Nagarro + MBIS Digital Continuity

With Nagarro + MBIS expertise, ensure that your digital technologies are operated smoothly, effectively, securely and in a structure that will support your business processes.

Do your digital technology components operate uninterruptedly to support your business goals and adapt to changing conditions? Nagarro + MBIS is always with you for the flawless operation of your digital operations.

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Nagarro + MBIS Digital Continuity Services

Application Management (AMS)

Ensure that your applications are operated and managed effectively and smoothly with Application Management Services (AMS).

Technology infrastructure

Benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure, hosting, licensing, backup and monitoring services for SAP® and non-SAP® applications.

Managed outsourcing

Meet your competent and experienced technical staff needs for your current or planned digital-based business.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Perform full audit and risk management for your organization, maximize your compliance with laws and company policies.

System monitoring and optimization

Make sure your SAP® systems are running smoothly; reduce business disruptions by taking advantage of proactive system monitoring tools.

Application Management
Services (AMS)

Provide end-to-end management of your SAP® and non-SAP®
applications with professional services of Nagarro + MBIS; ensure
your processes run smoothly and efficiently.

With the expertise of Nagarro + MBIS, manage your applications with an integrated approach, from
modeling to maintenance and support, from outsourcing to performance optimization.

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Application Management Services (AMS)

Today's information technology environment is more complex than ever and the cost of maintaining it continues to increase. Nagarro + MBIS's application management experts help companies overcome these challenges to improve application performance and achieve better business results. We provide a flexible structure that allows businesses to fine-tune their application management services (AMS) according to IT and business goals. We offer a complete range of services, including executions of digital operations, information management and systems integration. Thus, we enable our customers to choose the optimum managed service model for their applications and successfully transition to the target state.

The scope of Nagarro + MBIS Application Management service can be shaped according to the needs of the organizations. In summary, our service includes the following sub-services:

  • Long-term support for SAP® and non-SAP® applications.
  • SLA based, on-site or remote, flexible application management
  • Service request fulfilment
  • Helpdesk ve Level 1, Level 2 ve Level 3 application technical support
  • Problem and incident management
  • User support and training
  • System monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis and recommendations for productivitiy improvements
  • Service level reporting
  • Change management
  • Solution and improvement suggestions for demands and requests
  • Implementation of the agreed improvements and developments
  • Optimization of existing customized applications
  • Evaluation of roadmaps and solutions for new technology and applications
  • Designing customer-specific applications with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Setting up Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications, where needed
  • Increasing the performance of applications and minimizing security gaps by using Nagarro + MBIS performance improvement solutions

How can businesses keep up with the future while always being busy with day-to-day operations?

In this e-Book, we will explain the challenges companies face in the use of SAP systems and understand how nearshore AMS can solve them.


Value propositions of Application Management Services (AMS)

Savings in application support costs

Achieve cost savings by providing permanent solutions for chronic application issues and recurring demands.

Improved customer satisfaction

Make life easier for both your internal and external customers and increase their efficiency with Nagarro + MBIS AMS provided with SLAs.

End-to-end holistic approach

Effectively control your application management end-to-end, from strategy creation to performance reporting.

Freedom to focus on innovation

Support your human resources to create more value by focusing on innovative business instead of solving recurring problems.

Application performance optimization

Ensure that your applications deliver the expected performance with special tools offered by Nagarro + MBIS.

Feasible improvement recommendations

Take advantage of the recommendations provided for faster, safer and more efficient utilization of your applications.

Technology infrastructure
provisioning and management services

We provide best suitable hardware platform through leasing or hosting
upon your choice and licensing, monitoring and management services to
support your digital transformation, with Nagarro + MBIS assurance.

Nagarro + MBIS offers you the technological infrastructure necessary for the realization of your
strategic goals by bringing together your technology components at an optimum level,
economically and in accordance with the developments of today and the future.

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Technology infrastructure provisioning and management

Regardless of the industries, it is obvious how critical the technological infrastructures of organizations are in achieving their strategic goals. For this reason, decisions regarding technological infrastructure should fully reflect the strategic thinking of each company and should be taken with an objective approach and wisely. The necessity of having this approach is one of the most important and common messages of the researches conducted in the last decade.

As a "Technology Architect", Nagarro + MBIS enables you to make the most strategically correct investments by sharing its expertise and experience not only in the field of SAP® and other software solutions but also in the infrastructure components of information technologies.

The scope of technology infrastructure provision services of Nagarro + MBIS can be summarized as follows:

  • Hosting and operational lease
  • System monitoring
  • System performance management
  • Firewalls, syber security components and DDoS systems
  • Operating system management
  • Database systems management
  • Virtual servers and storage systems
  • Backup systems and operations
  • Disaster recoery and replication systems and services
  • Data storage and archiving systems
  • User authorization and management services
  • VPN systems management ( +site2site)
  • Service Level management
  • Information security and privacy management
  • SAP® BASIS management and technical support
  • Regulation compliance services

Value propositions of Technology infrastructure provisioning and management

Economic technology investments

Minimize your initial investment costs with the 'pay as you go' approach and work at the most affordable prices.

Superior protection against threat

Invest in technologies that provide superior protection against system threats, including cyber attacks.

