SAP® Talent
Management Solutions

Meet your holistic human resources needs with Nagarro + MBIS’s SAP® HR consultancy and strategize, implement and manage your human resources transformation. Leverage our years of experience not only in software applications but also in HR processes with our expert consultants who have extensive knowledge of human resources and payroll processes. Unleash the full potential of your talented workforce.

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Source the best talents to increase your company performance and discover solutions to maximize their
performance with Nagarro + MBIS.

Global talent source

Source talents that can drive your strategic transformation and long-term business success.

Categorical talent management

Drive better results by managing each category in a way that is unique to its specific requirements.

Employee goal management

Capture employee efforts, achievements, and comments – all from the convenience of using any device, anytime and anywhere.

Implement onboarding portal

Improve the new hire experience, engage hiring managers, and give HR the administration and monitoring tools it needs.

Improved administration

Automate workflows for everything from simple agreements to complex transactions and from purchase orders to RFPs.

Improved user adoption

Drive user adoption naturally and speed learning curves with contextually relevant, timely, and proactive enablement content.

SAP® SuccessFactors

Find the right people for the right roles

Deploy a single integrated solution that will help attract the best talents, identify
and employ the best candidates, and measure business outcomes with Nagarro + MBIS. Hold all of
your departments responsible for the recruitment processes by involving other departments
alongside the HR department.

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Streamline recruiting processes with the SAP® SuccessFactors Recruiting solution.

Meet your global recruitment needs

Access the best tools to acquire the best talent across the globe.

Recruit passive talent proactively

Create plans to attract passive talents.

Make smart decisions

Leverage embedded intelligent technologies in all of your recruitment processes.

Technical and Functional Features

Dynamic talent pools

Find past applicants and candidates with constantly updated applicant pools and nurture passive candidates for when the time is right.

Enriched candidate experience

Leverage machine learning for salary recommendations.

Avoid discrimination

Establish offer rules to help ensure fair and equitable pay regardless of gender, race, orientation, and other status types.

SAP® Fieldglass Contigent
Workforce Management

Improve your contingent workforce processes with Nagarro + MBIS’s consultancy.

With Nagarro + MBIS, create the system required to efficiently procure and manage your wide and diverse outsource
and contractor needs in compliance with corporate rules and policies. Optimize your external workforce

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Optimize your contractor hiring processes with SAP® Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management.

Spend control

Manage costs by using preferred vendors, leveraging pricing guides and using budget constraints.

Access to needed talent

Find, source, and manage contingent workers across a variety of channels and around the world with greater ease.

Increase productivity

Increase your productivity by automating the flexible workforce procurement and management process from demand to invoice and payment.

Technical and Functional Features

Industrial know-how

Benefit from industry-specific functionality for all industries and use them to meet the specific need of your candidates.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Uncover critical data and insights. Meet the diverse information needs of all your user types and improve your program with comprehensive business intelligence tools.

Open platform

Take advantage of integrations with any solution you need, from large corporate applications to smaller applications.

SAP® SuccessFactors

Effectively manage your new employees’
onboarding processes.

Benefit from Nagarro + MBIS consultancy to ramp up new employee performance from day one.
Streamline paperwork processes with electronic forms, provide personalized welcome
instructions and IT support to focus less on formalities and more on the employee
experience in onboarding and orientation processes. Create platforms that your new
employees can meet their business needs.

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Streamline complex orientation processes with SAP® SuccessFactors Onboarding.

Onboarding and orientation portal

Improve the new hire experience through the portal, engage hiring managers, and give HR the administration and monitoring tools it needs.

Paperless new hire administration

Help new hires quickly complete the required paperwork with e-signatures on any device.

Create a simple, consistent process for all employee movements

Streamline onboarding, cross-boarding, and offboarding for new hires, internal transfers, and those leaving the company.

Technical and Functional Features

New employee onboarding portal

Give new hires a personalized experience, help them connect with peers, and offer access to new employee orientation resources.

Step-by-step wizards

Guide managers as they create new hire welcome messages; facilitate assigning meetings, goals, or equipment.

Orientation management

Help new employees succeed by setting 30, 60, and 90 days goals and offering personalized employee training.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Performance & Goals

With Nagarro + MBIS, focus on key factors that will maximize
employee performance

Create and optimize your performance management strategies with our consultancy to maximize
your employee performance. Keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business goals,
help employees develop and succeed with continuous feedback and coaching, and evaluate your
employees accurately.

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Monitor and improve every aspect of your employee performance with SAP®
SuccessFactors Performance & Goals.

Employee goal management

Track employee goals and achievement rates from any device and anywhere.

Continuous performance management

Facilitate regular, productive conversations to maximize employee performance.

Performance reviews and evaluations

Get better-quality reviews, promote faster user adoption, and increase completion rates with a simple, engaging experience.

Technical and Functional Features

Continuous coaching and feedback

Provide ongoing guidance to help employees stay focused on the right things to meet individual and organizational goals.

Library of more than 500 ready-to-use goals

Simplify goal development with goal recommendations that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Mobile goal management

Execute and manage your performance management processes on mobile devices.

SAP® SuccessFactors

Benefit from Nagarro + MBIS’s qualified SAP® consultancy services for fair and performance-based compensation management.

Deploy SAP® ’s compensation management system that shapes your employees’ behavior and business
performance with our expert team. Create compensation programs in order to attract, motivate,
and retain highly-skilled talents. Ensure productivity by basing compensations on business outcomes.

