SAP® Billing and Revenue
Management Solutions

With Nagarro + MBIS’s consultancy, simplify and standardize complex billing and revenue management processes that come from different sales channels and pricing models. Transform your billing models into subscription and usage-based models.

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Improve your billing and revenue cycles with our expert SAP® consultancy team

SAP BRIM Faturalama olcek

Scalable, flexible, and automated revenue models

Monetize subscription and usage-based business models with agile revenue management and recurring billing capabilities and make the entire process more transparent.

SAP BRIM Faturalama akıllı

Higher automation with intelligent receivables management

Transform your business with “intelligent receivables management” solutions that can help you automate processes that optimize the financial value chain.

SAP BRIM Faturalama nakit

Next-generation cash collection processes

Automate your invoice matching process with machine learning and robotic process automation to support less labor-intensive cash collection.

SAP® Billing and Revenue
Innovation Management
for group reporting

Adapt to the everchanging digital economy with Nagarro + MBIS and leverage
automated billing and revenue management applications

Switch to subscription and usage-based business models with Nagarro + MBIS's know-how on revenue
management consultancy. Make the entire revenue management process more transparent with
scalable, flexible, and highly-automated software for billing and revenue management.

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Take your business models to the next level with the SAP® Billing and
Revenue Innovation Management solution, supported with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy

SAP BRIM Faturalama model

Transform your business model

Offer your customers outcomes based on subscriptions and real-time usage-based services, while supporting revenue-sharing models across your extended ecosystem.

SAP BRIM Faturalama iş

Operationalize your business model with greater ease

Enable any variant or .combination of prepaid and pay-as-you-go business models with rules-based, intelligent automation of invoicing and accounting processes.

SAP BRIM Faturalama model olcek

Scale your business models

Enable continuous financial operations without any interruption by establishing scalable systems according to increasing subscriber usage data.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP BRIM Faturalama abone

Subscription-based order management

Manage subscription orders to ensure delivery and billing accuracy. Automize contract changes, renewals, extensions, and billing cycles. Manage master agreements, including invoicing hierarchies, specialized catalogs, and shared credit.

SAP BRIM Faturalama kullanim

Collection, enrichment, and management of usage events

Capture, streamline, and consolidate usage and event data for pricing and charging. Support growing volumes of usage data with unlimited scalability.

SAP BRIM Faturalama iş

Agile charging supporting your business models

Design customer-centric, subscription, and usage-based pricing models such as revenue sharing. Simplify the creation, management, and execution of allowances and entitlements Allow seamless integration across your current digital environment with flexible APIs.

SAP BRIM Faturalama hizmet

Consolidated invoicing for all services

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costly questions with clear and accurate invoicing. Unify billing information from various areas and partners into a single, clear summary. Tailor services and pricing with comprehensive invoice-level discounting capabilities.

SAP BRIM Faturalama esnek

Flexible document management

Easily create and personalize business communications in both digital and hard copy formats. Customize messaging and formats for bank statements, invoices, and receipts. Provide self-service document management that doesn’t require any IT support.

SAP BRIM Faturalama kapsam

Comprehensive customer financial management

Manage revenue flow with intelligent, highly automated receivables and payments handling. Give your agents a full view of financial customer data. Provide better, more personalized support for sophisticated credit and collections.

SAP® S/4HANA for Receivables

Improve the speed and accuracy of accounts receivable by
switching to integrated intelligent finance applications with Nagarro + MBIS.

Optimize cash collection and payment visibility with Nagarro + MBIS’s experienced consultants on
receivables management. Monitor receivables in real-time to respond to fluctuating market
dynamics, identify risky accounts and improve financial health.

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Maximize your receivables management performance with our
SAP® S/4HANA for Receivables Management expertise.

SAP BRIM Faturalama entegre

Optimize working capital with integrated processes

Manage past-due accounts efficiently by tracking customer receivables that are ageing to reduce days sales outstanding and improve cash flow.

SAP BRIM Faturalama operasyon

Enhance operational efficiency

Automate processes for credit evaluation, cash collection, and dispute resolution. Focus on high value-added operations.

SAP BRIM Faturalama yuksek

Deliver high-quality customer experiences

Provide real-time data on customer balances to your sales teams along with providing intuitive self-services to increase transparency for your customers.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP BRIM Faturalama nakde

Seamless order-to-cash process automation

Enable straight-through processing of transactions across the ecosystem. Save time by eliminating repetitive and manual activities. Build a foundation for machine learning and other intelligent technologies.

SAP BRIM Faturalama alacaklar

A unified view of customer receivables

Singularize the cross-system view of customers, considering risk and return. Create proactive management of cash collection by triggering and monitoring customer-facing activities. Gain a single view of customer receivables and provide up-to-date statuses.

SAP BRIM Faturalama iyilestirilmis

Improved dispute resolution and customer service

Resolve disputes faster using workflow tools to reduce days sales outstanding and increase liquidity. Identify root causes of customer disputes to fix business processes and reduce the number of future disputes.

SAP® Cash Application

Automize incoming bills and payments processes with machine learning

Focus on developing innovative strategies and growth plans with cash management processes
that you will create with Nagarro + MBIS’s expertise. Automate financial value chain optimizations
to increase account receivable management’s efficiency, accelerate the processing of incoming
payments to reduce days sales outstanding and improve customer collaboration.

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Leverage Nagarro + MBIS’s expertise to implement the SAP® Cash Application successfully

SAP BRIM Faturalama makine

Lower days sales outstanding with machine learning

Accelerate the processing of incoming payments to reduce days sales outstanding and improve customer service.

SAP BRIM Faturalama toplam

Reduce total cost of ownership and time to value

Adapt to change automatically by gaining insights with machine learning capabilities, using the data that will generate as you match customer- and country-specific receivables.

SAP BRIM Faturalama işletme

Scale as your business grows

Take advantage of the matching capability of machine learning, as standard rules change and historical data increases.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP BRIM Faturalama alacak

Gain flexibility in the receivable matching process

Schedule receivables processing as a single run or recurrent job. Easily match open items and customers. Take advantage of the automatic posting.

SAP BRIM Faturalama otomasyon

Increase automation with machine learning

Learn continuously from accountant behavior by using machine learning and apply it to future payments. Automate and improve the accuracy of the labor-intensive and repetitive clearing process

SAP BRIM Faturalama basit

Simplified scanning

Classify regions on documents intelligently. Identify relevant information. Benefit from automated matching payments to invoices.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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