MBIS Customer WEGA

Offer your B2B customers and dealers a much more efficient collaboration platform with MBIS Customer WEGA.

An ideal portal solution for companies that want to receive orders from dealers or B2B customers from a single platform, centrally manage communications and information sharing, and perform dealer management in a systematic and traceable manner: MBIS Customer WEGA

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What is Customer WEGA?

The requirement of doing business digitally is increasing for customers, dealers and distributors.

While 'traditional' customer service still maintains its importance, today, people request to do their own product research and B2B purchases in digital environment quickly without human intervention and the ability to access product information, financial data, support communities, and other important information via the devices of their choice.

In today's competitive environment, it has become almost inevitable to offer B2B customers and dealers a collaborative platform where they don't have to write long e-Mails or pick up the phone for every interaction.

Customer WEGA is a powerful multi-lingual portal solution of MBIS which is fully integrated with SAP or non-SAP systems, enabling dealers and B2B customers issuing sales orders, tracking invoices, deliveries and current accounts; where news, announcements and documents can be shared and used over the cloud or with on-premise deployment.

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The basic functions of Customer WEGA

  • Dealers and customers can enter their orders and automatically transfer these orders to the SAP system
  • Periodic or on-demand instant data transfer from SAP systems
  • Making announcements and sending notifications to customers;
  • Organizing simple surveys; sharing documents with customers
  • Selecting the products to be ordered (A)  by using advanced search capabilities using keywords, (B) choosing from material categories or (C) transferring data from MS Excel
  • 'Quick Order' functionality for the same orders that are placed frequently
  • If a frame contract is in place for the relevant customers in the SAP system, ensuring that the products can be ordered covered within the this contract.
  • Ability to work with the "shopping cart" method in order entry
  • During order entry, the material sales prices are brought instantly from SAP by applying discounts defined for the dealer or customer.
  • Creating a customers group and restricting the products that can be ordered for this group only
  • Creating additional fields to master data transferred from SAP
  • Before the order is finally transmitted to the system, it can be viewed and passed through an approval process
  • Logging into the system as a dealer user and performing transactions on behalf of the dealer (Ghost User)
  • Customization of the application frontend using corporate color codes, logos and images
  • Listing products according to the variant configuration defined in SAP
  • Informing customers and company officials via e-mail after order confirmation
  • Defining user roles and managing system access through these roles
  • Invoice, Order, Delivery, Current Account and Offer List reports on a detailed and summary basis
  • Ability to create a Quotation Request for the customer or dealer and print out in PDF file format
  • Automatic similar products offering related to the selected products in the shopping cart during the ordering phase
  • Defining the banners desired to be seen by customers on the main screen, showing them in the determined order and managing them
  • Defining different content and visuals for different languages based on the products
  • Customers can upload general-purpose or order-specific documents
  • The user authorizaton structure that allows the orderer, the recipient and the payers to be different
  • Responsive screens that can be used from any mobile device
  • Turkish and English languages support, ability to add new languages
  • Ability to export reports in MS Excel format
  • Admin Panel where technical management related to Customer WEGA software can be performed

The technical features of Customer WEGA

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Quick order entry

Customer WEGA uses the concept of Registered Order to facilitate the entry of regular or similar orders.

Mobile compatibility

Customer WEGA has been designed and developed for responsive use; screens work perfectly on mobile devices.


Customer WEGA enables the customization of the application frontend using corporate color codes, logos and images.

Target Group

Customer WEGA allows creating groups for designated dealers and defining products that can be ordered for this group.

Use of contract

In Customer WEGA, if a contract has been defined for the dealer in SAP, it is only allowed to enter orders for the products in the contract.

Approval process

The approval process can be operated for order entry and acceptance in Customer WEGA.

User-friendly interface

Customer WEGA screens are designed and optimized to ensure that users can work quickly and effectively.

Language options

Customer WEGA comes with Turkish and English standard languages, but also allows adding different languages.

Data transfer

In Customer WEGA, the desired frequency can be defined for master data transfers from SAP, as well as individual instant transfers.

Master data customization

Additional fields can be created for master data transferred to Customer WEGA. (Such as thumbnails for materials, salesperson emails for customers.)

Why Customer WEGA?

Revenue and profitability increase

Customer WEGA can helps organizations to indirectly increase their revenue by making announcements, promotions, sending campaign notifications from a single point, avoiding skipping products during orders.