Best system performance

Use technology that will support the investments you make in your processes and applications with the best performance.

Focus on innovative work

Focus on innovation instead of repetitive straightforward jobs that can be accomplished following simple procedures.

dijital süreklilik hizmeti regulasyon

Compliance with regulations

Make sure that the cloud infrastructure complies with the binding rules of nation-wide laws and regulations.

Nagarro + MBIS assurance

Ensure that the technological infrastructure you will invest in meets the needs of today and the future with Nagarro + MBIS.

Outsourcing services

Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS's outsourcing services in your Information
Technologies operations, focus on innovative and high value tasks
for your organization.

From the management of your applications to system monitoring, from SAP® Basis to system
monitoring activities, you can enjoy cost advantages by performing all your IT operations
with expert Nagarro + MBIS resources and you can continuously improve your service quality through
managing them with SLAs.

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Value Propositions of Outsourcing services of Nagarro + MBIS

Savings in labor costs

Enjoy serious savings on vested personnel costs and overheads.

Personnel risk minimization

Secure your organization by minimizing the risks that emerge when your employees leave at unexpected times.

Increase in productivity and effectiveness

Ensure that more work is done in a shorter time and with much more quality with Nagarro + MBIS's expert outsourcing staff.

Focus on innovative work

Focus on your core business and generate more value by leaving IT jobs to its experts.

Financial flexibility

Allow your business to maintain financial flexibility by easily scaling the number of personnel with outsourcing.

Management based on Service Levels

Do not be overwhelmed with details, manage and improve your IT operations with committed service levels.

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Secure your organization against risks and regulatory compliance
sanctions with Nagarro + MBIS which is the only SAP® Partner with SAP® GRC
Expertise Recognized certificate inTurkey.

By taking advantage of the guidance and project implementation services provided
by our GRC consultants, you can increase strategic, operational and financial
effectiveness of your governance, risk and compliance processes.

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Value Propositions of Nagarro + MBIS GRC consultancy services

End-to-end integrated risk management

Create and carry out timely, reliable preventive actions by integrating and coordinating corporate risk management activities.

Effective internal audit management

Improve your internal audit department's risk evaluations evaluations in a timely manner, and let them collaborate

Preventing fraud

Determine the patterns and track suspicious transactions to minimize fraud risks.

Data Access management

Minimize your risks regarding data access which may cause financial and intabgible losses.

Measures against cyber attacks

Minimize your security gaps of the corporate systems, eliminate cyber threats and protect your critical data.

Compliance with law and regulations

Ensure full compliance with anti-corruption, financial, information technology related and industry-specific regulations

SAP® System Monitoring and

Always be sure that your SAP® systems are working properly
with Nagarro + MBIS SAP® system monitoring and optimization services.

With Nagarro + MBIS expertise, monitor even the smallest detail in your SAP® systems 24/7 from
anywhere you want; prevent operational losses by taking proactive measures on time.

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Value Propositions of Nagarro + MBIS SAP® System Monitoring and Optimization Services

Preventing operational losses

Prevent operational losses that may occur due to unexpected SAP® failures by developing early warning mechanisms.

24/7 system control from anywhere

Make sure that your SAP® systems are running smoothly regardless of location with mobile usage.

System maintenance cost savings

By getting detailed information about your SAP® systems, apply proactive measures and reduce your system maintenance costs.

IT staff productivity and efficiency

Let your IT staff focus on more value-added work instead of routine manual checks.

System monitoring best practices

Enable the use of the best globally accepted system monitoring processes and procedures for SAP® .

Improving IT service quality

Improve your IT service quality by ensuring the continuity of SAP® system performance and the smooth running of automated SAP® jobs.

Customer Testimonials

How do we support your business growth?

AGT, Business Applications Manager
We have always felt safe since we have started benefiting from Nagarro + MBIS's Professional Support Services. Thanks to the fast and effective solutions that the Nagarro + MBIS's expert team offers, we have increased the satisfaction of internal customers that use our business applications. We thank Nagarro + MBIS for its devoted work and hope to work together for many years.
İlker Özer
Tadım, IT Director
We have been using the Professional Application Support Services of Nagarro + MBIS since 2016. Thanks to the rapid responses of Nagarro + MBIS' solution-oriented specialists to our requests, we have managed to increase our user satisfaction and flexibility while avoiding the disruptions in our daily operations. We would like to thank Nagarro + MBIS and looking forward to working together for many more years.
emre karabulut
Emre Karabulut
Medcem, Information Technologies Manager
Nagarro + MBIS has become a very important solution partner for us in our innovation journey, thanks to its know-how, experience and expertise on SAP® , which is an indispensable resource with its flexibility in developing digital solutions, ease of integration and adaptation to changing business processes in the cement industry
Sinan Karacoğlan
Doğu Pres, IT Manager
We have been working with Nagarro + MBIS for pretty long time. After our SAP® S/4HANA project went live successfully with Nagarro + MBIS, we immediately started benefiting from the advantages of Nagarro + MBIS’ Professional Application Support Services as well. Nagarro + MBIS greatly meet our support needs really fast with their solution-oriented expert teams. We would like to sincerely thank Nagarro + MBIS and looking forward to working together many more years.

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