Migrate your ERP processes to the cloud according to your own needs and pace.
Access the best solutions from SAP with a single package that is tailored to your
specific goals and challenges.

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Our e-Book can help you to decide which S/4HANA migration approach is more suitable for your organization

You want to move to S/4HANA as soon as possible in order to adapt to today's challenging business conditions, however, you may be feeling serious worries considering the duration, cost and effects of this transition that will disrupt the ongoing operations. Put your worries aside and meet Springfield,: Nagarro + MBIS's proprietary methodology that has been specially developed and successfully implemented to date, and convert your SAP® system to S/4HANA in weeks.


Unleash the real power of
your Sales Team with
SAP® Sales Cloud !

Empower your sales team with
SAP® Sales Cloud by allowing them to
use every single piece of information
needed super fast, anytime, anywhere to WIN.

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Nagarro + MBIS, which is the first and one of the top SAP® Gold Partners in Turkey with over
20 years of experience, helps you:

transform your technology and processes to the latest SAP® platforms
run your SAP® systems effectively
overcome your toughest SAP® challenges

Implement SAP® Analytics Cloud
with Nagarro + MBIS expertise

You can implement correct and effective strategies only with
reliable decision support systems.

SAP® Analytics Cloud (SAC) planning, reporting and forecasting solutions
enable businesses to make end-to-end and accurate decisions in a wide
range of business areas, from financial planning to sales and marketing.

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Encrypt and anonymize
sensitive personal data in
SAP® systems, in compliance
with GDPR.

With Nagarro + MBIS dera (discover, encrypt, redact, anonymize), automatically discover
personal data fields; encrypt sensitive personal data during retention period; dynamically
and permanently anonymize (redact) personal data in SAP® and SQL based non-SAP®
systems at the database level with certain rules, conditions and methods and ensure
your compliance with GDPR regulations.

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Take your data privacy and security
for SAP® to the next level with
the Nagarro + MBIS’ Field Based
Authorization (aura) solution

With aura (attribute-based access control for SAP® ) solution, specially developed in Nagarro + MBIS' R&D;
Center, you can manage your user authorizations at data field level in your SAP® systems.

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