SAP® Service Solutions

To improve productivity and effectiveness of your service teams and provide your customers with an excellent service experience, adopt SAP® ’s for omnichannel support, 360-degree customer view and smart request management capabilities with Nagarro + MBIS expertise.

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With Nagarro + MBIS consultancy, improve customer experience by better managing the services you offer.

Improve your productivity by taking the right steps

Increase the productivity of your customer service teams with smart technologies while reducing the support requests you need to respond with self-service options.

Provide solutions for your customers faster

Provide great service experiences through processing customer requests in your contact center and in the field.

Increase effectiveness of your customer service agents

Support your service representatives to resolve problems quickly with 360-degree view and comprehensive customer data.

SAP® Service

Make your services the center of the customer
experience with Nagarro + MBIS

SAP® Service Cloud helps you deliver great customer experiences every time with
self-service tools, responsive contact centers, and reliable support in the field.
By implementing the SAP® Service Cloud solution with Nagarro + MBIS' consultancy team, provide
customized service experiences to your customers and provide fast solutions in all
your service channels.

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SAP® Service Cloud solution makes life easier for you and your customers.

Provide hassle-free multi-channel services

Manage all customer requests on the same interface with a 360-degree customer view and provide a seamless experience across all customer communication channels.

Solve customer problems quickly

Speed ​​up call classification and resolution with machine learning, and empower your agents with the tools and data they need to excel in their business.

Lower customer service costs

Increase the efficiency of customer service processes by automating routine tasks and reducing average processing times with machine learning.

Technical and Functional Features

Integrated communication channels

Manage all customer requests in the same interface for a consistent experience. Serve your customers through chatbot, phone, chat, SMS, e-mail and social channels. Increase your service speed with automatic customer creation, screen identification and smart guidance.

Support request management

Create support requests manually or triggered by email messages, chat, SMS, portal or social media channels. Efficiently dispatch and resolve support requests efficiently with comprehensive request creation tools.

Service analytics

Monitor and improve service performance with ready-to-use reports and analysis tools. Customize your reports regarding employee workload, call completion rate, SLAs and other relevant metrics with real-time analysis capabilities.

Training management

Streamline the adaptation process for new service representatives with visual training tools. Always keep your representatives up to date with customized learning methods and instant training.

Integration with sales, marketing and e-Commerce

Add sales capabilities to your service solutions. Break down silo-shaped information sets and simplify transactions between departments while providing a complete view of your customers.

Solution suggestions

Get recommendations generated with machine learning capabilities to find the most relevant solutions to incoming service requests. Shorten average resolution times and reduce problems. Increase the productivity of your service teams and strengthen employee engagement.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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