How did TIRSAN achieve field-based
user authorization management
with aura?

About Tırsan

Established in 1977, Tırsan is the pioneer of the Turkish trailer industry with its R&D investments, domestic and international service network, and quality service.

Tırsan ranked 159 of Turkey’s top 500 industrial enterprises in the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s (ISO) 2013 list. Tırsan is also Europe’s third-largest trailer manufacturer in terms of production volume.

In 1993, Tırsan founded Turkey’s largest trailer manufacturing facility in Adapazarı. Moreover, Tırsan has had a manufacturing facility in Germany’s town of Goch since 1998, and Russia’s Tula Oblast since 2012.

Tırsan serves its customers with 31 outlets and 52 after-sales service points in 40 cities of Turkey. Tırsan also has more than 150 sales and after-sales points in more than 20 countries in total, mainly in target markets of Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, and Russia.

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What is aura?

‘aura’ is a specially developed SAP® add-on software solution that can
perform attribute-based access control at field and column level in SAP®
screens, reports and lists according to the pre-defined or custom rules
and conditions.

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Tırsan Project Goals:

  • Enforcing SAP® fields to be filled in for specified roles or individuals.
  • To take data privacy and security in SAP® to the next level.
  • Apply masking to specified SAP® fields.
  • Access to the easy-to-use “Management Cockpit”.
  • To make user authorizations dependent on the field-based conditions and rules.
  • Ensuring that users in sales or other functions can only see their own information on the same screens.

TIRSAN aura Project

Starting with technical installations on October 12, Tırsan was trained on how to create these rules by integrating our standard rule catalog with aura. Thus, after the installation of the product, the customer was able to easily apply and authorize the rules determined by the system, and, finally, it was put into live use as of October 26 with additional improvements specific to the project. In November, product stabilization was achieved by providing a post-live support service.

By integrating MBIS’ SAP® -compatible empowerment solution aura into all your processes, you can ensure that in-house data confidentiality and security are provided.

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