SAP® Workforce Planning

Gain concrete and actionable insights to guide your strategies and help plan your future workforce demands. Benefit from MBIS’s consultancy and prepare for future risks through advanced workforce modeling.

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Discover how you can create an effective workforce planning that supports your business strategies with MBIS’
advanced technology know-how and SAP® HR solutions consultancy.

Strategic workforce planning

View, assess and design your workforce in a way that supports your business strategy.

Operational headcount planning

Track headcount planning so you can respond to changing business conditions faster.

Financial modelling and impact analysis

Investigate and quantify the financial implications of headcount plans before they’re executed.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Workforce Planning

Minimize workforce-based risks by creating and executing your plans with the extensive MBIS experience.

Our SAP® SuccessFactors Workforce Planning consultancy provides you comprehensive
workforce planning capabilities which include both the strategic workforce and
operational headcount planning. Use strategic planning to develop strategies
that will enable you to employ and retain talent for many years. Benefit from
operational headcount planning by planning the changing workforce demands and
enable continuous planning with periodic developments.

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Bring your workforce planning to perfection with SAP® SuccessFactors Workforce Planning

Align projects with budgets

Create headcount plans and enable managers to cascade them to additional departments or cost centres by creating sub plans.

Avoid risk

Manage exposure to significant risks posed by global talent shortages and the ageing workforce.

Develop strategies and analyze their impact

Build what-if scenarios from what-if analysis; quantify and compare the outcomes of hiring, development, and talent retention strategies.

Technical and Functional Features

Strategic workforce planning

View, assess, and design your workforce to support your business strategy. Create demand and internal supply forecasts and identify gaps across critical roles. Identify and analyze risks, develop strategies, and model projected impact.

Operational headcount planning

Respond to changing business conditions by executing operational headcount planning and support continuous workforce planning.

Financial modelling and impact analysis

Model potential changes to compensation planning and benefits, use of contractors, and other workforce scenarios. Improve cost controls and forecast accuracy. Bring data into one place for better visibility and understand the fiscal impact of workforce plan changes to the business.


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