SAP® Product Lifecycle

Focus on project-based production by conducting R&D studies in order to meet the customized needs of your customers. Create products that really matter to your customers and profitable for you by collaborating efficiently between product development teams. Benefit from the experience of Nagarro + MBIS, which offers integrated consultancy solutions in all areas such as planning projects from start to finish, cost calculations, management of resources.

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Build an effective SAP® platform for all engineering teams in the product design and project processes with Nagarro + MBIS

Comprehensive portfolio management

Prepare project proposals. Prioritize within the existing project portfolio and track and review project progress.

Shared project workspace

Access and share real-time project data from a single point. Use built-in analytics to quickly generate status reports.

Collaboration workspaces

Include your employees and external participants in product development and project processes by creating collaboration workspaces.

Product costing and simulation

Support real-time costing through versioning, situation simulation, and target costing capabilities.

Interface for development tools

Access material master data and bill of materials and create custom folder structures with drag and drop functionality.

Compliance functionality

Centrally manage compliance information, meet regulatory and customer requirements, and monitor regulated clauses.

SAP® Portfolio and
Project Management

To trace every detail about your product development projects in a
single source choose Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

Create a technological infrastructure that can manage the entire project
life cycle from a central source with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy. Track your
processes from estimation and planning to accounting and closing. Optimize
resources and accelerate the time to market with active project management.

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SAP® makes life easier for you with its Portfolio and Project Management solution.

Project information management

Gain real-time insights into project progress and cost performance across locations. Understand the financial demand and capacity in the organization.

Strategic portfolio alignment

Prioritize projects according to corporate strategies and business goals. Include financial and human resources in project management to assist in successful project management.

Process integrations

Connect project management to financial and logistical processes at no additional cost. Create project reports for stakeholders and decision makers with less effort.

Technical and Functional Features

Project financial planning

Make financial planning for your projects. Define financial categories and category groups. Compare planned values ​​with actual values.

Resource planning

Take advantage of the planning tool to properly use your human resources for different projects. Assign your employees to projects based on demands, qualifications and availability with the planning tool.

What-if analysis

Perform what if analysis to simulate changes in the project budget or resources and learn what their impact is on related items.

SAP® Commercial
Project Management

Benefit from Nagarro + MBIS consultancy to get maximum
efficiency from your commercial projects

With Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, implement SAP® solutions that you will use to manage your business
projects for customers or to sell projects to customers. Meet all of your core business
process requirements with a single system in end-to-end scenarios covering the sales,
planning, execution, monitoring and control of projects.

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Safely manage your commercial projects with SAP® Commercial Project Management

Increase project profitability

Check projects in real time. Increase your rate of winning profitable projects with bidding history and project insights.

Increase employee productivity

Provide unified data access between applications and systems to enrich user experience.

Reduce project risks

Streamline risk, issue, and change request management to reduce the percentage of unapproved changes.

Technical and Functional Features

Shared project workspace

Access real-time project data using a single project visibility and control point. Quickly generate project status reports using embedded analytics functionality.

Project cost and revenue planning

Improve forecast, planning and forecast accuracy; plan for required personnel, supplies, expenses, and third party resources. Integrate finance management throughout project lifecycles. Develop detailed baseline costs and revenue plans.

Project issue and change management

Manage change requests and their financial impact to ensure successful project implementation and customer satisfaction. Quickly and accurately record and clarify project issues.

SAP® Engineering
Control Center

Optimize your engineering processes with SAP® 's
leading solutions and Nagarro + MBIS expertise

Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS's SAP® consultancy services to combine mechanical, electrical and
electronic design data on a single platform, create interdisciplinary collaboration,
and thus obtain a holistic view of product development information.

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Centrally manage engineering activities with SAP® Engineering Control Center solution

Integrate development tools along the value chain

Access all the information in the product development process using a single integrated platform.

Get a 360-degree product view

Get a holistic view of all product development information, including data from mechanical, electronics, software, and simulation teams.

Improve quality management

Take advantage of built-in quality and sustainability management features in development tool interfaces that help users work more efficiently.

Technical and Functional Features

Intuitive interface for development tools

Get a comprehensive overview of all required SAP® information, including access to material master data and bill of materials. Take advantage of flexible, user-specific folder structures with drag-and-drop and copy-paste functionality.

Comprehensive integration capabilities

Apply robust and proven integration technologies for technical systems. Use different CAD system integrations and data models. Take advantage of high performance file processing.

Intelligent process support

Use comprehensive search capabilities, including classification-based, active list search, and advanced document searches with results displayed as previews or lists.

SAP® Enterprise
Product Development

Leverage Nagarro + MBIS expertise for product lifecycle management
services in the cloud.

