Manage your tax return process with
Nagarro + MBIS’s e-Declaration solution,
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Days of struggling with Excel lists, trying to secure files in public folders, and using the Declaration Editing Program are over! Thanks to Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration, you can save time and cost by managing your tax returns instantly within the SAP system and increase your tax return preparation performance beyond expectations.

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What is Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration?

The declaration process is one of the issues that financial affairs departments focus on meticulously and that consume lots of resources. Moreover, gathering the necessary data while preparing the tax returns is a fundamental process that requires a lot of time and close follow-up. With the Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration cockpit, you can automatically create your tax return data of the related type and period, make interventions on this data when necessary, and automatically upload the final tax return to the Internet Tax Office via the cockpit, after the internal approval process.

Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration is an application designed and developed by the Nagarro + MBIS R&D Center to enable companies to prepare their tax returns in the SAP system and automatically upload them to the Internet Tax Office.

The main functionalities of Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration

  • Ability to work on ECC and S4/HANA systems
  • Support for using alternative chart of accounts
  • Preparation of tax return XML files on the application
  • Uploading the tax return to the internet tax office via the application
  • Smart document classification feature: Managing which part of the tax return to show the relevant document with the rule catalog
  • Creating a catalog of rules so that information such as the type of operation/exception which should be in the tax return can be derived
  • Ability to manually enter documents into the tax return if there is a deficiency in SAP records
  • Approval of the prepared tax return data with the internal approval mechanism
  • Display of tax returns in HTML or PDF format
  • Viewing the completed tax returns at any time with all their retrospective details
  • Statement status tracking (Creation-Confirmation-Deletion-Submission-Waiting for Approval-Approval Acceptance)
  • Authorization based on the legal entity, tax return type and transaction
  • List and trial balance control on the same screen
  • Ability of checking and correcting reverse transactions in main accounts
  • Easy reporting with the tax return type, legal entity, fiscal year, period data
  • Bulk data transfer with Excel in emergencies
  • Opportunity to add, copy, delete individual documents when necessary
  • Comparison of the tax in the document and the tax amounts calculated on the declaration screen, difference tolerance control
  • Ensuring that the necessary information for the tax return is filled in the relevant document during the accounting registration when requested.
  • Version tracking of tax return data and creation of changelogs
  • Access to the internet tax office from inside the cockpit
  • Accessing the preview of the XML file to be uploaded to the tax office
  • Ability to view tax return data on screens parallel to BDP (Declaration Editing Program) screens

The technical features of
Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration

Rıza Yönetimi erp

Custom development

In line with the needs, additional function and/or report requests can be added to the e-Declaration with 'additional development'.

Tolerance control

The tax amount in the document and the amount that should be according to the document parameters are checked and compared according to the tolerance amount.

Manual data insertion

Unrecorded documents that should be included in the declaration can be attached individually or collectively.

Approval mechanism

If desired, the approval mechanism can be used for the tax return data prepared in the cockpit and only the approved declaration can be forwarded to the tax office.

Data flexibility

Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration solution is compatible with features such as having more than one company code for the relevant legal entity and using an alternative chart of accounts.


File uploading to the Internet Tax Office is carried out automatically through the cockpit within the SAP system.

Data centralization

Since your declarations are prepared in the SAP system with Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration, all detailed information and documents remain in the system.

Rule catalog

For information such as the type of transaction or exception which are not in the accounting documents but must be in the declaration, a derivation is carried out with the rules.

User authorization

In e-Declaration, the usage rights of functions can be granted based on roles.


You can list your declarations based on the fiscal year, legal entity or declaration type, and access images and changelogs.

Why Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration?

Operational productivity

With the Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration solution, you can run your tax return processes much faster in the SAP system.

Central process management

Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration solution allows the declaration processes to be managed from a single central platform for all legal entities, to measure performance and to take necessary actions without delay.

Cost and time savings

With Nagarro + MBIS e-Declaration, manual repetitive works become automated, errors are minimized, less labor is required, and stationery use is reduced, which reflects as cost savings to your organization and business partners.

Auto upload

By automatically uploading your declaration file to the Internet Tax Office via the SAP system without manual intervention, you maintain the consistency of the uoploaded file and the system data.

Data and document management

Thanks to the e-Declaration, the transactions related to the tax returns are carried out on a single screen, providing great convenience in examinations and audits in order to access historical data.

The Nagarro + MBIS experience

Experienced consultants of Nagarro + MBIS, which have accomplished hundreds of successful projects since 2000, offer the know-how and guidance that will enable you to get ahead of the competition.


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