Employee Experience
Management Solutions

Gather employee experience data across the entire employee lifecycle and reveal personal insights based on employee feedback and predictions with MBIS' experienced SAP® human resources consulting team. Empower your HR leaders and managers to act quickly on these insights.

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Explore SAP® solutions that will increase your employee engagement, motivation and job satisfaction with MBIS consultancy.

Flexible survey creation

Access best-practice engagement surveys or create your own with the flexible survey builder.

Tailored data exports

Provide real-time access to employee feedback.

Event-based triggers

Optimize your onboarding process with feedback and insights from new recruits and automatically gather feedback from employees who have left.

Role-based dashboards and reporting

Empower your leaders and managers with personalized dashboards mapped to your organization’s structure.

Built-in, customizable impact reports

Know where to focus and what actions to take for employee productivity by ensuring employee engagement.

360-degree feedback

Improve your HR management and evaluate your employees' performance holistically with feedback from multiple evaluators.

SAP® Qualtrics
Employee Engagement

Activate the key drivers of employee engagement with MBIS consultancy

Determine the workforce experience, engagement, and productivity
factors so that your HR leaders and managers can act in real-time.
Conduct statistical analysis to predict impact factors such as company
benefits or manager-employee relationships.

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Take employee engagement to another level with SAP® Qualtrics Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement organization-wide

Pinpoint experience, engagement, and productivity drivers so you can act in real time to create a world-class culture.

Empower your managers’ decisions

Enable your leaders and managers to make efficient decisions with personalized dashboards that are mapped to your organization’s hierarchy.

Take actions with data and built-in action planning

Identify the actions needed to improve the employee experience and support managers with built-in guided action planning.

Technical and Functional Features

Root cause analysis

Discover the root causes and respond to trending issues in real-time. Analyze and understand the “why” behind employee engagement. Automate a previously time-consuming process with minimal demand on resources.

Accessible dashboards

Utilize role-based dashboards that are hierarchical and permission-based and updated in real-time. Determine levels of access for various user groups, while maintaining the established anonymity threshold.

Guided action planning

Provide managers with customized actions to take in each focus area to drive improvements in their teams. Allow HR managers to view the progress of the guided action planning of the department managers.

EmployeeXM for IT

Provide your employees with the next-level IT
experience with MBIS consultancy

Offer exceptional technology experiences throughout your organization
from sales to production, purchasing to finance, for increased
performance and job satisfaction.

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Facilitate employee experience with SAP® Qualtrics EmployeeXM for IT

Understand the employee technology experience

Utilize data to understand which technology and tools increase employee productivity and enablement.

Ensure new implementations meet employee needs

Monitor feedback throughout internal IT projects and gather insight from the teams responsible for the implementation and the employees impacted by it.

Determine IT projects

Benefit from employee insights to determine which areas to make strategic IT investments for the future.

Technical and Functional Features

Key driver analysis

Pinpoint priority areas for improving everyday technology experiences. Use insight to reveal opportunities that improve productivity and job enablement.

Configurable employee survey

Understand pre-and post-implementation sentiment of your IT projects. Perform outreach to a subset of employees affected by the project.

Digital intercepts and ticketing

Identify the employees that are affected by the experiences to gain insight into their technology experience and plan improvement strategies.

SAP® Qualtrics
Employee Lifecycle

Ensure constant communication with your employees and measure your
employee experiences continuously with MBIS expertise.

Deploy the right technology with MBIS to gain real-time insights about the
orientation and training requirements of your employees. Pinpoint the factors
you need to focus on in order to retain your top performers.

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Improve employee adaptation with SAP® Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle.

Optimize your onboarding process

Speed up your new employees’ adaptation process and increase their productivity.

RGet alerts

Receive real-time alerts for your employees who lose motivation and risk leaving their jobs throughout the employee lifecycle.

Understand why your top performers leave

Gain insight through exit surveys to retain your top performers.

Technical and Functional Features

Statistical key driver analysis

Use key driver analysis to prioritize actions with the biggest impact on key metrics like ramp time and productivity.

Preconfigured role-based dashboards

Get your dashboards up and running in a matter of minutes by choosing best-practice templates that meet your business needs.

Embedded and tailored reports

Combine onboarding and exit feedback with other key touch points to understand the impacts throughout the employee lifecycle.

SAP® Qualtrics 360°

Design your 360-degree employee feedback system with MBIS.

With MBIS, it is possible to increase your employees’ and managers’
performances through 360-degree multi-rater feedback. Help employees
know exactly where to focus to improve themselves through qualitative
and quantitative evaluations.

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Enable the holistic development of your employees with SAP® Qualtrics 360 Feedback.

Provide insight into strengths and opportunities

Empower leaders with a seamless stream of qualitative development feedback and show them how they can become better leaders and navigate career success.

Scale employee development feedback

Enable talent management leaders to make informed decisions around career planning, promotions, and succession processes with the right insights.

Provide managers and HR teams the tools they need

Help managers and HR business planners design and launch leadership, learning, and employee development programs by providing them with rich, qualitative data.

Technical and Functional Features

Expertise and services

Kick-start your program with a leadership development starter kit, which provides pre-built questions and reports. Support continual program development through best practices.

Configurable employee survey

Enable admins to customize rater selection and manage report viewing permissions. Provide employee feedback relevant to employees’ roles and development plans. Select which reports are accessible by managers with built-in confidentiality features.

Personalized and actionable reporting

Enable managers to measure and analyze data faster. Leverage gap analytics, evaluator group comparison charts, and open text feedback. Link to customized resources, such as your learning management system or tailored online training in your reports.

SAP® Qualtrics Employee
Benefits Optimizer

Deploy employee benefits packages that boost productivity with MBIS.

Implement SAP® Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer with MBIS consultancy,
design your benefits packages in a way that enables you to attract top-quality
employees and get ahead in the highly competitive labour market

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Streamline your employee benefits processes with MBIS

Design the optimal benefits package

Gather and use employee input when designing benefits packages to increase employee satisfaction.

Make decisions based on data

Find out the revisions your employees want in their ongoing benefits packages through surveys and analysis.

Gain instant clarity on employee benefits packages

Empower HR managers to gain instant clarity on the most impactful and optimal packages with guided workflow and real-time conjoint analysis capabilities.

Technical and Functional Features

Design the optimal benefits package

Gather and use employee input when designing benefits packages to increase employee satisfaction.

Make decisions based on data

Find out the revisions your employees want in their ongoing benefits packages through surveys and analysis.

Gain instant clarity on employee benefits packages

Empower HR managers to gain instant clarity on the most impactful and optimal packages with guided workflow and real-time conjoint analysis capabilities.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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