Nagarro + MBIS' e-Reconciliation

Perform current Account and Ba/Bs reconciliations with Nagarro + MBIS's e-Reconciliation solution, save time and increase the rate of return.

Performing reconciliations via email, telephone and fax is over! Thanks to Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation solution, you can effectively manage all your reconciliation transactions in a single centralized environment, save time and cost, and increase returns beyond expectations.

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What is Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation?

Reconciliation process is one of the most challenging issues for finance departments. Tracking receivables and debts, which is based on current account reconciliation, is a process that requires regular and close follow-up. Organizations that have a continuous business relationship with each other should always be in harmony in accounting terms. As a result of the current settlements, businesses form relations according to their debts. Therefore, reconciliation becomes a fundemental element that determines the direction of the money that will enter and exit the company. The electronic form of this basic process is called electronic reconciliation. With e-Reconciliation systems, institutions can upload their current Account information to the system and easily compare them with the information coming from the opposite company, and thus, any conflicts that emerge can be resolved in a practical way.

Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation solution is a web based multi-lingual, highly-customizable and ERP integrated application designed and developed by the Nagarro + MBIS R&D Center in order to enable companies to securely carry out Ba-Ba and current account reconciliations with customers or suppliers in an electronic environment.

The main functionalities of Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation

  • Integration with SAP® and non-SAP® systems
  • Working with different fiscal years
  • Preparing Ba/Ba formsmanually within the application
  • Intelligent eMil listening feature; i.e. ability to show read/unread e-Mails
  • Creating templates for Ba/Bs and current account reconciliations
  • Manual invoice entry into Ba/Bs form if they are missing in ERP system
  • Sending Ba/Bs form and/or current account reconciliation forms to the business partner through the application
  • Ability to save Ba/Bs forms in the required format to upload to Turkish Revenue Admisnistration
  • Viewing general and detailed current account transactions
  • Tracking status for reconciliations (sent-pending-accepted-rejected)
  • Easy filtering by company and/or by business partners
  • Graphical display of the reconciliation status of Ba/Bs Form
  • Sending reconciliation e-Mails to all or selected business partners
  • Ability to attach files to reconciliation e-Maill; business partners can also attach files to their responses
  • Technical infrastructure that allows business partners to compare the incoming reconciliation information with the information in their own Excel file
  • The partner can upload the compared file to the system and send the differences
  • Showing the files sent by the business partner according to the reconciliation, according to whether they are read or not; notifications when new files arrive
  • Multi-company support (Identifying the parent company and affiliated companies in the system and enabling separate transactions for these companies)
  • Defining a template that allows the email to be sent automatically to be created dynamically according to the added parameters and can be differentiated according to the (supported) languages to be used.
  • Ability to make data transfers from the SAP® system in the specified periods or instantly in case of need via 'job'
  • Company-based user authorization
  • Secured access links to the application in e-Mails
  • Creating periodic reconciliation data in the background (background processing); While creating this data, the application can continue to be used
  • Partner-based scheduling (scheduling: choosing the monthly reconciliation frequency and a specific day of the week for a group of partners, etc.); automatic preparation of data according to this schedule
  • If the reconciliation responses are not returned within the specified period, running the notification mechanism
  • Advanced search and filtering on the listing screens
  • Turkish and English language support; capability of adding more languages
  • Ability to export reports in MS Excel format
  • Accessing the application from mobile devices ('Responsive’ system architecture)

The technical features of Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation

With our e-Reconciliation solution, you can securely create your reconciliations and do not experience delays that may cause you to waste time with the timing feature.

e-mutabakat dashboard


Ba/Bs and current reconciliation status information can be monitored with graphical visuals by filtering according to company and/or period.

e-mutabakat mobil

Mobile compatibility

e-Reconciliation has been designed and developed in a structure suitable for mobile use (responsive) use; screens work perfectly on mobile devices.

e-mutabakat ozel

Custom development

In line with the needs, additional function and/or report requests can be added to the e-Reconciliation solution with 'additional development'.

e-mutabakat arka

Working in the background

e-Reconciliation prevents time losses by allowing the use of the application while performing data transfers and similar operations at the background.

e-mutabakat ekstre

Statement comparison

When reconciliations fail to come to an agreement, the business partner can create an Excel file and automatically compare it with their own records.

e-mutabakat entegrasyon

Integration and file formats

e-Reconciliation works integrated with SAP® and e-Mail systems; uses formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, SMS effectively in line with needs.

e-mutabakat veri

Data transfer

In Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation solution, data transfer from SAP® can be scheduled or run as needed.

e-mutabakat dil

Language options

Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation is available in Turkish and English. More languages can be added and reconciliation letter templates can be prepared in different languages.

e-mutabakat guvenligi

Data security

Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation provides data security with features such as working over an SSL protected network.

e-mutabakat yetkilendirme

User Authorization

In e-reconciliation, the usage rights of functions can be granted based on roles.

The technical structure of Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation

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Why Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation?

e-mutabakat operasyonel

Operational productivity

With the Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation solution, you can manage your Ba/Bs and current account statements and balance reconciliation processes much more quickly via email and web application by ending telephone, mail and fax traffic.

e-mutabakat veri

Data and document management

Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation provides great convenience in viewing and analyzing historical data in audits by recording the shared documents in a database as well as the transactions regarding the reconciliations.

e-mutabakat daha

Improved return rates

It is ensured that business partners who indicate that they are not in an agreement are compared and controlled electronically. The system improves the rate of return to reconciliation requests by automatically sending reminder eMails to companies that do not respond ona timely manner

e-mutabakat maliyet

Cost and time savings

With Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation, manual repetitive works become automated, errors are minimized, less labor is required, and stationery use is reduced, which reflects as cost savings to your organization and business partners.

e-mutabakat merkezi

Central process management

Nagarro + MBIS e-Reconciliation solution allows the reconciliation processes to be managed from a single central platform for all business partners, to measure performance and to take necessary actions without delay.

e-mutabakat mbis

The Nagarro + MBIS experience

Experienced consultants of Nagarro + MBIS, which have accomplished hundreds of successful projects since 2000, offer the know-how and guidance that will enable you to get ahead of the competition.


Choose the next generation business solutions of SAP® with Nagarro + MBIS, and take firm steps towards completing your company's digital journey.

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