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Clarify the focus of your marketing team by performing complete analysis of customer needs and demands with Nagarro + MBIS' years of experience. Offer your customers customized marketing experiences across channels and platforms with an integrated marketing platform. Integratingintegrates marketing with analytics, use real-time business intelligence that provides fast analysis and reliable decision-making throughout the organization and increase your productivity.

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Optimize the performance of your marketing activities with Nagarro + MBIS.

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Efficient customer traceability

Combine data from all channels in one place to create a single, comprehensive customer view.

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Benefit from insights

Gain deeper insights about customers to understanding their purpose and predict their behaviors.

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Better marketing strategies

Identify hidden trends and explore micro segments with just a few clicks to shape your marketing strategy.

Marketing Cloud

Get ahead of the competition by better understanding
your customers with Nagarro + MBIS

While collaborating among teams with SAP® Marketing Cloud solution, effectively
plan, operate, manage and continuously improve all marketing activities and
campaigns. Earn more sales revenue by discovering and understanding the factors
that affect your performance with advanced data visualization and multidimensional

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SAP® Marketing Cloud solution maximizes your marketing efficiency.

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Convert your marketing activities into sales

Empower your marketing teams to generate more leads, increase leads conversions, and improve their contribution to sales.

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Increase your efficiency with business intelligence

Use real-time business intelligence to perform fast analysis and make accurate decisions that will increase customer satisfaction and optimize marketing performance.

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Better understand your customers

Clarify the focus of your marketing team with a complete analysis of customer needs and demands.

Technical and Functional Features

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Correct customer profiles

Create perfect customer profiles by deduplicating data from every department of your company and from third party sources.

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Quick access to information

Provide your marketing teams with fast and easy access to marketing plans, campaigns, budgets and performance values.

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Detailed customer targeting

Find the best target audience for your campaigns and make sure you get the message right at the right time and in the right way.

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Seamless potential customer interaction

Generate high-quality leads from the moment you interact with leads and convert them into revenue.

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Customer behavior insights

Harness the power of machine learning to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. In this way, create customized customer interactions.

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Advanced data visualization

Enable all your marketing teams to make smart decisions with data visualization tools that synthesize data from audience discovery to campaign performance with insights.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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