Use a flexible structure while ensuring your company complies with the Personal Data Protection Law with Nagarro + MBIS aura. You can easily integrate with the actions you can adapt to your system.

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SAP® GRC integration

As aura creates standard user roles, they can be included in the SAP® GRC system and its workflows.

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Predefined rule set

aura comes with more than 30 predefined rules created by using best practices.

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Exception management

aura is able to assign a role to all users and discard designated users as exceptions.

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Creating conditions

Single or chained (by using AND | OR) conditions can be created in aura, by using any type of ABAP comparison operators.

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Non-standard SAP® screens

aura can also be used for modified (non-Standard) SAP® screens.

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aura brings a user-friendly management cockpit to create rules and conditions.

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Column-based authorization

aura is capable of hiding columns in ALV, ListView and other types of SAP® report formats.

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Rule creation

aura allows companies to create their own rules in accordance with their specific needs (e.g. hiding, making fields mandatory).

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Reliable security

aura assures its rules are applied to all selected users even for the users with SAP® -ALL rights.

aura workflow

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Why aura?

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Protect your trade secrets

You can assure that only the users you allow can view your critical and sensitive trade secrets data, such as formulas and information in the product recipes.

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Restrict access to personal data

In order to ensure your GDPR / KVKK compliance, you can prevent anyone from viewing sensitive personal data except for the ones with granted access rights.

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Ensure information confidentiality

You can enable your users in sales or other functions to see only their own information on the same screens.

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Prevent fraud

You can control the information in SAP® fields that may cause business and financial losses if changed.

Examples of pre-defined Rules

  • Hiding material and quantity information in product recipes (BoM)
  • Changing the material definition in purchasing documents
  • Not being able to change payment terms and currency configurations in purchase documents
  • Not being able to change shipping information (incoterm, shipping port, etc.) in purchase documents
  • Not being able to change alternative payee field in purchase invoice
  • Prevention of main account changes in purchase documents
  • Unlimited delivery blocking in purchase orders
  • Not being able to change goods receipt indicators that come from customizing in purchase orders
  • In the purchase order, MG Not Valued and MG Based Invoice Control parameters are closed to change
  • Not being able to change price information in material master data
  • Prevention of changing critical data such as vendor reconciliation account, tax office, tax number, bank, payment term and IBAN number
  • Not being able to change «Purchase value key» in material master purchase view
  • Not being able to change the delivery time, payment terms, «Invoice Control Based on Goods Receipt» indicator and net price information in the purchase information record
  • Hiding price cost information in material inventory report (MB52)
  • Not being able to change the useful life and fixed asset class information in the fixed asset master data
  • Prevention of unplanned supply ancillary costs
  • Prevention of entering the posting date field in purchase invoices
  • Preventing the recording date field from being changed on the material movements screen
  • Preventing access to currency rate information field on purchase invoices
  • Changing the material definition in the sales order
  • Changing payment terms in sales documents
  • Price and condition information cannot be changed in the sales order
  • Hiding prices in sales reports
  • Not being able to change customer group (Dealer, agent) fields in sales documents
  • Not being able to change pricing and invoicing dates in sales documents
  • Not being able to change payment terms in invoice documents
  • Currency entry and change in sales documents
  • Change of address and information of «Receiving the Goods» on delivery
  • Not being able to change the record date fields in Sent Delivery and other material transactions
  • Not being able to change the registration dates in sales and accounting invoices
  • Not being able to change the IBAN, payment terms, bank and tax office information in the customer master data
  • Prevention of main account changes in sales documents


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