improve its business processes
with the MBIS SAP® S/4HANA Project?

About İzeltaş

Turkey's first-hand tools manufacturer, İZELTAŞ, also produces hot forged parts for various sectors besides producing high-quality hand tools in its modern facilities. Hot forging parts made of high-quality steel, which are developed in the CAD environment and forged in molds produced by CNCs, are used in the automotive industry, defense industry, machinery manufacturing industry, construction, and agriculture industries.

İZELTAŞ has contributed to the country's economy for nearly 60 years by selling more than 4500 products to the domestic market and exporting to 40 countries. The company renders its services to many governmental and private organizations mainly in the automotive industry but also to construction, maritime, mining, defense, aviation, agricultural, and infrastructure sectors by means of forged parts as well as hand tools.

Project Identity:

Project type:

Project management methodology:
Hybrid Activate and Agile Project Methodology

S/4HANA migration method:
Greenfield SAP S/4HANA

Total modules and applications in scope:
MM, CO, SD, PP, FI, HR, e-Transformation products (e-invoice, e-waybill, e-archive,
e-ledger, e-reconciliation), SAP Analytics Cloud, Workflow and Approval Processes,
Paperwork, 3rd party software integration, SAP – Kiosk Production Confirmation Application
Integration, SAP- Handheld Terminal Stock Movement Integration

Project implementation method:
Onsite and Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project completion time: 11 months

Number of companies within the scope of the project: 2

Project Goals

The goals of the SAP S/4HANA Project were to achieve the following within İZELTAŞ:

  • Purchasing, Production, Sales, Warehouse, Finance, Cost and Human Resources Best Practice applications work on a single platform in an integrated way,
  • Workflow Approval Processes, Dealer Portal and Production confirmation and stock movements are integrated with local software,
  • And, thanks to the SAP HANA database, to support decision-making processes quickly and get real-time analytical reports.

How did we
succeed with Izeltaş?

The project which started with a kick-off meeting on August 12, 2020 was pursued by Project Analysis Studies. Considering the Best Business Processes, adaptations were made on the SAP S/4 HANA Platform according to İZELTAŞ’s business processes and industry needs.

Controls were provided and relevant improvements were made in terms of the SAP-certified MBIS DMP (Discrete Manufacturing Package) solution, business processes, industry-specific requirements, and integrations between SAP and other 3rd party software solutions.

During the project, processes were followed through the Project Management Platform 'Jira'.

The project, which required both remote and on-site work during the pandemic, was brought went live as of June 1, 2021. It was a result of devoted and collaborative work of all teams and made available to users via SAP S/4HANA Fiori screens.

The process continued without any interruption in terms of business objectives during and after the SAP S/4HANA transition.

After a month of live migration support, the project was closed. Today, support continues to be provided by the MBIS Support Unit.


The following gains were achieved for İZELTAŞ with our successful project:

  • A fast, reliable, and integrated information system infrastructure was established in terms of innovation and sustainability.
  • Ensuring data integrity, real-time, accurate reports were obtained.
  • Integration of Logistics Processes & Personnel Payroll and Accounting/Finance, leaner purchasing and sales transactions between Group Companies with Internal Settlement, improvements in Production and Supply Planning Processes with MRP Live were achieved.
  • Customer Credit Risk and Shipment Limit Approval processes, and Turnover Premium Calculation Processes were designed and successfully put into use by providing detailed follow-up of check transactions, which constitute a large part of the business volume.
  • Real-Time Sales-Cost Analysis was provided.
  • Purchase Request, Purchase Order and Price Approvals, Leave Request, Overtime and Personnel Debt Request, etc. processes were integrated with SAP and a significant amount of paper waste was prevented

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