Nagarro + MBIS Digital Strategy

Every long and tough journey can be successful with good strategy and planning. Plan your Digital Transformation journey by taking advantage of Nagarro + MBIS 'experience and expertise; let's do it together!

In today's world, it has become almost impossible to produce results with the temporary approaches of the past. You need absolute clarity about the requirements of the digital age, effective leadership, unmatched agility, bold decisions, a very effective Information Technologies infrastructure, and perhaps most importantly, strategic business partners with whom you can work with confidence.

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Nagarro + MBIS Digital Strategy Services

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Strategic ‘Process Modelling’

Support your growth by modeling your processes with an end-to-end and integrated approach in line with your strategic goals.

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Strategic ‘Applications Road Map’

Strategically determine the software solutions required to achieve your goals; invest in the right applications at the right time.

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Strategic ‘Technology Infrastructure’

Make sure your processes and applications are running on a smooth, safe and economical technological infrastructure

Strategic ‘Process Modelling’

Ensure that your processes are designed to
support achievement of your strategic goals
with Nagarro + MBIS 'industry-specific experience.

Model the processes of tomorrow with Nagarro + MBIS’ end-to-end, holistic approach. Make sure that
meticulous impact analysis is carried out and your processes are feasible to be executed
on technology solutions to avoid any unwanted surprises you may encounter in real life.

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Strategic ‘Process Modelling’ Consultancy

Most of the process models focus on defining who does what, when, how long and how, ie the operational performance of the tasks and how they are achieved through the tasks performed. Goal-oriented approaches, on the other hand, try to establish a close relationship between "reasons" and "what" and allow the organization to reach its strategic goals.

Nagarro + MBIS offers process modeling consultancy based on target and strategy perspective with its unique process design experience gained over 20 years.

With Nagarro + MBIS Strategic Process Modeling Consultancy, technology, people and processes are designed in an integrated structure and target (to-be) operational processes are designed accordingly. In the target process design, besides the strategic priorities, goals and existing human resources of your organization, industry practices that have critical importance, the know-how of Nagarro + MBIS obtained after hundreds of projects and the best business practices in the technology solutions to be used are taken into consideration.

The most important factor that highlights Nagarro + MBIS's consultancy in this area is that the designed target processes must feasible with the technology solutions to be used. In other words, Nagarro + MBIS's consultancy allows you to avoid disappointments and financial losses experienced by organizations when they encounter the fact that the designed processes cannot be implemented in the selected digital solutions, e.g. ERP systems.

Holistic approach is another critical success factor of process designs. With Nagarro + MBIS, proactively see in advance how a process you design or change affects all other processes and thus prevent unexpected and destructive business losses.

Value Propositions of Nagarro + MBIS Strategic ‘Process Modelling’ Consultancy

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Process design according to business goals

Design your processes based on the value each process needs to create to achieve strategic goals.

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Practically applicable realistic processes

Avoid shelving and associated losses because technological solutions do not support the designed processes

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End-to-end holistic approach

Ensure that interrelated processes are designed with an integrated approach by taking interactions into account.

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Global best-practises

Implement global best process practices in your company and maximize your productivity.

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Industry-specific process designs

Design your processes by taking specific needs and dynamics of your industry to gain competitive advantage.

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Today’s and tomorrow’s processes

Don't just focus on today's needs; get ready for future business models and technological changes.

Strategic ‘Applications
Road Map’

Consult Nagarro + MBIS expertise to decide which software applications
will strategically move your organization further

Benefit from the experience of Nagarro + MBIS to select, prioritize, plan and implement the
appropriate ones among hundreds of software solutions in the market and make sure
your applications portfolio is perfectly built in line with your strategic goals.

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Strategic ‘Applications Road-map’ consultancy

Whether it is the automation of your production, sales, purchasing processes, or the improvement of customer experience, and the implementation of more effective decision-making mechanisms, there are more solutions in the software market than ever before. This raises the critical question: “How can you be sure that you have chosen the right software solutions for your organization to achieve your strategic goals?”

