Travel and Expenses

The digitalizing world grows the operational areas of businesses more and more every day. With Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, keep your travel, accommodation and other expenses at minimum levels while serving wider geographies and give your employees the best experience in expense processes.

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Travel and expense management is not a burden anymore with Nagarro + MBIS

High employee satisfaction

Deliver superior user experience that simplifies traveller's requesting, and managers' approving and tracking.

Integrated booking

Make use of online integrated booking tools that offer all corporate travel and accommodation elements (plane, hotel, car rental and transfers) to your employees.

Superior reporting

Simplify processes and monitoring with user-friendly customizable reports, dashboards, procedure compliance reporting and budget creation.

3rd party integrations

Natively integrate with third party tools such as TripIt, Uber, AirBnB.

Compliance with procedures

Allow your employees to benefit from an integrated platform where they can manage all their travel and expense processes without going beyond procedures.

Productivity improvements

Take advantage of machine learning technology that automates invoice and expense matching and eliminates unnecessary workload.

Concur Expense

Take control of your expense management
processes with Nagarro + MBIS

Provide secure mobile access for your traveling employees, and implement a
cloud-based expense management application that includes company card and electronic
invoice integrations with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy. Let your employees log all their expenses
into the system from their smart phones (or computers if they wish), send them to their
managers for approval. Let your finance team conduct a final review and process expenses
that will be sent to your ERP system or billed to customers according to your contracts.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier for you with SAP® Concur Expense solution.

Mobile expense management

Let your employees create, submit and approve expense claims from any device to increase productivity.

Integrated expense monitoring

Get a single view of all employee expenditures to better manage budgets, forecast accurately, and comply with expense policies.

Integration with e-Documents

Automatically fill in expense claims using electronic receipts from airlines, hotels, restaurants and ground transportation services.

Technical and Functional Features

Financial connectors

Integrate travel, expense and invoice data from SAP® Concur into your ERP, CRM, HR and accounting systems with financial connectors.

Automatic card processing

Automatically acquire and categorize card transactions to simplify the review, reconciliation and approval process.

High security

Ensure data security at the highest level with SAP® Concur solutions that provide standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 1 / SSAE16 and PCI.

Concur Travel

Simplify your travel processes with SAP® Concur Travel.

Deploy solutions that combine your traveling employees' preferences, credit cards,
vendor information and all other travel information with Nagarro + MBIS. Provide superior
performance in tracking expenses, gaining insights, and ensuring compliance with
travel procedures by gathering all data in one place. Make the most of SAP® travel
management solutions that will increase the satisfaction of your employees with Nagarro + MBIS.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier for you with SAP® Concur Expense solution.

Speed ​​up travel expense entries

Travel companies can automatically send e-Vouchers to Concur Expense, while your traveling employees can take photos of their receipts and add them to their expense reports.

Manage business travels on the go

Let your employees plan and book while traveling, create route changes and share travel plans through mobile applications.

Improve compliance with travel policies

Increase travel policies compliance with a customizable pre-travel request and planning process.

Technical and Functional Featured

Consolidated travel data

By combining all your travel data, you can control your expenses, increase compliance with policies and manage employee safety.

3rd party integrations

Integrate with popular travel applications your employees prefer. Access all applications from one center.

Superior reporting

Use reporting tools to help you make better decisions and control travel expenses before it happens.

Concur Invoice

Automate invoice processing while improving travel and expense
control in SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS expertise.

Gain speed and efficiency by automating invoice processing with SAP®
Invoice Management consultancy offered by Nagarro + MBIS. Deploy new methods of
monitoring and managing expenses to maximize your profitability.

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Enjoy processing invoices without errors with SAP® Concur Invoice solution

Match invoices, purchase orders and payments

Avoid excessive charges with PO matching. Make sure no details are overlooked and identify inconsistencies easily with the automatic matching feature.

Reduce data entry times

Reduce errors and avoid unnecessary waste of your employees' time with machine learning supported invoice processing.

Make vendor payments on time

Track and control the timing of payments to pay sellers on time and take advantage of early payment discounts.

Technical and Functional Features

Integrated invoice solutions

Integrate SAP® Concur Invoice with any ERP or accounting system and centrally manage the lifecycle from procurement to payment.

Integrated Business Intelligence

Get complete visibility into your company's employees' spending with powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools. Gain insights to determine payout times and additional seller discounts.

Integration with payment service providers

Integrate with corporate payment providers such as American Express, Comdata to streamline and optimize your supplier payments.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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