Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Automatically integrate your Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificates of authority with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with Nagarro + MBIS VGM-Weighbridge for SAP® solution.

With Nagarro + MBIS VGM-Weighbridge, the VGM certificate of authority is created automatically on SAP® system, based on the weighbridge data. Right after, the certificate is uploaded to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure systems through Nagarro + MBIS VGM’s integration functions.

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What is the Nagarro + MBIS VGM – Weighbridge solution?

According to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment that covers container weighing regulations, a packed container will no longer be allowed to be loaded on vessels unless its VGM (Verified Gross Mass) is provided by the shipper prior to the load list cut-off date.

This "Container Weight Certificate" regulation is adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to increase maritime safety in container transport throughout the supply chain.

Developed by Nagarro + MBIS, the Nagarro + MBIS VGM – Weighbridge is a software application that integrates with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure systems. Our custom solution enables the VGM certificate of authority to be created on the SAP® system and to be transmitted to the ministry.

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The functions of Nagarro + MBIS VGM - Weighbridge solution are as follows:

  • Query of the company's certificate of authority and weighbridges
  • Transmitting the VGM documents and informing the ministry regarding the weight
  • Port Query
  • Query of VGM Documents transmitted to the ministry system
  • Cancellation of VGM documents
  • Updating VGM documents
  • Notification Summary
  • Realisation Query
  • Query of VGM Documents from containers

The Reports on the Nagarro + MBIS VGM – Weighbridge Solution

Do not wait any longer to load your containers with our Nagarro + MBIS VGM – Weighbridge solution.

SAP® VGM Report

  • Includes the reports on the SAP® system, based on information such as: VGM document number, weighbridge receipt number, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure weighbridge number, shipping document number, port ID, container number, weighing date.
  • PDF output of the VGM document can be generated based on the VGM document number.
  • Updates and cancellations can be done manually on the report.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure VGM Report

  • The control summary report on the ministry’s system via the VGM document number.
  • The report with single weighbridge receipt number or VGM document number
  • VGM Realization Reports
    • The daily report that can run realization verifications for a single period.
    • The report checks whether a realization has occurred for the previous period. If it was created and the payment has not been made, a notification e-Mail is automatically sent.
    • Periodic realisation report checks how much realization has occurred for VGM documents created within a certain period, how much has been paid, and the cancelled VGM documents. The report allows a consistency check by the following calculation: "Total Number of Documents - Number of Canceled Documents = Number of Realized Documents".

Why Nagarro + MBIS VGM – Weighbridge solution?

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Cost- efficiency

Nagarro + MBIS VGM provides a considerable amount of cost savings by eliminating the cost paid per VGM certificate in port weighing

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End-to-end tracking

Nagarro + MBIS VGM enables you to manage the whole operation to run seamlessly and under control by monitoring the process from end-to-end.

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Error-free operations & Regulatory compliance

Fully automatic processing of transactions to SAP® minimizes risks by eliminating manual entries prone to human error.

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Agile process

The VGM certificate of authority is delivered to the ministry automatically which eliminates the queue time spent at the ports.

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Operational efficiency

Nagarro + MBIS VGM increases operational efficiency significantly by automating traditional manual operations.

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Nagarro + MBIS expertise

The Nagarro + MBIS solution is supported by Nagarro + MBIS experts who have delivered hundreds of successful solutions since 2000. Their extensive know-how provides valuable guidance that will get your business ahead of the competition.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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