SAP® Core HR and
Payroll solutions

Restructure your HR processes with Nagarro + MBIS' SAP® consultancy services according to changing workforce dynamics. Implement SAP® SuccessFactors solutions that set trends in human resources technologies with its flexible, easily accessible and comprehensive structure. Introduce new approaches to acquire the building blocks of your business and increase your HR potential by modernizing your processes.

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Unlock the limits of your workforce with Nagarro + MBIS

SAP HR İK kişiler

Employees, profiles and transactions

Implement SAP® HR solutions to standardize processes and operations, provide employees with self-service solutions, and manage compliance with policies.

SAP HR İK organizasyon

Organization management

Model and visualize your organization; use integrated analytics solutions to gain real-time insight into your entire workforce.

SAP HR İK doğru

Creating accurate payrolls

Always keep the satisfaction of your workforce at the highest level by ensuring payroll accuracy.

SAP HR İK entegre

Integrated HR database

Enable self-service solutions that will provide easy access of your employees to your HR database and minimize the calls to the HR team.

SAP HR İK kolaylastirilmis

Easy eocument managemen

Access and manage all documents with a single solution for your human resources processes.


Single system

Provide your employees with easy access to information through a single consistent system.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Employee Central

Unlock the potential of your human resources with Nagarro + MBIS

Easily track changes in your business and workforce with a flexible, cloud-based
SAP® human resources information system implemented by Nagarro + MBIS' experienced human
resources consulting team. Increase workforce productivity with powerful self-service
tools for human resources teams, managers and employees.

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Optimize the management of HR data with SAP® SuccessFactors Employee Central

SAP HR İK çalışan

Employee productivity

Increase productivity with automated processes and self-service tools for HR managers and employees.

SAP HR İK regulasyon

Compliance with regulations

Automate HR processes to comply with global and national regulations.


Automatic salary calculation

Automatically calculate and pay according to activity time of each employee.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK ayarlanabilen

Customizable time profiles

Use adjustable time profiles to specify employee vacations, work schedules and bonuses, and determine how to record attendance information on a specific group basis.

SAP HR İK mobil

Mobile application support

Allow employees to enter all kinds of leave requests from any device and authorize managers to give approval via mobile apps.

SAP HR İK organizasyonel

Organizational analysis

Before making organizational changes, analyze organizational structures by visualizing them with drag-and-drop features.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Employee Central Payroll

Increase the accuracy and speed of your payroll calculations with
Nagarro + MBIS' SAP® HR consultants

In order to ensure that the payments you make to your workforce are made accurately
and on time, implement SAP® systems that you can control your payroll processes more
securely with Nagarro + MBIS. Simplify your payroll processes and increase your employees'
trust in your company.

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Prepare faster and more accurate payrolls with SAP® SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

SAP HR İK bordro

Improve trust in payroll processing

Make sure you pay employees in full and increase your employees' trust through effective payroll management.

SAP HR İK maas

Manage payrolls effectively

Perform all your global and local payroll calculations on a single payroll platform that offers localization for dozens of countries.

SAP HR İK bordrolari

Integrate payrolls with corporate processes

Improve employee experience with lean and consistent payroll and time management processes.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK etkili

Effective payroll management

Automate payroll processes and increase payment calculation speed by taking proactive measures to avoid delays.

SAP HR İK proaktif

Proactive payroll suggestions

Leverage actionable payroll suggestions based on real-time insights, key statistics, and proactive payroll alerts.

SAP HR İK standartlastirilmis

Standardized processes

Support standardized and consistent processes across HR, payroll, time management, compensation and benefits management.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Employee Central
Service Center

Leverage Nagarro + MBIS experience to provide superior HR
service to your employees

Together with Nagarro + MBIS SAP® HR consultancy teams, create an integrated human resources database
that allows your employees to communicate with your HR team through their preferred channel.
Give your employees access to relevant HR policy information. Make it easy to process HR
support calls and meet your service level goals.

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Make your employees' lives easier with SAP® SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center

Grant access to HR policy information

Minimize calls to the HR department by providing necessary policy information to your employees. to solve problems.

Streamline HR call processes

Give HR professionals access to the employee information they need to quickly address issues and provide solutions.

Achieve your service level goals

Get insight into the service levels, common problems and quality of solutions with embedded HR service analytics.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK tanimli

Predefined compliance reports

Run predefined compliance reports for SLAs in addition to workload and support case analysis reports.

SAP HR İK hızmet

HR service quality

Measure and improve HR service quality with service level reports and dashboards.

