Essential Analytics

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Use our ESSENTIAL ANALYTICS solution for sales, stock, purchasing, finance and cost
reporting where basic KPIs are readily available.

With Essential Analytics, you can save cost and time by using its real-time reporting
features gained from best-practices, and take your business analytics and decision-making
competence to a much higher level

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What is «Essential Analytics» Package Content?

In business processes where many different types of operations are carried out rapidly, the requirement that will move businesses one step ahead of the competition is no longer to record the data, but to make analysis based on valid and up-to-date data.

Essential Analytics is an analytical solution package that provides ready-to-use REPORTING know-how obtained from many successful applications in the relevant sectors, to businesses that want to make fast and accurate decisions by monitoring their operations as a whole.

Essential Analytics summarizes the Sales, Purchase, Cost, Stock, Finance processes to be presented to the upper management and provides easy access through the dashboard.

By quickly deploying our Essential Analytics package, you can reach a higher analytical maturity level to monitor your operations more accurately real-time in order to take necessary actions proactively.


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It is a summary of all sales activities for the desired period. It contains the information about sales team progress and overall company growth.

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It shows the purchase orders and payment transactions. Departments use this report to control purchase orders and to review remaining balances of accounts.

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It contains information about how much stock is available, best-selling products, category-based status, and performance of the inventory.

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It allows comparing the unit prices of the products by years and months, to observe their changes and to investigate the root causes.

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It is the summary of financial activities and general status of the organization. It provides information about the company's assets, liabilities, and equity instantaneously.

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Executive Summary

It summarizes the operational activities and provides an overview of all. It enables to make better decisions for the future and reveals potential problems beforehand.

Functional and Technical Features

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Validation via References

Promptly validate your reports by reference points

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Leverage Your Data

Easily analyze the data rather than spending time to compile it.

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Access from Anywhere

Swipe, tap, and filter reponsive layouts from any device.

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User Friendly Applications

Readable and understandable graphs, charts and numbers via FIORI apps.

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Real-time Analytics

Base your predictions on fast and accurate data.

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Customizable Solutions

Accomodate the technical knowledge inside your company with comprehensive user training.

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Advanced Search & Filtering

Obtain needed information via quick filters.

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Main Business KPIs

Observe the right metrics for your operation scope.

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SaaS Deployment Strategy

Do not concern about installation, hardware or security by cloud deployment.

Why Essential Analytics?

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Benefit from Analytica's
industry experience

With the best practice KPIs included the package, accelerate your analytical maturity, industry knowledge, and project experience of analytics.

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Make data-based

Set consistent and feasible goals for your company to make the right decision at the right time with the meaningful data provided by Essential Analytics.

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Get started in a short
period of time

SAC reports are prepared in plug-and-play model and integrated into the company ecosystem in a short time. That allows you to rapidly start benefitting from the solution.

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Mitigate project risks

Thanks to the package solution, it guarantees the success of the project from the first day without being affected by risks such as organizational changes or workload within the company.

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Increase your reporting

Make your reporting processes more efficient without the need of data consolidation, plus prevent human errors.

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Improve visibility of your

Take control of your liquidity by viewing company financials in real time and in the selected periods.

Who can benefit from «Essential Analytics»?


  • Small and medium size companies which want to acquire business analytics,
  • Enterprises which desire to get ahead in the competition by making quick and right decisions,
  • Innovators who want to become a 21st-century intelligent enterprise by moving beyond spreadsheet-based analysis and planning,
  • Companies aspiring to offer immediate and trustworthy insights to its stakeholders .

Business Units

  • Professionals who want to regularly access clear and valid information,
  • Managers with the task of using the company's capital in the most efficient way by using right indicators,
  • C-level executives (CIO, CEO, COO) not only looking for an overview but also searching for reasons,
  • Operational and LoB managers want to focus on their key activities rather than tackling with preparing reports
  • IT directors and business analysts who spend time and effort to create variations of a report.

Package Content

  • 25 SAC User License*
  • Installation Service
  • Development Consultancy
  • 5 Reports & 1 Executive Summary
  • UAT (User Acceptance Tests)
  • SAC User Training
  • Technical Documantation, User Manuals
  • Technical Support

*This is the minimum license requirement. If more users are needed, additional license costs may apply

Essential Analytics
Rapor Örnekleri

Satış Raporu


  • Karşılaştırmalı olarak yıllık ve aylık net satışlar.
  • Müşteri ve malzeme grupları bazında net satışlar.
  • Müşteri ve malzeme bazlı net satışlar​​.
    • Müşteri grubu ve malzeme grubu filtrelerini kullanarak aylık ve yıllık satış trendlerini takip edebilirsiniz.
    • Hangi müşteriye en çok neyin satıldığını analiz ederek stratejinizi doğru noktalara yönlendirebilirsiniz.
    • En çok satan ve en az satan bölgelerİ, mevcut yıl ve geçen yıl için karşılaştırmalı olarak görüntüleyip satış ekibinizi bu noktalara yönlendirebilirsiniz
essential analytics rapor 1
essential analytics rapor 2

Satın alma Raporu


  • Açık fatura tutarlarınızı satıcılara malzeme grubu bazında görüntüleme.
  • Geçmiş satın alma verisine dayalı miktar karşılaştırmaları​​.
    • Hangi müşteriye en çok neyin satıldığını analiz ederek stratejinizi doğru noktalara yönlendirebilirsiniz.
    • Açık fatura tutarlarını ve bunların toplam faturalara oranlarını anlık görüntüleyebilirsiniz.
    • En çok satan ve en az satan bölgeleri, mevcut yıl ve geçen yıl ile karşılaştırmalı olarak görüntüleyip satış ekibinizi bu noktalara yönlendirebilirsiniz.

Stok Raporu


  • Malzeme türüne göre stok miktarları
  • Kritik stok seviyesindeki malzemeler
  • Üretim yeri, depo ve malzeme türlerine göre stok durumları
    • Mevcut envanter seviyenize karşılık gelen değeri inceleyin.
    • Stok miktarınızı fabrika, depo ve malzemeye göre belirtin.
    • Bir bakışta hangi malzemelerin kritik stok seviyesinde olduğunu görün ve hemen harekete geçin.
essential analytics rapor 3
essential analytics rapor 4

Maliyet Raporu


  • Ürün ve ürün gruplarına göre birim maliyetler .
    • Ürün grubu bazında kümülatif olarak geçmiş yıl ve cari yıl maliyetini inceleyin.
    • Toplam maliyetlerin ürün gruplarına dağılımını gözlemleyin.
    • Ürünlerinizi gelişmiş algoritmaları kullanarak birim fiyatlara göre gruplandırın.

Finans Raporu


  • Alacaklar ve borçların ayrıntıları.
  • Alacak ve borç yaşlandırması.
  • Yıllık ve aylık mali tablolar.
    • Alacak ve borç bakiyelerinizi gerçek zamanlı olarak izleyin.
    • Satıcılara ve müşterilere göre yaklaşan borçlarınızı ve kredilerinizi takip edin
    • Mali tablolarınızı yıllık ve aylık olarak analiz edin.
    • Karlılığınızı analiz edin.​
essential analytics rapor 5
essential analytics rapor 6

Yönetim Dashboard


  • Yönetim kokpiti satış, satın alma, finans, envanter ve maliyet raporlarının özetini içerir.
    • Genel durum göstergeleriyle birlikte şirket faaliyetlerinin bir özetini vakit harcamadan görüntüleyin.
    • Dalgalanan miktarların altında yatan nedenleri filtrelendirerek kolayca analiz edin.

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