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Switch to an intelligent compensation structure with SAP® SuccessFactors Compensation.

Align employee compensation to business strategy

Build strategic compensation rewards and recognition programs that help improve individual and business performance.


Create a pay-for-performance culture by tying employee performance to rewards.

Centralize employee compensation administration

Drive consistent execution of employee compensation strategies across your organization.

Technical and Functional Features

Centralized oversight of compensation planning

Roll out and execute compensation strategies across the organization with central oversight and the flexibility to optimize compensation programs for local markets.

Budget modelling

Simulate different budget scenarios—in ways that support strategic goals and differentiate parts of the organization and employee performance levels—to determine optimal compensation guidelines.

Instant rewarding

Help motivate employees throughout the year by using reward and recognition tools that provide real-time acknowledgement of milestone achievements and outstanding contributions.

SAP® SuccessFactors

Embrace a continuous learning culture with Nagarro + MBIS

Implement SAP® learning solutions that will improve your employees’ skills with our consultancy.
Ensure that your employees complete training that are obliged legally and create
personalized training programs. Establish the right infrastructure to easily measure the
training results.

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Discover how Nagarro + MBIS can help you streamline training programs with the SAP® SuccessFactors Learning solution.

Develop employee skills with a modern learner experience

Boost learner engagement by developing new skills with blended learning capabilities and learning content that’s relevant to the employee.

Improve regulatory compliance and lower legal risk

Reduce administrative headaches by automating compliance training experiences.

Engage your external audience with learning opportunities

Design and curate learning experiences for your extended business network.

Technical and Functional Features

Learning recommendations and development paths

Grow employee skills through learning linked with clear development goals, career paths, and recommendations.

Comprehensive compliance reporting

Meet government reporting requirements with detailed insight into compliance training status, legal mandates, and activities.

Mobile support

Support collaborative, community-based learning and microlearning, provide mobile access to content such as e-learning videos.

SAP® Jam Collaboration

Increase collaboration between teams with Nagarro + MBIS and boost productivity

Implement SAP® Jam Collaboration with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy and provide your employees with a
collaboration platform that they can share their expertise with others. Create workgroups
for your employees by motivating active sharing of information and provide a better learning
environment than the traditional training programs. Increase employee engagement to gain more
performance with lower training costs.

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Maximize employee engagement and collaboration with SAP® Jam Collaboration.

Connected people, information, and experts

Remove departmental and geographic barriers between employees by providing quick and intuitive access to the content and experts needed to get their job done.

Improve business communication

Deliver tools for self-service information publishing to foster engagement, discussion, and sharing – whether across the business or within a team.

Improve information access

Blend business processes with collaboration tools and data to help ensure employees have the right information at the right time for critical decision-making.

Technical and Functional Features

Foster enterprise collaboration

From hire to retire, foster a culture of enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing, and increase employee engagement.

Cultivate a culture of learning

Go beyond your classical learning management system. Simplify and accelerate the learning process – while increasing the ROI of your employee development programs.

Speed innovation with collaboration

Accelerate collaboration and informed decision-making with intranet software and fuel innovation.

SAP® Enable Now

Deploy self-service software learning tools that minimize
IT support with Nagarro + MBIS

Utilize Nagarro + MBIS consultancy to implement the self-service software learning solution that
will reduce the workload of your IT teams. Enable your employees to rapidly overcome
challenges. Drive easy user adoption to the system to get the most out of your investment
in the software.

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Facilitate user adoptions to software programs with SAP® Enable Now.

Improve software adoption

Drive user adoption and speed learning curves with contextually-relevant, timely, and proactive enablement content, directly within the solution.

Increase the productivity of your workforce

Create online courses quickly, provide a knowledge portal for explorative learning, and deliver in-app performance support.

Grow your competitive advantage

Boost the value of your most important asset – your people – by using unique, customized, and cost-efficient training for faster time to competence.

Technical and Functional Features

Content reuse across scenarios

Create content once and deliver it in many formats for reuse in different learning scenarios. Gain the flexibility to serve multiple learning modalities with minimal effort.

In-application help and performance support

Provide contextual knowledge and guidance from directly within the application, giving users business process support when they need it.

Training simulation and test-script creation

Create video, animations, or interactive software simulations with just a few keystrokes. Publish and use learning content quickly to accelerate time to value.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Succession and Development

Efficiently plan your workforce talent requirements with Nagarro + MBIS

With our SAP® HR consultancy, identify and develop the talents needed to empower
your organization and meet business goals. Gain visibility for your growth goals
and plan effectively while managing today.

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Plan the personal development and career of your employees systematically with
the SAP® SuccessFactors Succession & Development solution

Plan talent

Identify talent gaps, evaluate the impact of and minimize talent loss in your organization

Manage promotions

Reduce the time spent searching for internal talents to fill open positions. Reduce the risk of talent loss within the organization with in-house assignments.

Meet your business goals

Develop your employees’ talents in order to reach your goals.

Technical and Functional Features

Org chart for succession planning

Get quick visibility into talent gaps, with key indicators such as risk of loss, impact of loss, and bench strength.

Support employees with mentoring

Provide a powerful way to accelerate employee development by matching employee mentors and mentees automatically

Talent pools

Simplify the talent pool management with a dynamic view.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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