With the experience and expertise gained in the sector over the years, Nagarro + MBIS guides you by providing a strategic road map for the creation, prioritization and deployment of a portfolio of software solutions that will support you to achieve your business goals.

It is possible to list some of the most important questions that senior managers and decision makers ask themselves about software selection as follows:

How can I be sure that the chosen software will support our strategic business goals?

How can I understand that the recommended software will work harmoniously and integrated with all other applications?

Is this software selection made as a result of a single evaluation or with a strategic approach by looking at the big picture?

Is the software selection process made with an objective perspective or is it based on individual or group preferences?

Are we investing in the most economical solutions possible considering the Total Cost of Ownership?

Should we invest in software solution now; has a realistic prioritization been made?

Nagarro + MBIS, with its strategic ‘applications roadmap’ consultancy service, responds to all these questions and eliminates the concerns of organizations..

Evaluating your existing software applications, processes, business goals, strategies, information technology competencies and all other relevant factors by using industry-specific experiences, we determine the most suitable software application portfolio created with a realistic, prioritized, economic, objective and analytical approach and provide you a strategic roadmap for your digital transformation.

Value Propositions of Strategic ‘Applications Road-map’ consultancy

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Applications that work in harmony

Work with applications compatible with each other and without integration problems that will support you to achieve your goals.

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Objective approach in application selection

Determine the applications by putting the strategic goals of your organization at the center, not the personal preferences.

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Strategic prioritization

Strategically determine which application will be implemented in what order; take your steps in the right order.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Make the most economical decisions for you, taking long-term costs of your investment into account.

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Evaluation of the big picture

Consider implementation selection and project planning from a broad perspective; apply an holistic approach.

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Choice of application with future foresight

Create your portfolio by considering future trends; do not make dead investments for applications with no future.

Strategic technology

our strategies are ready, your applications are
selected, projects are about to start. Have you looked
strategically at your technological infrastructure that is
expected to support all this investment?

Nagarro + MBIS enables you to construct the necessary infrastructure for the realization of your
strategic goals by bringing together your technology components at an optimum level,
economically and in accordance with today's and future developments..

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Strategic ‘technology infrastructure’ consultancy

Regardless of which sector they operate in, the technological infrastructure of organizations is extremely critical in achieving their strategic goals. For this reason, decisions regarding technological infrastructure should fully reflect the strategic thinking of each organization and should be taken with an objective approach and common sense. The necessity to have this approach is one of the most important and common messages given by the researches conducted in the last decade.

As a "Technology Architect", Nagarro + MBIS enables you to make the most strategically correct investments by sharing its expertise and experience not only in the field of SAP® and other software solutions but also in the infrastructure components of information technologies.

The most important issues that should be questioned by the
managers responsible for achieving the targets are:

Are we investing in technology with an economically correct model?

Would we have to bear a similar cost to update our current investment in a short time?

Are we implementing the optimum architecture that can be achieved with the investment value?

Will technology components deliver the performance to support our strategic goals?

Have we made an assessment that prioritizes security by evaluating all threats, including cyber attacks?

Should we invest in software solution now; has a realistic prioritization been made?

Are technology components selected individually or with an holistic and strategic approach?

Are we in a neutral attitude in technology investments; How much role do individual or group preferences play in these investment choices?

With Nagarro + MBIS’ strategic technology infrastructure consultancy, it is
possible to say "Yes" to all these questions.

Value Propositions of Strategic ‘Technology Infrastructure’ consultancy

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Scalable infrastructure investment

Easily bring your technology to the desired scale in line with your developing needs without any additional investment.

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'System security first' approach

Identify the systems that provide the highest level of protection against all threats, including cyber attacks increased recently.

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Investment with the right timing

Do not make your investment early and have to bear unnecessary costs; save with the right timing

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Economic investment priority

Take into account all the long-term costs of investing in technology components

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Technology components working in harmony

Make sure that the technological components will work effectively without any problems of integration and compatibility.

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Technology selection with future foresight

Build your technological infrastructure by taking future trends into consideration

Make the most suitable medium and long term investments by using
Nagarro + MBIS' experience by strategically evaluating your processes,
applications and technological infrastructure; secure your
organization's digital future.

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