SAP® Strategic
Sourcing Solutions

Get the necessary strategic procurement solutions with SAP® Ariba to negotiate sustainable savings in supply deals. Deploy strategic procurement solutions created with functional tools, expertise and knowledge, connected to a strong supplier network, with Nagarro + MBIS consultancy.

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Optimize your procurement costs, manage risks and ensure that the savings you planned are
fully realized by using Nagarro + MBIS' specialized consulting services.

Advanced negotiation and supplier selection

Save costs by enhancing your negotiation capabilities with your entire portfolio of suppliers while selecting suppliers with detailed insights.

Best practices guide

Benefit from the best business practices catalog offered by SAP® Ariba for strategic procurement processes.

Enriched supplier data

Extend supplier information and protect against risk with the insights of Dun & Bradstreet while finding supply opportunities.

Competitive cost reduction

Reduce the average spend on your projects by taking advantage of competitive offers provided by new suppliers.


Use what-if analysis to see the changes in pricing if you make high-volume purchases.

e-Signature support

By activating the e-Signature feature, eliminate the time losses and expenses incurred in signing multiple contract copies.

SAP® Ariba
Strategic Sourcing

Manage your strategic sourcing business with
a single solution using Nagarro + MBIS expertise.

Manage your purchases, contracts and expenses on a single central platform
offered by SAP® Ariba. Lower your purchasing expenses by reducing costly
materials, improving your supplier selection process, and creating contracts
that increase your savings.

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Take your supply system beyond the age with SAP® Ariba Strategic Sourcing.

Reduce your costs while increasing your efficiency

Create process efficiency in all spending categories. Get more savings by keeping expenses under control.

Manage your contracts easily

Purchase and sign contracts faster by integrating master data among systems; ensure contract compliance with ERP integration.

Improve your sourcing system

Improve your supplier selection, gain more pricing and forecast visibility to minimize procurement risks.

Technical and Functional Features

Instant savings

Get value with lower costs by supporting comprehensive RFx management and auction capabilities.

Faster supplier discovery

Easily find qualified suppliers without wasting time with SAP® Ariba Discovery solution.

Business agility

Speed ​​up purchasing cycles, increase productivity, and track savings with process and workflow management.

SAP® Ariba

Transfer your purchasing and sales contracts to electronic
environment with contract management solutions offered by SAP®

Say goodbye to risky contracts managed on paper misinformation. Automate and
accelerate the entire contract lifecycle with the SAP® Ariba Contracts
application that will be tailored for you with Nagarro + MBIS expertise.

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SAP® Ariba Contracts solution simplifies the management
of your supplier contract processes.

Streamline your contract management

Minimize time spent tracking and managing all contract types.

Enhance your contracts

Optimize value from contracts with full scale reporting.

Timely renewals

Receive notifications well before key milestone dates for your supplier contracts and make the most of opportunities.

Technical and Functional Features


Integrate your contract processes with other SAP® Ariba solutions, your SAP® ERP or non-SAP® systems for unrivaled compatibility.

Faster time to value

Enjoy the always up-to-date version of the SAP® Ariba Contracts software with minimum dependancy on your IT team.

Controlled processes

If the pre-approved form or language of a contract changes, get alerts right away to help you check.

Full visibility

Stay fully informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, convenient control panels, and configurable reports.

Better compliance

Be aware of contractual activities through controlled processes, automatic monitoring and a full audit, strengthen your compliance activities with SAP® Ariba's contract management solution.

SAP® Ariba
Spend Analysis

Analyze your purchases and switch to traceable
spend management

Collect your spending data with SAP® Ariba Spend Analysis, classify them
according to company and industry standards and enrich them with market
intelligence to analyze your purchasing behavior. Spend analysis gives you
the visibility you need to make better, faster and safer purchasing decisions
and negotiate with more people.

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Make all your expenses smarter with SAP® Ariba Spend Analysis.

Take control of your spending

Identify opportunities to eliminate acquisition conflicts and low-value, high-volume transactions across the company.

Reduce your costs

Get visibility into discount opportunities you missed by optimizing your supplier portfolio and categories, and reduce your purchasing costs.

Comparative analysis

Compare your expenses with your competitors operating in your industry and have the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements immediately.

Technical and Functional Features

Enriched supplier data

Gain deeper insight into your supply portfolio, identify and manage risks with the solution tightly knit with Dun and Bradstreet's enriched business information.

Fast analysis and reporting

SAP® HANA's in-memory computing power makes your work faster and easier with up to 20 percent faster data loading and 80 times faster reporting.

Advanced machine learning

Work with much larger and meaningful data with SAP® Ariba's next-generation supplier information enrichment service using machine learning technologies.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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