SAP® Procurement Solutions

Result-oriented companies are partnering with Nagarro + MBIS to operationalize their procurement activities and increase financial performance and efficiency. We offer our expertise for you to create, implement, and execute new generation customized solutions. Increase the strategic impact of procurement with Nagarro + MBIS.

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Discover how Nagarro + MBIS can improve your supply chain value with SAP® ’s
next-generation procurement solutions

Increased visibility and control

Increase profitability by boosting visibility and control of purchasing activity, including complex services.

Decreased costs and risks

Reduce the cost and risk of your procurement activities by letting thousands of suppliers compete for your business.

Fast supplier enablement

Quickly connect with suitable suppliers who can meet your every need.

Simplified catalogue maintenance

Update your catalogues in a matter of minutes by automating verification and reducing workloads.

Global reach

Centrally manage suppliers, procure-to-pay processes, budgets, approvals, and payments for operations anywhere in the world.

Strong compliance

Prioritize suppliers, products, and services based on relevance to search criteria and apply contract pricing proactively.

SAP® Ariba
Buying and Invoicing

Save money by activating your spending control
processes with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

Benefit from our SAP® Ariba Buying and Invoicing consultancy and
increase the efficiency of your organization. Simplify trade operations
by connecting and managing all phases of procure-to-pay processes.
Enable continuous improvement, automation and innovation solutions
with Nagarro + MBIS and ensure day-to-day improvement in your procurement processes.

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Adopt proactive procurement with SAP® Ariba Buying and Invoicing

Do more with less

Maximize the value and ROI of product and service procurement negotiations.

Maximize control

Enable proactive compliance between contracts, processes, regulations and supplier strategies.


Actively control total spendings with flexible managing and visibility tools.

Technical and Functional Features

Forms builder

Use this fast and flexible functionality to build forms easily and enhance your procurement processes without needing help from your IT team.

Multi business-unit support

Track spend by business unit, department, or purchasing organization. Spend data can be mapped to individual business units while company-wide purchasing parameters can be shared across business units.

Taxes support

Automatically add and validate taxes on requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and invoice reconciliations.

SAP® Ariba

Deploy SAP® Ariba solution with Nagarro + MBIS expertise to manage all your purchasing
processes, maximize your savings and efficiency

Our expert SAP® Ariba Buying consultants provide seamless integration with
your ERP system for purchasing, invoice, and payment transactions and
enables maximum efficiency in your procurement processes.

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Take your procurement processes to another level
with SAP® Ariba Buying solution

Fast launch, minimal support

Use SAP® Ariba Buying solution as a subscription-based service that doesn’t require installation and updates automatically.

Centralized management

Manage all product and service procurements centrally.

Mobile support

Use mobile app support to validate buying processes.

Technical and Functional Features

Guided buying

Create simple and convenient guidelines to help employees buy goods and services compliant with your procurement guidelines.

Easy integration

Increase the speed and performance of all your processes from order to contract, procurement to payment, by establishing easy integration with your ERP.

Powerful reporting

Use powerful reporting and management tools to maximize control, efficiency, and agility.

SAP® Ariba

Activate easy-to-use procurement
catalogues with Nagarro + MBIS

Create easy-to-use, adaptable, and B2C-like catalogues with our SAP® Ariba
Catalog solution consultancy; simplify corporate purchasing processes for
your employees. Continuously monitor the content quality of your catalogues
with dashboard reports.

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Discover the advantages of SAP® Ariba Catalog solution with Nagarro + MBIS

User-friendly interface

Support user-friendly catalogue and shopping-cart functionality so employees can quickly buy what they need to do their jobs.

Improve your catalogues

Enable a streamlined catalogue creation process experience with an enhanced, simple user interface to facilitate the uploading of catalogue content by suppliers.

Optimize suppliers and products

Prioritize preferred suppliers and products based on relevance to search criteria and proactively apply pre-defined contract pricing.

Technical and Functional Features

API support

Use API tools for integration with other enterprise business software. Use API integration support to help automate tasks such as uploading catalogue data and updating enterprise software systems.

Compliance with procurement rules

Ensure that your employees are compliant with predetermined procurement rules such as purchasing only from approved suppliers, prioritizing preferred suppliers and products according to search criteria, and proactively applying pre-defined contract pricing.

Easy maintenance

Your catalogues can be updated in minutes. Automated verification capability speeds updates, reduces workload, and significantly improves accuracy.

SAP® Ariba
Spot Buy Catalog

Discover the easy way of spot buying with Nagarro + MBIS

SAP® Ariba Spot Buy Catalog solution is a B2B application
that helps you find suppliers that offer competitive pricing
and shipment options for non-sourced one-off or emergency purchases.
Facilitate finding and buying spot products they need from a
trusted source for your buyers and employees.

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Streamline your spot purchasing process with SAP® Ariba Spot Buy Catalog solution


Save time on finding a supplier for your spot buying and reduce costs.

Productivity and process improvements

Allow your purchasing department to focus on more valuable processes rather than rare supplier searches for spot buying.

More spending compliance

Define purchasing rules and procedures for your spot buying.

Technical and Functional Features

Quick search of options

Guide users to the goods they need quickly and easily across common business categories with one intuitive search query.

Trusted suppliers

Create a comprehensive B2B marketplace and find high-quality, trusted suppliers to ensure your supplier portfolio meets your buying demands.

Compliant and controlled processes

Enable user convenience by preselecting suppliers that adhere to corporate policies and perfect your buying control.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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