Nagarro + MBIS Digital Transformation

Integrate digital technology into all areas of your organization with Nagarro + MBIS experience and expertise; make sure to achieve your strategic goals.

Make your processes simpler and more effective, make faster and more accurate decisions, improve your interaction with your employees and maximize your performance by providing a perfect customer experience by taking advantage of Nagarro + MBIS' Digital Transfromation consultancy services.

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Nagarro + MBIS Digital Transformation Services

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SAP® consultancy and project implementations

Implement the right SAP® solutions end-to-end with Nagarro + MBIS’ over 20 years of experience, maximize your business performance; achieve your strategic goals.

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SAP® S/4HANA Conversion consultancy

With the Brownfield or Nagarro + MBIS Springfield approach, convert your existing SAP® system to SAP® S/4HANA, and start enjoying the technological advantages as soon as possible.

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Customer Experience consultancy

Create a loyalty base by providing an excellent customer experience, increase customer retention rates, improve your business by winning new customers.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights with advanced analytics to reduce your risks, make fast and accurate decisions, and seize future opportunities today.

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Project Quality Assurance services

In SAP® , make sure that the right methods of the project are implemented and best practices are put in place to support your strategies.

SAP® consultancy and
project implementations

When it comes to successfully implementing an SAP® project from
scratch, expertise, business knowledge, methodology and
industry experience mean everything.

Don't risk the success of your SAP® projects. With the experienced management and consultancy
teams of Nagarro + MBIS, set up the process, human and technology components that will enable you to
reach your strategic goals by creating the highest value possible.

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SAP® consultancy and project implementations

In reality, knowing the numerous benefits of SAP® is just one part of your the story you will start writing. There is a very simple reason for this: if you do not have the right SAP® project implementation partner, you cannot take advantage of the benefits properly and effectively. This is why choosing the right SAP® partner is undoubtedly the most important part of the process. Let's face it, choosing the right partner might be difficult.

Nagarro + MBIS with its unique SAP® project implementation experience over 20 years. allows you to put aside all these concerns,

The successful implementation of an SAP® system requires knowledgeable and committed people, proper planning, good management and most importantly, experienced guidance.

Organizations that want to set up a SAP® system often check whether their SAP® Partners are deploying the same system for companies that are very similar to their own companies. This makes perfect sense. However, it should be noted that implementation partners specializing in a single market may be myopic in their focus. Outstanding ERP projects benefit from the best practices in different industries.

The key is to find a cross-industry SAP® implementation partner, along with the industry experience required to give you a competitive advantage. At this point, Nagarro + MBIS fulfills this requirement by adding real value that should be expected from an SAP® partner to your organization, with both industry and cross-industry experiences.

Another point that should be taken into account in the selection of SAP® Partner is that the SAP® business partner to be selected should have experience not only in a specific subject (for instance core ERP), but also in multiple areas that will support the strategic goals of organizations. It is quite a labor-intensive task to ensure that many business partners get to know the organization, understand the interaction between processes, guide and work in harmony. In addition to the main SAP® functionalities, Nagarro + MBIS creates value more effectively by providing the same level of quality consultancy services in areas such as Customer Experience, Advanced Analytics and GRC.

Value Propositions of Nagarro + MBIS SAP® Project Implementation Consultancy

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Industry-specific great know-how

Implement successful projects that will provide competitive advantage, taking specific needs and dynamics of your sector into account.

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Cross-sectoral project experience

Adopt the best practices of different sectors in specific areas during your SAP® projects.

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End-to-end holistic approach

Ensure that all interrelated processes are designed with an holistic approach and interactions are taken into account.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Ensure implementations are priced to create the best cost of ownership advantage in the medium and long term.

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The privilege of working with a trusted partner

Make sure that promises are kept and your expectations are always put into center of everything.

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SAP® system of today and tomorrow

Don't just focus on the present; have a vision of future business models and being well-prepared for technological changes.

SAP® S/4HANA Conversion

You want to move to SAP® S/4HANA to adapt to today's
challenging business conditions, but you may be
feeling some concerns considering the duration,
cost and effects of this transition on operations.

Put your worries aside and accomplish your SAP® S/4HANA technical conversion in weeks using
Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, experience and guidance, with Brownfield or special Springfield

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SAP® S/4HANA Conversion Consultancy

Before starting the SAP® S/4HANA transition journey, it would be useful to understand SAP® 's strategy and product roadmap very well. SAP® has directed all its concentration, including R&D activities, to the SAP® S/4HANA platform, and therefore innovating on SAP® S/4HANA at an unprecedented pace.

