( Sales Order Posting Robotic Automation )

With our certified SAP Intelligent RPA solution Soprano, save substantial time and resources by automatically posting sales orders collected in different formats into SAP within seconds rather than spending days for manuel processing; take customer satisfaction to the highest level.

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What is SOPRANO SAP Intelligent RPA package?

Following our analysis, if we decide together, that it is rational and feasible, we can automate any business process through UiPath® or SAP Intelligent RPA for you.

Automatic Sales Order Posting to SAP

Our SAP-Qualified partner package, SOPRANO (Sales Order Posting Robotic Automation), takes your digital transformation journey one step further via leveraging next-generation SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation technology. Enterprises, collecting sales orders as part of their routine operations could activate SOPRANO in a short period to automate their processes. Utilizing its ready-to-use processes, such as e-mail automation, order cancellation/update, approval flows, and creating sales orders in ERP, you may leverage its efficiency from the first day.

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A best-practice for Collecting
Purchase Requests

Singularize the variety of sales order collection channels (e-mail, phone call, fax, etc.)

Order Aggregation

SOPRANO considers changes such as order cancellation, quantity, and product type updates that might occur until the cut-off time without human intervention

Sales Order Creation
on the ERP System

SAP Intelligent RPA robots read the orders you receive and create the correct sales order in the ERP system using the relevant transaction code.

Notification mechanisms
throughout the process

When sales order is created on the ERP system, SOPRANO notifies (internal and external) relevant stakeholders.

The process triggered by a
specified cut-off time

It transfers the sales order information to MRP (material requirement planning) with a suitable cut-off time for your order picking period (daily, weekly, monthly,…).

SOPRANO in 5 questions?

Is it necessary to use SAP ERP to activate the SOPRANO package?

SAP Intelligent RPA is an ERP agnostic product but SOPRANO SAP-Qualified partner package is developed on SAP ERP. Therefore, its current setup is based on SAP ERP. However, a similar process can be automated in a short time for different ERP systems.

Which SAP ERP versions support SOPRANO?

SOPRANO is compatible with any version of SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

How long does it take to deploy SOPRANO?

SOPRANO package standards (installation, fit-gap analysis, realization, end-user training) can be completed within a week.

If the number of transactions in the package is exceeded, do I have to pay an additional fee?

Yes, enterprises must obtain additional licenses when they exceed the number of transactions included in their license.

Does SOPRANO need any additional service after it is gone live?

After SOPRANO goes live, you will have the opportunity to watch your process in real time via the SAP cloud factory. Our on-call support consultancy is included in the SOPRANO package in case of any suspicious situation.

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