SAP® Supply Chain

Delivering products and materials to customers quickly and efficiently has become as important as the cost factor. By taking advantage of sector-based SAP® logistics consultancy offered by Nagarro + MBIS, you can keep up with today's the supply chain requirements with efficient warehouse and transportation management that simplifies your complex processes.

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Integrate every step of supply chain logistics with Nagarro + MBIS.

SAP EWM lojistik depo

Lower your warehousing costs

Decrease your costs by maximizing the utilization of resources such as equipment, space, time and labour.

SAP EWM lojistik uyum

Strengthen you compliance

Comply with international regulations on international trade transactions and sustainability

SAP EWM lojistik esnek

Improve your scalability and flexibility

Make your logistics processes more flexible and apply to automation to run high-volume operations smoothly.

SAP® Extended Warehouse

For the transition to SAP® 's advanced warehouse management
application, choose Nagarro + MBIS' expertise.

Integrating complex supply chain logistics with your high volume warehouse and
distribution processes provides a high level of visibility and control. With the
experience of Nagarro + MBIS gained from many from SAP® logistics projects, optimize inventory
tracking, cross docking, distribution operations and other advanced warehouse
applications in real time.

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Adapt your warehouse and distribution center processes
to best practices with the SAP® Extended Warehouse Management solution.

SAP EWM lojistik şeffaf

Improve transparency

Gain advanced visibility and monitoring capability in tracking stocks, operating processes, workforce utilization and warehouse automation.

SAP EWM lojistik hızmet

Provide better services

Improve your service levels, including order lead times, and deliver modern, value-added services to your customers.

SAP EWM lojistik üretken

Increase productivity and accuracy

Standardize processes and procedures, reduce errors and improve inventory accuracy.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP EWM lojistik kabul

Goods receiving

Optimize your goods receiving process. Accept invoices directly from production. Carry out quality control procedures. Control and improve the efficiency of your warehouse processes.

SAP EWM lojistik depo 2

Warehousing process controls

Streamline physical inventory management and warehouse stocktaking. Take control of the conditions of material handling equipment. Manage 'kit creation' operations on behalf of your customers.

SAP EWM lojistik gönderim

Shipment processes

Optimize warehouse orders. Maintain control over packaging processes. Plan your picking / packing / shipping activities in two stages. Take advantage of augmented reality and voice recognition technologies in the product picking process.

SAP® Transportation

Manage your complex shipping processes with SAP® 's smart systems.

Accurately estimate demand and shipping volumes maximizing the return on your shipping
expenses. Develop your freight, fleet and logistics management with Nagarro + MBIS to gain
real-time visibility into your national and international shipping operations in
land, air, sea and all transportation modes.

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Redesign your future transportation processes today with SAP® Transportation Management solution

SAP EWM lojistik süreç

Standardize your logistics processes and operations

Create a consistent and effective logistics experience by centralizing data management with a common platform that is easy to integrate, extend, deploy, and access.

SAP EWM lojistik maliyet

Reduce your costs

Make lower expenses and reduce your costs for electronic monitoring, cross-system document flow, freight consolidation and overheads.

SAP EWM lojistik yük

Improve your cash flow for freight transportation

Identify costs accurately, reduce unplanned overcharges and eliminate billing errors by automating accrual creation, auditing and fee tracking

Technical and Functional Features

SAP EWM lojistik stratejik

Strategic freight-fee management

Optimize freight fees using an advanced freight management system that reduces costs and measures shipper and trade agreement compliance.

SAP EWM lojistik sipariş

Order management

Minimize freight costs and improve your customer service by increasing the efficiency of your order processes and creating dynamically optimized, rule-based routing recommendations

SAP EWM lojistik ulaşım

Transportation planning

Improve resource utilization and carrier selection with automated planning processes, while reducing shipping costs and ensuring timely delivery.

SAP EWM lojistik taşıma


Reduce shipping costs, perform your logistics activities faster and more dynamically by improving your cargo processes and providing efficiency at the highest level.

SAP EWM lojistik navlun

Shipping costing and payment

Increase the accuracy and traceability of your shipping cost and invoices to automate freight calculations and integrate shipping management and billing data.

SAP EWM lojistik analiz

Analysis and reporting

Generate reports that enable efficient collaboration among your logistics partners, allowing you to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

SAP® Logistics
Business Network

With Nagarro + MBIS, build your inter-company logistics processes on
SAP® systems that enable collaboration

Create a fully integrated logistics network with your business partners for intercompany
collaboration and insights. Build a central SAP® system with Nagarro + MBIS to manage logistics
operations, exchange documents with key business partners, and gain traceability throughout
the entire value chain.

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Manage your logistics network perfectly with SAP® Logistics Business Network.

SAP EWM lojistik iş

Improve collaboration

Collaborate with many stakeholders on an open logistics network that is tightly integrated with your business processes.

SAP EWM lojistik doğru

Make the right decisions

Use real-time information and insights to drive accurate decisions and improve logistics collaboration.

SAP EWM lojistik değer

Reduce the cost of integrating your value chain

Apply shared communication standards and digitize them completely in your logistics process network.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP EWM lojistik yük 2

Freight logistics collaboration

Support your transporters to collaborate with third party logistics providers. Manage transport operations together and share insights along the value chain. Control the entire freight order lifecycle end-to-end.

SAP EWM lojistik izleme

Monitoring and tracking

Monitor your purchasing, sales and delivery processes closely. Avoid unnecessary costs by informing relevant stakeholders of deviations from the plan. Provide traceability of your products in transit to optimize your logistics supply chain.

SAP EWM lojistik malzeme

Material traceability

Gain end-to-end, multi-component and detailed traceability of materials and trace the movements of materials from the raw material source to the finished product. Provide cross-company alerts to facilitate recalls.

SAP® Yard

Optimize all operations at your loading
points with Nagarro + MBIS

SAP® Yard Logistics enables you to maximize your visibility across all your load point
processes so you can optimize resource utilization and support planning, execution
and billing through a single system. By using Nagarro + MBIS expertise, you can ensure that
products and services are brought to market faster, you can identify potential
problems with foresight, avoid them and improve your customer service.

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Nagarro + MBIS makes life easier for you with SAP® Yard Logistics solution.

SAP EWM lojistik görünür

Increase the visibility of your processes

Gain insights that will allow you to identify potential problems at loading points to get your products to market faster.

SAP EWM lojistik giriş

Speed ​​in and out processes

Increase loading point efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in transaction times and personnel requirements.

SAP EWM lojistik varlık

Use assets and spaces more efficiently

Improve the efficiency of your existing equipment to reduce your overall need for additional resources.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP EWM lojistik sipariş

Order, planning and check-in

Improve your resource utilization to reduce idle time and avoid waste. Plan inbound and outbound transportation more effectively with better system support and collaboration with carriers. Manage the entry and exit processes efficiently with integrated and automated processes.

SAP EWM lojistik yukleme

Loading point operations

Shorten the time to execute activities to increase efficiency of field operations. Manage processes and employees intelligently and effectively with mobile and comprehensive planning capabilities.

SAP EWM lojistik entegrasyon

Integration capabilities and monitoring

Use comprehensive dashboards to identify, prevent and solve potential problems with insights. Manage related processes end-to-end by integrating supply chain management software into the cloud. Reduce manual work in field operations with automatic capture and analysis of high quality data.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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