MBIS VAT Incurred

The ideal solution for SAP® to make complex and error-free VAT refund calculations: MBIS VAT Incurred

With our VAT Incurred solution for SAP® , we end the confusions of VAT refund calculations for manufacturing companies which do business internationally and have a discrepancies between their payable and receivable VAT values.

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The basic functions of MBIS VAT Incurred

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MBIS VAT Incurred application enables companies to accurately create official VAT refund reports by matching the incurred VAT values in sales and purchasing invoices . Some of the functions of our solution can be listed as follows:

  • Classification of entries (Purchasing, production, transfer, counting etc.)
  • Periodic recording and reporting of the incurred VAT of purchased and used materials
  • Blocking of the the invoices which VATs were alredy declared.
  • The desired period can be reported with filtering parameters previously saved.
  • Special reports for consistency checks

Processes specified to you (e.g. VAT for import transactions) can be easily customized within MBIS VAT Incurred solution.


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