SAP® Treasury Management

Centralize your treasury management, benchmark performance and catch industry-leading trends with Nagarro + MBIS's SAP® treasury management consultancy. Create a holistic strategy to reach your treasury management goals. Discover our practical and strategic approaches to mitigate risk, simplify processes and lower costs.

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Integrate your treasury management with your corporate strategies with SAP® solutions that
meet today's economic environment and addressing future needs.

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Minimize risks in your treasury management processes

Use end-to-end analytics to automate treasury processes, integrate cash flow analysis and business planning, centralize bank account management, and get real-time visibility of bank balances and currency exposures.

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View real-time cash positions and forecasts

Streamline capital management and liquidity accounting by integrating all data onto a single platform and accessing accurate information to analyze cash positions.

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Control working capital and financial risk

Manage your company’s liquidity and mitigate risk by integrating cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data.

SAP® S/4HANA Finance
for group reporting

Deploy agile SAP® treasury applications that can respond
to fluctuating market dynamics rapidly, with Nagarro + MBIS.

Utilise the extensive technology and process management expertise of the
Nagarro + MBIS consultancy team. With our guidance, design the S/4HANA Finance
solution and enable your treasury managers to benefit from real-time
data, develop predictive models, optimize costs, and increase return
on investment (ROI).

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Discover how Nagarro + MBIS can streamline your treasury management with SAP® S/4HANA Finance solution

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Access a single source of truth

Drive process and technology simplification with a system that removes data replications, reconciliations, and redundancies.

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Engage flexible business processes

focus on exceptions and critical tasks – and easily change processes as business models evolve.

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Learn from best practices across companies

Benefit from cross-company data. Enable real-time access to embedded statistics, reporting, and benchmarking for various roles.

Technical and Functional Features

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Financial planning and analysis

Embed your end-to-end planning process and use real-time operational data to eliminate time lags and redundancy. Run on-the-fly financial analysis at any level of granularity using a single table. Create ad hoc simulations of organizational changes or new business models directly in your ERP system.

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Accounting and financial close

Execute closing tasks and inter-period processes in real-time. Run real-time reporting with complete drill-down by any dimension. Use a single, unified data model to simplify processes, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

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Treasury and financial risk management

Integrate cash flow analysis and business planning, including liquidity planning lifecycles. Take advantage of comprehensive central bank account management. Get real-time visibility of bank balances and currency exposures.

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Collaborative finance operations

Respond to fluctuating market dynamics rapidly. Automate receivables and payables processing.

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Enterprise risk and compliance

Process high volumes of data to enable real-time fraud detection at the transaction level. Centralize fraud management to optimize investigation and monitoring.

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Receivables management

Integrate data for dispute, collections, and credit management applications. Reduce manual effort and costs associated with running accounts receivables.

SAP® Cash

With Nagarro + MBIS’s SAP® consultancy services, transform your cash
management systems into strategic resources and accelerate
your business growth.

With our services, optimize your current critical cash flow operations such as cash
cycle efficiency, working capital, forecast accuracy, and return on capital employed.
Adapt the best practices in cash management to your business with hands-on experience.

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Manage your cash flow effectively with SAP® Cash Management Solution

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Gain real-time insights

View global bank balances and liquidity forecasts in real-time and improve visibility into your organization’s cash flow.

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Achieve a single version of the truth

Access all relevant data on a central platform with full integration of data from multiple, disparate sources.

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Simplify payment management

Connect with multiple banks using different standards and data formats, while optimizing working capital with centralized and streamlined intercompany payments.

Technical and Functional Features

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Payments and bank communication

Keep control of multiple bank accounts and track your global bank balance with streamlined processes for opening, changing, closing, and review­ing accounts. Directly connect with banks and financial institutions using a multibank, digital channel with embedded SWIFT technology.

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Cash and liquidity management

Reduce the time and effort required to obtain cash information, un­derstand cash requirements in seconds, and im­mediately trigger any necessary actions from within the application. Conduct in-depth analysis to gain more detailed insights into treasury operations than ever before.

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In-house cash control

Reduce the need to transfer cash between regions and your dependency on banks with support for centralized in-house cash control. Address challenges associated with managing fragmented cash balances and payment processes by empowering your treasury professionals.

SAP® Treasury and
Risk Management

Meet your strategic goals with Nagarro + MBIS’s consultancy.
Achieve the optimum liquidity required at the lowest
cost and controllable risk levels.

Optimize core treasury and risk functions such as payment management, in-group financing,
bank interaction, management of existing funds, debt financing, cash position, planning
and forecasting with Nagarro + MBIS expertise. Make the most of your resources, minimize operating
costs and avoid possible liquidity shortages.

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Nagarro + MBIS helps you meet your goals with the SAP® Treasury and Risk Management Solution.

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Integrate treasury management with core processes

Connect SAP® Treasury and Risk Management with SAP® S/4HANA to link treasury and risk management workflows with core business processes.

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Enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness

Increase productivity in your treasury department by automating processes and enabling collaboration, focus on high-value tasks.

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Benefit from a cloud-based infrastructure

Deploy in the cloud to securely and quickly access the latest innovations in treasury management tools, without the need for costly on-premise upgrades.

Technical and Functional Features

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Financial risk management

Monitor risk positions, commodity price changes, and currency conversion rates so you can develop compliant hedge accounting strategies with a full audit trail, and limit exposure, stay compliant with IFRS regulations.

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Debt and investment management

Gain insights into available cash, bal­ance risk and return, and automate repetitive tasks, while monitoring all investments to protect against risk. Debt and investment management features can help you en­sure competitive interest rates on short-term debt financing and maximize return on investments.

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App extensions and machine learning

Extend your treasury capabilities through standard SAP® applications on SAP® Cloud Platform, including trading platform integration, machine learning-based cash application, and SAP® Business Integrity Screening.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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