SAP® Financial Close

With the result-oriented SAP® financial consultancy services of Nagarro + MBIS, facilitate financial consolidation by ensuring compliance in operational and management reporting and accelerate financial close processes.

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Work with faster and leaner accounting and finance processes by automating workflows while meeting legal requirements through Nagarro + MBIS' effective consultancy in finance and accounting fields.

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Real-time accounting and finance processes

Implement a faster, more consistent financial close process by taking a common view of accounting and financial data to improve business-wide consistency and gain instant business insights.

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Accelerated complex closing cycles

Automate complex closing processes, simplify audit activities, comply with regulatory standards in financial reporting by enabling accounting teams to work together in a single user interface.

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Automatic tax compliance checks

Ensure the accuracy of your tax data by applying automatic compliance checks on large transaction volumes and automatically triggering adjustments.

SAP® S/4HANA Finance
for group reporting

Make more efficient Group Reporting with Nagarro + MBIS,
simplify your operations

Nagarro + MBIS provides both process and SAP® consultancy in the field of group reporting.
Thanks to our expertise in consolidated accounts and our experience in group
reporting, you can achieve a transparent and auditable structure, and gain
detailed financial visibility to consolidate your analysis and decisions.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier for you with SAP® S/4HANA Finance
for group reporting solution.

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Access real-time data

Consolidate planned and actual values ​​in real time before and after financial closing. Make necessary adjustments locally and report results consistently and instantly.

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Speed ​​up the financial closing process

Combine financial, managerial and operational data in a single repository, accelerate your operations with real-time processes and analysis.

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Consolidate transactional data in one place

Manage consolidation in an integrated environment, reduce data movements, eliminate time-consuming reconciliation processes and inconsistencies.

Technical and Functional Features

finans birleşik

Combined asset and group closure reporting

Access operational data from a single, accurate source at company and group level. Take the opportunity to drill down from consolidated reports to transaction data.

finansal sürekli

Continuous accounting

Identify and correct problems before financial closing. Distribute workloads consistently and evenly throughout the accounting period. Get real-time performance monitoring.

finansal gelişmiş

Advanced group consolidation features

Enable finance team collaboration in intercompany reconciliation processes. Take advantage of innovative reporting functionality and use flexible user-defined validation rules.

SAP® S/4HANA Cloud for
advanced financial closing

With Nagarro + MBIS, evaluate your financial closing processes in various dimensions,
provide a perspective that will increase your overall performance.

Use Nagarro + MBIS consultancy to effectively manage financial d closing and reporting activities,
streamline your processes to achieve your company goals, increase financial transparency
and reduce risks.

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Financial closings are much faster and error-free with the
SAP® S/4HANA Cloud for Advanced Financial Closing solution.

finansal şeffaf

Improve transparency and insights

Monitor the closing progress at your subsidiaries and headquarters with real-time insights into each closure situation.

finansal verimlilik

Increase productivity and speed

Automate financial closing tasks on external systems as well. Streamline manual work using advanced collaboration tools, notifications, and workflows.

finansal istirak

Organize affiliate closures

Define a template for your affiliate financial close process. Use this template across companies and improve governance and compliance with clear control.

Technical and Functional Features

finansal sablon

Financial Close templates

Take advantage of best-practice closing templates. Reuse templates for multiple companies.

finansal otomasyon

Financial Close automation

Increase the efficiency and speed of your closing with automation. Give your team self-service access for closing processes.

finansal izleme

Tracking and insights

Gain real-time insights into your financial close process to make better business decisions.

SAP® Tax Compliance

Apply tax management technologies with Nagarro + MBIS, perfect
your compliance with legal regulations

Simplify and automate tax compliance checks with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy team. Ensure the
accuracy of your tax data in a way that minimizes risks. Avoid legal sanctions by
keeping up with global and national tax regulations thanks to integrated SAP® technologies.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier for you with its SAP® Tax Compliance Solution.

finansal süreçleri otomatiklestirin

Automate processes

Automate manual workflows to review transactional data; quickly apply adjustments and adapt seamlessly to a wide variety of tax requirements.

finansal vergi

Optimize tax rules

Minimize false alerts and enforce comprehensive tax rules, making it easier for tax managers to investigate and correct potential compliance issues.

finansal sorunsuz

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate with other business solutions such as ERPs, invoicing or payment processing software to scan all taxable transactions.

Technical and Functional Features

finansal merkezi

Central tax compliance management

Set up a central repository to manage all compliance checks with income tax, VAT, and other tax regulations. Monitor performance and identify anomalies and recurring errors with an intuitive user interface. Focus on improvement activities by providing a complete internal tax audit.

finansal bellek

In-memory information processing

Use the superior processing power of SAP® HANA to quickly and accurately process high-volume taxable transactions. Run simulations using tax control parameters to optimize your tax rules.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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