How did SEDAŞ
secure personal data with
the SAP® PDP (Personal Data Protector)

About SEDAŞ (Sakarya Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.)

Sakarya Elektrik Dagitim A.S. renders service in the cities of Sakarya and Bolu. Following a decision passed by the High Board of Planning in 1993, SEDAS became one of the 7 General Directorates functioning as subsidiaries with headquarters in Sakarya

  • 19.320 Square Kilometers

  • 45 Districts

  • 50 Municipalities

  • 765 Villages

  • 1.365 Neighborhoods

  • 1.9 Milyon Consumers

  • 24 Hours

SEDAŞ has been handling only electricity distribution activities since 2013 due to activity unbundling. Additionally, the activities of electricity sale, consumption invoice, and payment points are included in the duty and responsibility scope of assigned suppliers and retail companies.

The area of activity of SEDAŞ is to build new distribution facilities and provide capacity increase, build additional facilities within the current network, carry out works for network operation and maintenance, evaluate connection implementations, render service by concluding connection contract with electricity consumers, read index from consumption meters, carry on lighting works, perform meter change and calibration operations in electricity distribution, manage technical and non-technical losses and carry out the necessary actions to decrease electricity failures, energy outage duration and provide the continuity of electricity supply within the scope of the investment program for electricity distribution services.

Project Identity:

Project type:

Project implementation method:
Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project completion period:
2 months

Number of companies in the scope of the project:

Number of customers whose personal data is kept:
Approximately 2 million

Project Goals:

  • Full compliance with GDPR and real risk management
  • Real-time reporting of users accessing personal data
  • Orchestration of systems and environments other than
    SAP® within the scope of GDPR

How did we succeed
together with SEDAŞ?

SEDAŞ started the SAP® PDP Project in the beginning of 2021. First of all, personal data inventories prepared by SEDAŞ were transferred directly to SAP®. With the PDP solution, authorized users can view personal data according to their authority roles, while unauthorized users see all personal data as masked.

With the PDP solution, users will be able to follow clarification texts, explicit consents, anonymization, and destruction processes through SAP®.

With this project, it has been ensured that the GDPR measures are taken and managed centrally, not in parts, but in a way that considers both personal data security and all related processes.

The project was successfully put into live use on March 8, 2021. Afterwards, live support was given for 2 weeks.

With the SAP® PDP project, processes in both SEDAŞ’s ERP and CRM systems are followed in accordance with GDPR.


With our SAP® PDP project, the following gains have been achieved for SEDAŞ:

  • Total Cost of Ownership advantage in the medium and long term with a single system instead of investing in many systems
  • End-to-end meeting the need for field-based authorization in SAP® systems
  • Full compliance with GDPR and real risk management with ready-to-use data, processes, and experiences brought by PDP
  • Data masking with SAP® UI Masking Solution
  • Reporting in accordance with GDPR processes
  • Recording access to personal data (log)
  • Creating SAP® compatible user roles for personal data

For more information, you can review our PDP page.

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