SAP HR İK çalışan

Employee engagement reports

Analyze employees' interactions and problems with comprehensive reports.

SAP HR İK kolaylastirilmis

Streamlined HR helpdesk support

Allow your employees to create support requests from their computers, mobile phones or e-mails without the need to enter their personal information.

SAP HR İK destek

Support request dispatching

Route HR support requests to the right person or group and enable collaboration to address issues involving multiple individuals or groups.

SAP HR İK izin

Leave request controls

Grant managers access to employee data in order to be able to make checks for leave requests.

SAP® SuccessFactors Visa
and Permits Management

Create systems where you can follow the visa and work permit
management processes of your employees with Nagarro + MBIS' SAP® HR experience.

With Nagarro + MBIS SAP® HR consultancy services, create the technological infrastructure that
will ease the burden of compliance with the legislation and employ the best talents
in the international arena. Provide centralized monitoring and management of visa
and work permits, facilitate inspections and minimize the risk of fines for
non-compliance with national laws.

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Streamline the global business life with SAP® SuccessFactors Visa and Permits Management

SAP HR İK vize

Visa and work permit management

Create auditable and flexible digital processes. Process visas, work permits and credentials for your employees, subcontractors, and dependents.

SAP HR İK regulasyonlara

Compliance with regulations

Increase compliance with global and national regulations with auditable processes to avoid costly non-compliance penalties.

SAP HR İK gercek

Real time information

Cooperate with external institutions and authorities. Transfer data from third parties to your system in real time. Make decisions based on the latest employment data.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK izleme

Automatic tracking

Track the expiration dates and current status of your employees' visa and work permits with automatic tracking of renewal processes and easy reporting.

SAP HR İK koruma

Personal data protection

Create a technical infrastructure that will comply with personal data protection regulations such as GDPR, PHI, KVKK.

SAP HR İK liste

Regulation lists

Provide centralized lists based on country-specific rules for visas, work permits, extensions, renewals or cancellations to be available to your HR teams.

SAP® SuccessFactors
Document Management
by Open Text

Reduce risks, save time and increase transparency with HR document
management solutions that you will implement with Nagarro + MBIS

Effectively manage all HR documents and records related to your employees, from
recruitment and training to performance evaluations, career development,
with SAP® human resources document management solutions

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SAP® SuccessFactors Document Management by Open Text makes the life of HR personnel and employees easier.

SAP HR İK hassas

Protect sensitive personal data

Leverage data retention and access management features to support personal data protection and privacy management.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Using a single solution, quickly and easily access, update and manage HR related documents; improve HR service levels and shorten response times for support requests.

SAP HR İK iletisim

Make HR communication easy

Provide all individuals in your HR team with access to all employee records for which they are authorized with central document creation, management and storage capabilities.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK uyum

Compliance management

Define document retention and deletion rules. Automatically detect if documents are missing or out of date. Manage role-based permissions for access control.

SAP HR İK dokuman

HR documents management

Track changes and updates made on documents with log tracking; track who has access to documents. Give your employees self-service authorizations for document access, generation and updates.

SAP HR İK olusturma

Creating HR documents

Create dynamic documents using conditional text formatting. Use batch processing capabilities to speed up the HR document creation process.

SAP® Work Zone for HR

Take advantage of Nagarro + MBIS' SAP® HR expertise to implement your digital
workplace solution that collects business applications in a single
center; give your employees an experience beyond the classic Intranet.

Build a single central SAP® digital business platform with Nagarro + MBIS, including applications,
experiences, processes, knowledge base, collaboration areas, training and communication.

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Provide the next generation Intranet to your employees with SAP® Work Zone for HR.

SAP HR İK kaynaklari

Explore and access resources

Provide a premium experience by giving your employees a single point of access to the insights they need to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

SAP HR İK uretken

Improve productivity

Increase efficiency and productivity by providing personalized recommendations, insights and actions for each of your employees.

SAP HR İK memnuniyet

Improve employee satisfaction

Increase job satisfaction and reduce stress levels with a digital workplace approach that puts your employees at the center.

Technical and Functional Features

SAP HR İK kullanim

Easy to use

Thanks to the use of SAP® UI5 and SAP® Fiori designs as well as new technologies such as chatbots, your employees can easily use the system to collaborate, exchange information, share documents and provide feedback.

SAP HR İK responsive

Responsive design

Througho responsive screen designs, your employees can connect to the system from anywhere with a desktop, mobile or other devices on their choice.

SAP HR İK kusursuz

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate all types of content, including SAP® and non-SAP® applications, tasks, workflows, web content and business data, in a single workspace.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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