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With Nagarro + MBIS' Bank Integration solution, your bank transactions can be automatically transferred and recognized in SAP® accounting systems, becoming meaningful instantly!

By using Nagarro + MBIS's Bank Integration application, you can ensure that your balances are automatically updated without manual interventions. You can electronically collect all transactions in your bank accounts within seconds and manage them on a single screen, at any time you like.

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What is Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration?

Many organizations have to use different software due to rapidly increasing number and variety of electronic accounting transactions. Manual coordination between the data of different kinds of software is labour-intensive and time-consuming. One of the best examples of this is the manual processing of your transactions in your bank accounts. In addition to the minor losses experienced by organizations while manually processing dozens, maybe hundreds of transactions every day, it should not be overlooked that some mistakes can be critical to the business.

The Bank Integration solution, which was developed in the Nagarro + MBIS R&D Center, is an application that enables the transactions occur in the banks of the companies working with to be instantly received electronically and automatically transferred and recognized to SAP® accounting systems.

The main functionalities of Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration

  • Querying and listing daily bank transactions as often as desired during the day (Interbank money transfers, supplier payments, check-bill collections & payments, treasury transactions [foreign currency, loan, deposit, swap, etc.], customer collections, banking transaction expenses [commission, BSMV (banking and insurance transaction tax), etc.], HGS/OGS (toll collection systems) expenses, automatic expenses matched with the subscriber/contract number [telecom, electricity, etc.], credit card payments, tax payments and more)
  • Instant bank balance inquiry (possibility of continuous reconciliation)
  • Being able to easily adapt to alternative accounting scenarios
  • Interim account approach, tracking directly in the balance sheet, automatic record determination and current-based matching
  • Bank or transaction-based authorization
  • Management and control of banks from a single cockpit
  • Recording in SAP® by associating the records received by query with the relevant account and current accounts
  • Easy error analysis with comprehensive logging
  • Manual assignment for records that cannot be classified
  • ECC and S/4HANA compliant Quick Deployment system

For which banks does Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration work?

Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration solution can easily operate with all the major banks in Turkey without any need for additional development. In addition, if our customers want to work with other banks, integration with the relevant bank can be established easily and quickly with additional development.

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Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration workflow

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Why Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration Solution?

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Instant integration

While old technology integration methods (eg MT940) can update bank accounts and current accounts only once a day, Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration updates instantly and as often as desired.

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Nagarro + MBIS Bank Integration solution has the technological architecture and flexibility that can be easily adapted to company-specific accounting scenarios.

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Risk management

Thanks to the full automation of transferring bank account transactions to SAP® instead of manual entries that are open to human mistakes, it provides an opportunity to work with error-free processes with minimul level of risks.

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Central management

It provides the ability to easily view and manage all transactions from a single cockpit by avoiding the irregularity of monitoring bank transactions in different environments with different tools.

banka operasyon

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency is raised to higher levels thanks to the automation of bank statement processing and accounting works, which take days with traditional manual application methods.

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The Nagarro + MBIS experience

Experienced consultants of Nagarro + MBIS, which have accomplished hundreds of successful projects since 2000, offer the know-how and guidance that will enable you to get ahead of the competition.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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