Turkey’s First SAP Gold Partner MBIS Joins, Nagarro’s Worldwide Network in 33 Countries

Turkey’s fast-growing IT sector and its strong actors are on the radar of global technology companies. MBIS, Turkey's first SAP Gold Partner with nearly 25 years of experience and a team of 450 people is now part of Nagarro's global network operating in 34 countries, providing an open door to Turkey's rapidly growing IT market.

ISTANBUL — As a facilitator and efficiency booster for all industries, the information technology (IT) sector plays a vital role in national economic development. Turkey's IT sector has been growing rapidly, attracting global tech companies with its strong players.

MBIS, the first Gold Partner of SAP in Turkey that transforms companies into smart and sustainable businesses with innovative solutions and technologies is now joining Nagarro's expansive global network, with over 18,000 employees in 34 countries. Nagarro's entry into Turkey's thriving IT market is fortified by MBIS's nearly 25 years of experience and team of 450 professionals.

“We will offer products and services developed with domestic capital on a global scale.”

Announcing that the share transfer will be realized after the approval of the Competition Authority, MBIS General Manager Cenk Salihoğlu said: “Nagarro's desire to collaborate with MBIS is an important indicator of our 23-year success story. For us, it means an opportunity to deliver the products and services that we have developed with domestic capital in Turkey to the world. By merging Nagarro's worldwide expertise with MBIS's technical and customer-focused competencies, we strive to enhance our customers' experience in Turkey. We hope that this partnership will be beneficial for both companies and their stakeholders.”

Operating as an end-to-end service provider in the SAP market in Turkey, MBIS helps its customers to migrate their technological infrastructure and business processes to cutting-edge SAP platforms. Standing out with its SAP-focused R&D studies, MBIS offers SAP license and consultancy services, cloud services, value- added solutions, and application services.

Nagarro will expand its presence in the Middle East with Turkey-based activities

Joerg Dietmann, one of the General Managers of Nagarro, whose shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, states that “ The cooperation with the MBIS team is the logical continuation of our globalization strategy of the Global Business Unit SAP. In addition to Nagarro's new presence in Turkey, MBIS adds a huge workforce to enhance our delivery skills for Europe but we also see them as a hub for the Middle East.”

On the other hand, Michael Schmidt, General Manager of Nagarro, states that “MBIS and Nagarro have a great cultural fit and share the same values. With a focus on SAP cloud strategy and innovations, we continue our ambitions to be one of the leaders for digitalization.”

About MBIS

Founded in 2000, MBIS focuses on delivering digital solutions and services that enable customers to maximize their return on software and technology investments, especially for SAP® products. As the first Gold Partner of SAP® in Turkey, MBIS takes pride in providing comprehensive SAP® services across all functional and technical areas, such as consultancy, project implementations, upgrades, training, technical support, and licensing. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, MBIS has helped create value for over 400 customers operating in a variety of key industries

About Nagarro

Nagarro, a global digital engineering leader, helps clients become innovative, digital-first companies and thus win in their markets. The company is distinguished by its entrepreneurial, agile and global character, its CARING mindset, and its approach of thinking breakthroughs. Nagarro employs over 18,000 people and is present in 34 countries.