In standard route planning, normal conditions such as traffic will flow as usual, there will be no road construction work etc. are considered.

The question is: what happens if conditions change on-the-go?

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Route planning is extremely time consuming and frustrating without automation with a strong software solution

So, you’re probably familiar with Route Planning, which lets you add one address after another into Google Maps or into your favorite navigation system.

With Route Planning, you visit the addresses in the sequence you requested. It’s that simple!

Or is it? Standard route planning is carried out by considering normal conditions such as traffic will flow as usual, there will be no road construction work etc. The question is what happens if everything doesn’t go well?

In such cases, when you need to visit more than 10 locations per route, you need Route Optimization to re-sequence the stops immediately by considering those conditional changes so that you visit them without zig-zagging the whole town.

So, you need a LIVE route optimization because it is very difficult for a person to visualize and sequence the order in which addresses should be visited, especially when there are dozens of addresses in an unfamiliar part of town.

What is LIRO?

LIRO is a powerful software which automatically
creates dynamic live route plans for the truck drivers
on-the-go by taking various parameters into account such as:

  • Incorporating time of day and time of year road-traffic patterns,
  • Impact of road closures and construction works,
  • Different service times for different work types (pickup, drop off, service)

What does LIRO include?

  • Android App (for the drivers)
  • Admin portal (configuration)
  • Dashboard
  • Real-rime tracking screens
  • Strong integration with SAP®
  • monitoring screens

Technical and Functional
Features of LIRO

Real-time Tracking

LIRO allows you to track your vehicles on a real-time basis to let you make instant decisions where needed..

Customization and adaptation

LIRO can be easily customized, adapted and improved according to the company specific needs.

Google Maps Integration

LIRO is integrated with Google Maps.

Rıza Yönetimi mobil

Mobile Compatibility

LIRO is a ‘responsive’ software solution suitable for using on mobile devices, without the need for a native mobile application.

Rıza Yönetimi erp

ERP Independent

LIRO is ERP independent solution which can be easily integrated with any ERP.

Cloud and On-Premise Options

LIRO can run on cloud environment, which eliminates maintenance cost On-premise option is also available.

Automatic visit list loading

LIRO automatically extracts your daily visit lists from your back-end software or ERP.

Rıza Yönetimi dashboard

WEB Application & Dashboard

LIRO also provides a web application for monitoring, managing, configuring and tracking

Rıza Yönetimi pdp

SAP Integration

LIRO has ready-to-use full integration with SAP.

Business Benefits of LIRO

  • LIRO minimizes transportation and vehicle repair costs
  • LIRO also minimizes the distribution latencies resulting in improvements on
    customer satisfaction with better service levels
  • A substantial time saving to plan a route; minutes rather than many hours
  • Reduction on the amount of time that drivers need to spend on the road; which
    may mean head-count savings
  • Giving you a full control over the changes in routes
  • Real time tracking, so you can see exactly where your trucks are and whether
    your drivers are actually doing their jobs

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