MBIS Pricing and
Promotions Engine

Take full control of your dynamic, complex and frequent sales price changes in SAP® with MBIS’ special PPE (Pricing and Promotions Engine) solution.

With the multi-layered approval mechanism of MBIS PPE, your sales prices changes and related business operations such as campaigns, promotions and discounts are under control 24/7!

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What is MBIS PPE (Pricing and Promotions Engine)?

MBIS PPE is a special software solution which eliminates the difficulties experienced in making price changes automatically, collectively and with a dynamic pricing logic and makes applying price changes or discounts through an approval workflow within SAP® .

With MBIS PPE your pricing processes run faster and becomes error-free with dynamic, fully configurable approval workflows in your SAP® system. You can create new prices automatically based on the product attributes in bulk with ease, and apply an approval mechanism at different authority levels to activate changes. MBIS’ exclusive solution PPE offers detailed logging for price changes and 24/7 real-time tracking and reporting.

We, as MBIS, with years of SAP® know-how and expertise, help companies streamline their sales pricing processes in SAP® systems with PPE by allowing them making fast, easy and error-free price changes on a single screen and also creating a baseline for measuring their actual sales campaign profitability levels.

Price Change Process with MBIS PPE

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The main functionalities of MBIS PPE

  • Defining approval authorization levels and conditions
  • Defining approvers and establishing the CoA hierarchy
  • Creating price change records with references and base rates by importing from Excel, or through manual entry
  • Submitting price changes for approval
  • Tracking the approval status of pricing records and related information
  • Monitoring price confirmations based on header and item levels via FIORI screens 
  • Approving, returning with notes/feedbacks or rejecting the price changes via FIORI screens
  • Sending notifications automatically during the process via email


MBIS PPE (Pricing and Promotions Engine) allows companies to:

  • Make price changes in a fast, secure, accurate and easy way from a single platform
  • Determine new prices automatically by using base rates
  • Export new prices as bulk from Excel files
  • Run the approval process on FIORI screens
  • Differentiate the approvers dynamically based on selected conditions
  • Record approved price changes accurately and automatically to SAP®
  • Create a baseline for tracking campaign profitabilities.
  • Track price changes real-time 24/7 
  • Automatically log, analyze and report price change details
  • Define ‘exceptions’ to standard approval workflows


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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