MBIS Import Package

Explore MBIS Import Package for SAP® to effectively manage your import operations in compliance with Turkish legislation.

You can operate your warehouse operations, customs data tracking, declaration and governmental incentive follow-ups and all other logistics and financial import processes with MBIS Import Package for SAP® .

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Main functionalities of MBIS Import Package

MBIS import package is highly recommended for businesses that are obliged to make traceability and transparent reporting in all end-to-end import processes, or need follow-up, and have YYS (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) liability

The main functions of the MBIS Import Package are as follows:

  • Tracking of customs, warehouse conditions and stocks in the import process
  • Follow-up of customs declaration information
  • Follow-up of warehouse declaration information
  • Goods receiving in accordance with declaration information
  • Tracking governmental incentive process
  • Distribution of import costs to the material cost by amount, value and volume, according to the cost type
  • Detailed tracking of import file expenses on the basis of cost type
  • Invoice entries and file closing transactions in accordance with Turkish legislation
  • Follow-up of payment transactions (including advance payments) for the import process

Some technical features of the import package can be listed as follows:

  • The Export Package can run on SAP® S/4HANA ERP systems as well as SAP® ECC
  • The export package can be easily customized and maintained in accordance with the process needs.
  • MBIS Import Package can be integrated Customs Brokers quickly.
  • The relevant import process steps are carried out automatically without the need for manual activities, in the case that the package is integrated with Customs Brokers

Main functionalities of MBIS Import Package

Logistics Functions

  • Purchase Order transactions
  • Opening Import tracking files
  • Received delivery transactions
  • Packaging and shipping item (container) operationsRota takibi işlemleri
  • Entry to customs
  • Warehouse / Actual import instructions and declaration work orders
  • Customs clearance tracking (Planning and execution)
  • Customs clearance and fovernmental incentive matching
  • Goods receiving to warehous

Financial Functions

  • Invoice control
  • Planned sourcing import expenses invoice control
  • Registration of general import expenses (letter of credit, stamp tax, fund, etc.)
  • Automatic cost allocation to purchase order items
  • Dosya bazında ithalat avansları hesabı detaylandırılması
  • Detailed tracking of import advance payment account for each import file Payment transactions follow-up
  • Closing import file

Standard Reports

  • Goods on the way
  • Stock / requirements list
  • Fictive / Bonded stocks
  • Pre-registration cost invoice
  • Invoice payments information
  • Foreign exchange closing terms
  • Actual import
  • Import file expenses report

Process flow with MBIS Import Package

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Why MBIS Import Package?

With MBIS Import Package, you can track all your import processes very easily and in compliance national legislation.

  • Recording incurred import expenses to the system without waiting for completion of actual import
  • Separation of domestic and international purchasing MG / FG accounts
  • Easy document tracking during customs clearance and withdrawal processes
  • Cash flow management on pre-registered cost invoices
  • Two-stage material requirement planning (customs clearance / purchase)
  • Tracking import advance payments in accordance with Turkish legislation
  • Currency valuation in accordance with Turkish legislation
  • Container-based goods-on-the-way tracking
  • Tracking of routes and variable deadlines
  • Tracking import expenses.
  • Tracking Fictive / Customs stocks


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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