This situation briefly means that: The longer the organizations delay their transition to SAP® S/4HANA, the more they will miss; in other words, they will face the risk of losing their competitiveness and feeling closer to an expanding innovation gap, and they may have to spend significantly more time, effort and money on the projects they initiate to catch this. During this time, the investments, maintenance and support expenditures they have to make to the current system may remain meaningless and wasted over time.

Thus, by starting to plan early, organizations can save a significant amount of unnecessary efforts and reduce costs in the long run. To start benefiting from the business gains from highly critical and innovative features of SAP® S/4HANA, such as simplified core architecture, embedded analytics, integrated planning functions, artificial intelligence support, and in-memory database, making the decision to migrate as soon as possible is crucial..

Nagarro + MBIS has developed its original Springfield SAP® S/4HANA conversion methodology using the experience gained from many successful SAP® S/4HANA technical conversion projects.

SAP® S/4HANA Springfield Conversion a special, SAP® Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution certified methodology developed and successfully implemented to date by Nagarro + MBIS, bridging the gap between redesigning all processes and making an SAP® S/4HANA project from scratch, and making a pure technical SAP® S/4HANA transition without touching the processes.

With Springfield, you can technically migrate to SAP® S/4HANA and start enjoying the technological and functional advantages of SAP® 's new platform without losing time by protecting your historical data, as well as enabling additional processes and functions to be activated during the transition.

9 reasons why you should move to SAP® S/4HANA with Nagarro + MBIS Springfield methodology

Moving to SAP® S/4HANA within weeks with an experienced and successful approach

Providing the opportunity to benefit from the technological and functional advantages of SAP® S/4HANA as soon as possible

Simultaneously migrating to SAP® S/4HANA with selected new functions (eg Fiori, CM) and selected process changes

By transferring historical data, no critical decision-making problems due to reporting limitations in some other approaches have.

No need to use of relatively costly data transfer tools and applications required in the Selective Data Transition approach

Immediate achievement of tactical business gains in the short term, providing gradual improvements opportunity for strategic goals after transition to SAP® S/4HANA

The ratio of cost to value (compared to other methods) is extremely low

Business units' participation requirement is very low compared to Selective Data Transition and Greenfield, so there are negligible operational interruptions.

Minimizing the risks related to the project with Nagarro + MBIS' experience and distinguished consultants

Customer Experience

Nagarro + MBIS offers integrated SAP® Sales Management consultancy services
that improve your interactions with customers, increase your revenues,
speed up your sales process and maximize your customers' loyalty.

Get the power of Nagarro + MBIS' innovative approaches for realizing sales, marketing and service
management solutions. With our experienced and proven consultancy services, you can create
your "360 degree Customer Experience" processes that put customer satisfaction at the center.

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Customer Experience Consultancy

Maximize your interaction with customers and your sales revenues through Nagarro + MBIS' customer experience-oriented sales process and technology consultancy.


We make technical design and coding based on the architectural structure and functions we have built. In addition, we perform system integration, determination and implementation of performance and non-functional needs, and then the execution of user acceptance tests.

Determining Company-Specific Needs & Creating a Roadmap

We understands your company's goals, functional requirements and other needs at the initial stage of all our SAP® C/4 HANA projects; We set priorities together with you. We ensure that the project is structured in parallel with these needs and objectives and we support this with a feasible road map.

Architecture and Code Development Optimizations

We examine the project needs of the architectural design and code structure of the project, its compatibility with software development and SAP® C/4 HANA practices, and present our results as a report. With this report, we detail the problems and improvement points we find, plan and implement improvement studies.

Technical Design

While laying the foundation of the project, we provide services in detailing functional needs, infrastructure, integration and creation of software architectures. We form the project structure and support you in deciding risk management and quality strategies.

Performance Optimizations

We examine the compatibility of architectural design and coding with SAP® C/4 HANA performance practices, conduct tests and present our results as a report. With this report, we detail the problems we find and their improvement points, plan and implement corrective work.

Value propositions of Customer Experience consultancy

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Customer-centered sales operations

Be more flexible, agile and effective in the market by placing your customers at the center of the interactions you make.

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Effective 360° Sales Management

Improve your sales activities with customized recommendations for every opportunity; build strategic relationships

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Customized customer experience

Understand your customers and let them choose you by giving them the freedom to explore with customized experiences.

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Effective service management

Increase the efficiency of your service processes and provide your customers with flawless service experiences.

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Ease of access to customer data

Access customer experience information regardless of place and time with a dynamic customer data platform.

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Improving customer loyalty

Implement integrated Customer and Sales Management solutions that maximize the loyalty of your customers with Nagarro + MBIS experience.

Analytics and
Business Intelligence

Take the right steps with business decisions based on
real-time and predictive data. Transform your business
into a "Smart Organization" with Nagarro + MBIS.

With Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, you can improve your analytics, business intelligence, planning
and predictive analysis capabilities and maximize your accuracy in your decisions at all levels.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence consultancy

Analytics has become the buzzword of recent years, and almost every type of business has begun to focus on using Analytics and Business Intelligence to change the way they make decisions. So why has it become so popular 'now'? Why did every organization race to apply business analytics?

The first factor is that businesses are under constant pressure to innovate due to increased competition. Plus, customers have become more demanding. Therefore, in a highly competitive environment, leaders have to make the best decisions to respond immediately to market-driven changes. With this growing need, business analytics has gained justified popularity as a promising way to gain the insights needed to make better and faster decisions.

As Nagarro + MBIS, with our quality business analytics consultancy services we offer analyzing all issues that concern your business and guide you for real-time data-driven business intelligence for better and faster decision making.


While investing in the rapidly developing world of business analytics, we support you with our strategy services so that you can analyze the point where the industry is going correctly and create a reliable and feasible roadmap.


As Nagarro + MBIS, we overcome all difficulties in project work together with our experienced team and project management in all disciplines of business analytics and turn these difficulties into success stories.


By taking advantage of our outsourcing services, you can gain the advantage of adding quality resources with the competence to your organization in the time period you can transform these esources into added value.


We support our customers to increase their operational efficiency by taking the workload on daily work flows, data uploads and ETL tracking.

Continuous Support

You can easily find solutions to your problems thanks to the experiences of our professional team. Continuous support services such as user support and request fulfilment are provided after the project.

Connect your employees, information and ideas to make fast and secure decisions based on deep insights and critical information that are easily accessible with Nagarro + MBIS's superior consulting experience and expert teams.

Value Propositions of Analytics and Business Intelligence consultancy

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Advanced data visualization

Transform data into actionable information that is easy to understand by visualizing; make your decision-making process more efficient.

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Management by corporate level KPIs

Determine your corporate KPIs and monitor them in real time and centrally; take immediate actions accordingly.

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Using various data sources

Leverage the latest business intelligence technologies and a variety of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform.

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End-to-end service portfolio

From strategy to implementation, from monitoring to technical support, access all the services you need.

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Predictive analytics capabilities

Identify risks and opportunities for your organization in advance and take the necessary actions proactively in a timely manner.

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Business performance improvements

Decrease your costs, increase your sales revenue and profitability, and offer better customer experience with the right decisions.

Project Quality

Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS consultancy to avoid bad surprises at
the end of expensive projects that you expect to carry you
to your strategic goals

Ensure the success of your projects with the experienced professionals of Nagarro + MBIS'
Project Management Office; make sure your projects create the expected value.

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Project Quality Assurance consultancy

As Nagarro + MBIS, we support you in critical areas required to ensure the quality of your projects.

The correct and disciplined implementation of the right project management methodologies is one of the important success factors of the project. With professionals who are certified and have dozens of project experience, we guide you on methodologies and make sure that your project is managed correctly.

Another critical issue is the design of processes with best practices in mind and controlling that they work in end-to-end harmony with each other. As Nagarro + MBIS, we provide consultancy support to ensure that your processes are designed in the most appropriate way for you and that they will run smoothly in an integrated manner. In addition, we check and report whether the outcomes decided during the project planning comply with the determined quality criteria.

Nagarro + MBIS Project Quality Assurance Consultancy is designed to answer your rightful questions regarding your projects:

Is the project planning realistic? Can the project be delivered within the specified time?

Has the resource planning for the project been done correctly; do we have sufficient number and qualified human resources?

Are processes designed based on best practices and customized for our organization?

Are project risks identified in a timely manner and necessary actions taken?

Is the project progressing in line with the targets?

Is our Project being implemented by applying standard project management methodologies correctly?

With more than 20 years of project management and implementation experience of Nagarro + MBIS, you can make sure that your projects are planned correctly, run smoothly and delievered expected outcomes with minimum risks.

Value propositions of Project Quality Assurance consultancy

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Correct and realistic planning

Check that your project planning is done correctly; have it reviewed to fulfill your commitments.

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Effective project management

Ensure that your project is managed with methodologies and approaches appropriate to its structure and dynamics.

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Process designs in accordance with standards

Do notdesign your processes according to personal preferences or with the limited shallow know-how.

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Effective risks and issues management

Make sure that your project risks are identified, evaluated and managed with the right methods and on timely manner.

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Control of planned project outputs

Check that the strategic outputs delivered are complete, accurate and in accordance with the specified criteria.

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End-to-end process harmony

Make sure all associated processes will work together smoothly and in harmony.

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