Organize your product development processes from design to production digitally on the
cloud platform with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy. This allows you to earn higher return on R&D,
higher profit margins, and accelerated launch of new products.

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Get your products to market faster with SAP® Enterprise Product Development

Collaborate consistently

Collaborate in real time and share accurate PLM data extended across the enterprise.

Integrate the requirements

Combine product data with customer requirements to ensure traceability.

Get actionable insights

Enable product developers to make the right decisions and take fast actions with data-driven insights.

Technical and Functional Features

Collaboration on product data

Create collaboration workspaces, invite internal and external participants. Empower stakeholders to collaborate using role-based rules. Benefit from secure content storage and sharing between devices.

Model-based system engineering

Manage system architectures, analysis, and designs. Detect problems early and reduce system flaws. View systems from multiple perspectives and improve your understanding through visual analysis.

Instant document access and updates

Upload documents to collaboration workspaces directly from the document management system. Update document changes made in the collaboration workspace to the document management system.

Product Compliance

Avoid risks by complying with legal regulations on products
with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

With Nagarro + MBIS' end-to-end consultancy approach, comply with legal regulations such
as product content, production information, safety data, label information, packaging
and safe shipping while producing, selling and shipping your products.

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Avoid product related legal sanctions with SAP® S/4HANA for Product Compliance solution

Protect and increase revenue

Centrally manage compliance information, meet legal and customer needs at the same time. Evaluate and validate your products for different compliance requirements. Make sure you do not violate regulations throughout the product lifecycle with compliance and registration checks.

Protect and strengthen your brand

Comply with legal regulations throughout the product life cycle, using up-to-date information and documentation. Enhance your brand's reputation in the eyes of customers and legal authorities.

Reduce cost of compliance

Simplify compliance processes and document creation, saving costs with effective compliance requirements management, automation, and regular content updates.

Technical and Functional Features

Compliance with regulations

Centrally manage compliance information and meet regulatory and customer requirements. Keep track of the quantities of chemicals subject to regulation.

Safety data sheet and label management

Centrally manage information on regulations and chemicals. Streamline ingredient and product classification and automate label creation. Automate shipping with integrated label printing and safety data sheet with logistics processes.

Hazardous goods management

Centrally control hazardous material information, automate hazardous material classification and related documentation generation. Ensure all shipments comply with hazardous material regulations through integrated controls.

SAP® Project
Intelligence Network

Step into digital construction processes with Nagarro + MBIS

Enable project collaboration in connection with a digital twin during the design,
planning and construction phases. Connect with project owners, engineering service
providers, subcontractors and building material suppliers on a single construction
information management platform.

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Control construction expenses with SAP® Project Intelligence Network

Improve project collaboration

Use the power of a business network to collaborate, coordinate and monitor project performance among all stakeholders.

Reduce construction spending

Spend less capital with improved traceability and optimized resource allocation to avoid unnecessary rework and support lean construction principles.

Provide easy access to construction data

Use the generated information effectively, making it easy to share information about new or existing assets in a common data environment.

Technical and Functional Features

Consolidated Project Master Plan

Collaborate on a shared project master plan with worklists from SAP® applications or third-party applications, taking advantage of the integration convenience.

Intercompany Coordination

Manage and share tasks, deliverables, issues, and work lists to coordinate the execution of design and construction processes among companies.

Intercompany Document Control

Send and receive documents and models in a cross-company environment. Create easy-to-use document delivery schedules to plan and track content distribution between companies.

SAP® Product
Lifecycle Costing

Increase the profitability of the products developed by your R&D department with Nagarro + MBIS

Quickly identify cost factors for new products, easily simulate and compare alternatives in the
early design stages of the product life cycle. Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS' experience to increase
your product profitability.

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Calculate the costs of products that are still in the design phase with great accuracy using SAP® Product Lifecycle Costing

Increase profitability

Use early-stage product engineering, quotes, and life-cycle costing functions to help increase profitability.

Optimize costs

Calculate and model various cost scenarios even while the design phase is underway and the master data is partially available.

Enter the market quickly and cost effectively

Adopt leaner processes and speed up your R&D processes by collaborating and reducing expenses.

Technical and Functional Features

Product costing and simulation

Perform modern, real-time cost calculations using SAP® HANA's big data processing capabilities. Flexibly manage calculations with manual correction and recalculation capabilities. Take advantage of versioning, situation simulation and target costing features.

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Use price selection strategies for components and activities. Make your calculations in different currencies. Calculate overhead costs using any number of cost tables.

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Inbound and outbound integration

Import data from SAP® ERP, Microsoft Excel and other applications using API; export data in Microsoft Excel and other formats.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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