How did UGETAM Inc.
improve its businessprocesses
with the MBIS SAP® S/4HANA project?

About UGETAM Inc.

UGETAM Inc. is an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and one of the leading companies of our country in training, certification, testing, inspection, and auditing services, as well as a recipient of three certificates (Type A Inspection Body, Personnel Certification Body and Experiment Laboratory) from the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK).

Within UGETAM Inc.’s scope of activities are; first certification with the authorization of Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK), third-party inspection service for the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), inspection and determination operations of natural gas distribution companies on behalf of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Melen pipeline of İstanbul Water and Sewerage Administration’s (İSKİ) maintenance and repair operations, and other projects carried out using advanced technology with expert personnel without interruption of source controls and water flow.

UGETAM Inc., with its values such as "Innovativeness", "Sharing", "Originality", "Independence and Impartiality", "Cooperation and Competence Building", provides technical and professional support to local governments in order to meet national services with its policy of improving people's living conditions and quality.

Project Identity:

Project type:
SAP® S/4HANA Implementation

Management methodology:
MBIS Agile Methodology

Project implementation method:
Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project completion time:
4 Months

Modules/functions in scope:
BC, .NET, ABAP, Embedded Analytics, Enable Now

Project History


Model company design work started for the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality It took about 1 month.

project history svg

The first of the model company applications, UGETAM Inc. SAP® S/4HANA Project was initiated.

project history svg

Fit-gap analysis with model company design

project history svg
1 December

SAP® S/4HANA project has been successfully implemented.

Project Goals

  • Carrying out the business benefits of technological innovations by moving to SAP® S/4HANA,
  • Simplifying and optimizing processes and benefiting from SAP® S/4HANA’s best applications
  • Reducing purchasing costs
  • Reducing corporate costs
  • Accelerating decision-making processes and making them more effective
  • Profitability
  • Improving traceability and transparency

The project aims to reduce procurement and institutional costs and increase profits
while optimizing processes in a public-specific manner

Project in Numbers

ugetam project en

Next Steps

The second phase of the project is going live with PS, QM and CS modules.

With UGETAM Inc. SAP® S/4HANA Project, the first of the İBB Digital Transformation project,
other affiliates are planned to be transferred to SAP® in the coming days.

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