Nagarro + MBIS Supplier WEGA

Offer your suppliers a much more effective collaboration platform with the Nagarro + MBIS Supplier WEGA solution.

With the Nagarro + MBIS Supplier WEGA portal, which allows you to carry out your order, shipment, delivery, goods acceptance, and invoicing processes in cooperation with your suppliers and to follow all the details together with rich reporting tools, you can perform your supplier management in the most effective way.

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What is Supplier WEGA?

Collaborating with suppliers reliably on all aspects of the purchasing cycle, including orders, schedules and invoices, is a key success factor in the digital age.

For this reason, there are many advantages of a supplier portal with direct integration into your ERP and decision support systems, meeting your needs in the best way and enabling you to work with corporate standards that suit you.

Supplier WEGA is a multi-langual collaborative supplier portal solution developed by Nagarro + MBIS R&D Center that enables management of proposals, contracts, delivery and invoicing processes for suppliers as well as sharing news, announcements, reports and documents.

Supplier WEGA main functionalities

  • Creating Request for Proposal and sending notifications to suppliers
  • Suppliers can submit proposals in response to their respective requests; adding documents to proposals
  • Making announcements to suppliers; the ability to send a warning or notice to a group or specific supplier; the ability to organize simple surveys; sharing documents with suppliers
  • Ability to make data transfers from the SAP® system in specified periods or instantly in case of need via «job»
  • Viewing of purchase orders entered in SAP® by the relevant supplier
  • The ability of the supplier to list, control and arrange purchase orders
  • Suppliers can approve purchase orders sent to them
  • Making contracts with suppliers (quantity or amount based) and tracking contract balances
  • Suppliers can issue a shipping document; adding attachments to shipping documents
  • Delivery and invoicing lists can be taken from the system
  • Suppliers can issue their own invoices through the system
  • Ability to send notifications and warnings to suppliers
  • Delivery and packaging documents (shipping form, barcode pallet label etc.) can be printed within the system
  • EDI support
  • Delivery receipt confirmation
  • Suppliers can send product and price lists, new product information and new contact forms
  • Creating additional fields for master data transferred from SAP®
  • Customization of the application frontend using corporate color codes, logos and similar visuals
  • Turkish and English language support by default; adding new languages is also possible
  • Ability to export reports in MS Excel format

Supplier WEGA and SAP®

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Standard reports of Supplier WEGA


  • Product and price list
  • Contract list
  • List of requests for proposals
  • Proposal list
  • Orders list
  • Open items to order
  • Uninvoiced orders

Shipment and delivery

  • Order shipping list
  • Delivery list
  • Received delivery list
  • Shipment Plans

Performance evaluation

  • PPM report (parts per million)
  • Supplier evaluation result report
  • Shipment performance report
  • Goods receiving quality control result report
  • Warning list


  • Current account report
  • Open accounts
  • Reconciliation Items
  • Balance statements
  • Unbilled Orders
  • Invoice List

Sharing information on Supplier WEGA


  • Notifications can be sent to all, a group or a specific supplier
  • The validity periods and severity levels for the notifications are configurable.
  • Important alerts are shown in red and with pop up when the supplier logs in. The popup continues to appear until it is marked as read.


  • Surveys for gathering information from suppliers can be defined and displayed on the site home page.
  • Survey results are recorded and reported.


  • Announcement can be made to all, a group or a specific supplier
  • The validity periods for the announcements are configurable.

Document sharing

  • Mandatory documents that are required from the suppliers can be shared.
  • The procedures to be followed can be reached by the suppliers.
  • Documents samples and templates required for proposals, technical drawings, barcode formats can be shown with Supplier WEGA.
  • Documents can be uploaded for all, a group or a specific supplier

Technical features of Supplier WEGA

With Nagarro + MBIS Supplier WEGA, you can make special arrangements for your suppliers, manage your documents effectively and perform supplier management more easily by organizing your work with a flexible structure.

Enriching master data

Additional fields can be created for master data exported to Supplier WEGA. (Such as thumbnail for items, salesperson email for customers.)


Supplier WEGA allows the application frontend to be customized using the customer's color codes, logo and similar images.

Data transfer

In Supplier WEGA, the desired frequency can be defined for the main data transfers from SAP® , as well as individual on-demand ones.

Language options

Although Supplier WEGA comes with Turkish and English language support, it also allows defining different languages with dictionary usage.


With SAP® integration, it enables purchasing departments to work more productively, save time and minimize human errors.

Authorization management

Nagarro + MBIS Supplier WEGA allows defining user and system administration roles.

Document management

Provides effective document [sharing] management, which is one of the most important issues in the supplier management process.

User-friendly interface

Supplier WEGA screens are designed and optimized to enable users to work effectively.

Technical architecture of Supplier WEGA

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Why Supplier WEGA?

Process standardization

By ensuring that suppliers comply with certain standards of your organization, it helps to create a quality supplier portfolio and thus to perform your work more systematically, regularly and with minimum error.

Cost and time savings

With Supplier WEGA, gains such as manual repetitive work becoming automated, minimizing errors, needing less labor, and reducing the use of stationery are reflected in cost and time savings for companies and suppliers.

Operational productivity

Supplier WEGA provides a significant increase in operational efficiency thanks to the automation of processes such as ordering, reporting, making announcements, information sharing and implementation of standards that otherwise take days to complete.


Thanks to Supplier WEGA's advanced integration architecturee, you can easily integrate it with your ERP software, including SAP® ECC and S/4HANA, and manage all your interactions with your suppliers on a single centralized platform.

Better planning

The shipment and other information entered by the suppliers enable better planning of production and goods receiving processes, thus preventing bad surprises that may occur in the supply chain.

The Nagarro + MBIS experience

Experienced consultants of Nagarro + MBIS, which has signed hundreds of successful projects since 2000, offer the know-how and guidance that will enable you to get ahead of the competition.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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