Data Warehousing

Lay the foundation of the analytical platform that will provide a competitive advantage in your market with Nagarro + MBIS. Consolidate different data sources to leverage consistent reporting across organizations and all functions. Improve your business performance by getting a consistent and complete view of data from different sources inhouse, and outside your company.

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Benefit from Nagarro + MBIS’s consultancy to drive efficient decision-making processes with consolidated and clean data

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Customized data warehousing environment

Leverage an open, in-memory platform that offers advanced analytics, multiple data engines, and integration of data types.

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Enterprise-ready cloud deployment

Experience the only end-to-end data management and decision-making cloud solution designed for enterprise-level experiences.

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High-volume, real-time data processing

Benefit from the high-speed performance of an integrated data warehouse application based on SAP® HANA in-memory technology, thanks to prebuilt data models.


Gain fast and secure access to advanced analytics with
Nagarro + MBIS’s SAP® database technology expertise

SAP® HANA enables you to gain insights that will help improve your decision-making process
and compete strategically within the business environment. Deploy SAP® HANA with our
database technology experts, base your decisions on real-time insights and analysis
on an integrated platform and future-proof your business.

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Leverage the SAP® HANA solution to drive success with Nagarro + MBIS

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Simplify the IT landscape and lower cost of ownership

Experience an in-memory data platform that combines database, advanced analytics, data integration, and application services at a lower cost of ownership.

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Augment applications and analytics with intelligence

Deepen insights and situational awareness with broad, multimodal, and advanced analytics capabilities.

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Innovate with greater agility

Accelerate innovation by combining transactional workloads, advanced analytics, and security to adapt to ever-changing work environments.

Technical and Functional Features

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Database management

Leverage innovative capabilities to manage any data anywhere and for any application with a single unified database solution on-premise and in the cloud.

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Data security

Secure data and services with comprehensive identity, access management, and data anonymization to preserve privacy and trust.

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Multi-model processing

Manage the complex processing of multiple data types such as structured, unstructured, geospatial, SAP® sourced, or third party sourced data.

SAP® Data
Warehouse Cloud

Move your advanced SAP® data warehouse to the cloud with
Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

Unify all your data sources in a single solution by taking advantage of Nagarro + MBIS's analytical
and technology consultancy. Build your enterprise-ready data warehouse structure that preserves
the security, reliability and semantic richness of your data.

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Make the most out of the SAP® Data Warehouse Cloud solution with Nagarro + MBIS.

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Achieve quick data-to-value

Empower business users and IT teams with in-memory technologies to drive faster results.

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Empower your workforce with cloud-based simplicity

Support better decision making processes with insightful analytics that are easy to deploy, use and share.

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Allocate your IT budget based on existing needs

Pay for IT on demand. Control costs and expenses by scaling IT services as needed.

Technical and Functional Features

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Easy collaboration

Create a virtual workspace for data analysis projects. Collaborate with your colleagues and share findings with other stakeholders through clearly defined access authorizations. Track your usage and configure your storage resources according to your requirements.

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Business layer

The business layer provides natural language phrases to enable a fast understanding of data. Enrich your data fields with business information and business tags for fast discovery. Share them all to collaborate between departments.

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Self-service modelling

Empower business users to easily model and explore data. Leverage drag and drop capabilities, tables, SQL, Cube Designer and documents to gain insights from data. Visualize your model or use embedded data models to simplify data modelling tasks.


Deploy SAP® HANA-based next-generation data warehouse
solution with Nagarro + MBIS and gain real-time insights

Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS's consultancy services that turn data into information.
Centralize the storage of data generated in your business processes such as
enterprise resource management and field operation systems and transform them
into meaningful information with your reporting, planning, and forecasting

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Nagarro + MBIS helps you to add meaning to your data with the SAP® BW/4HANA solution.

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Low cost of ownership

Experience an in-memory data platform that provides database, advanced analytics, data integration and application services with a low cost of ownership.

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Capitalize on the full value of all your data

Transform your data applications to deploy real-time insights at scale both on-premise and in the cloud and gain productivity.

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Innovate with one source

Maximize business adoption with advanced analytics, tailor applications to fit your needs, and reimagine your business with integrated machine learning.

Technical and Functional Features

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Simplified modelling and administration

Speed up change requests and reduce implementation time, while reducing cost spend with simplified modelling and administration features.

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Improved user experience

Provide an improved user experience with a modern interface. Increase user productivity.

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High-volume, real-time data processing

Reduce wait time for data handling and enable intelligent automation, with high-volume data processing in real-time.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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