Cost and time savings

With Customer WEGA, manual repetitive works become automated, errors are minimized, less labor is required, and stationery use is reduced, which reflect as cost savings to companies and dealers.

Customer satisfaction

Customer WEGA plays a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction levels by enabling the dealers to manage their businesses much more effectivelly with the help of rapid and easy order placement and the detailed reporting functionalities.


Thanks to the advanced integration infrastructure of Customer WEGA, you can easily integrate with your ERP software, including but not limited to SAP ECC and S/4HANA, and you will have the opportunity to perform all your interactions with your dealers and B2B customers on a singlecentralized platform.

Operational productivity

Customer WEGA provides companies with a significant increase in operational efficiency by automating processes such as taking orders, sending reports, making campaigns and announcements, which takes days when processed through manual methods.

The MBIS experience

Experienced consultants of MBIS, which have accomplished hundreds of successful projects since 2000, offer the know-how and guidance that will enable you to get ahead of the competition.

Customer Testimonials

How do we support your business growth?

Çimsa, CIO
We have completed the Personal Data Protection (KVK) part of our Digital Transformation journey, which we have executed based on our strategic partnership with SAP, using the PDP (Personal Data Protector) solution. By adopting SAP's know-how and best practices in Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), we have successfully managed to greatly meet legal compliance requirements by ensuring the protection of personal data in our ecosystem and the central management of related processes.
Mesut CAN
AGT, Project Manager
We transformed AGT's digital core! Despite the pandemic, we converted our ECC system, integrated with more than 10 satellite systems, to S/4HANA within 4 months with the MBIS's experienced team and the Springfield methodology. As a result of our project, which we executed in accordance with PMI standards and where we integrated an agile approach, our Information Systems infrastructure is simplified, accelerated, updated, and ready for new technologies. Our analytic management reflexes have improved. We would like to thank MBIS with which we have carried out successful projects together.
Kadir Sakarya
Sepaş, Information Technologies Manager
We consider SAP as an engine that supports our mission and strategy within the cement industry. It is an essential resource with its flexibility in developing digital solutions, easy integration and fast adaptation to changing business processes in the cement industry. MBIS, an SAP consultancy company with strong know-how and great responsiveness to our ever changing business needs, has become an important solution partner in our innovation journey.
Emre Karabulut
Medcem, Information Technologies Manager
We consider SAP as an engine that supports our mission and strategy within the cement industry. It is an essential resource with its flexibility in developing digital solutions, easy integration and fast adaptation to changing business processes in the cement industry. MBIS, an SAP consultancy company with strong know-how and great responsiveness to our ever changing business needs, has become an important solution partner in our innovation journey.
Aylin Güvener
AGT, Sales and Marketing Process Manager
We increased our customer satisfaction by working in cooperation with our distributors using Customer WEGA, the B2B customer portal of MBIS. Thanks to the improvements and customizations made for our needs on the portal, we can respond to the needs of our customers faster. We would like to thank MBIS for their professional and business-oriented approach during the implementation and development stages of Customer WEGA, contributing to our operational efficiency and improving our communication with our distributors
AGT, Business Applications Manager
We have always felt safe since we have started benefiting from MBIS's Professional Support Services. Thanks to the fast and effective solutions that the MBIS's expert team offers, we have increased the satisfaction of internal customers that use our business applications. We thank MBIS for its devoted work and hope to work together for many years.
Sinan Karacoğlan
Doğu Pres, IT Manager
We have been working with MBIS for pretty long time. After our SAP S/4HANA project went live successfully with MBIS, we immediately started benefiting from the advantages of MBIS’ Professional Application Support Services as well. MBIS greatly meet our support needs really fast with their solution-oriented expert teams. We would like to sincerely thank MBIS and looking forward to working together many more years.
Alper Nantu
Hasçelik, IT SAP Responsible & Developer
In an industrial factory runs 24 hours, it’s beneficial to have real-time monitoring for critical systems like SAP. I follow every authorization changes, important SAP jobs and performance inconsistencies easily with System Guard and acting accordingly
İlker Özer
Tadım, IT Director
We have been using the Professional Application Support Services of MBIS since 2016. Thanks to the rapid responses of MBIS' solution-oriented specialists to our requests, we have managed to increase our user satisfaction and flexibility while avoiding the disruptions in our daily operations. We would like to thank MBIS and looking forward to working together for many more years.


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