How did “Balsu Gıda”
improve business processes
with the MBIS SAP S/4HANA project?

Customers of the world's most distinguished chocolate and confectionery manufacturers for over 40 years
production/logistics equipped with the latest technologies in BALSU, Sakarya and Ordu.
facilities, 6 regional purchasing centers, direct sales in the USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Istanbul
is one of the world's leading hazelnut industry and export companies with its sales offices.

Project Outputs and Benefits

  • Integrated management and tracking of purchases, contracts, stock operations, planning, quality, traceability and production operations, from purchasing operations to shipping
  • Integration of operational processes into finance, accounting and cost systems
  • Implementation of integrated, traceable and real-time reportable business processes that ensure the accuracy and singularity of data and reduce manual workloads
  • Creation of data-based strategic decision support mechanisms with real-time reporting
  • With the mobile application to be designed during the production process, designing fast and user-friendly screens where the data will be instantly transferred to the system when hazelnuts are purchased from the farmer/shop and at the same time the necessary outputs will be produced.
  • Establishing a structure where the production, production planning and quality control units of the process starting from the sales proposal (Cost Sheet) can communicate with the SAP integration power; Thus, making the right decision to manufacture the product requested by the customer at the BALSU Factory.
  • Providing simultaneous access to factory stocks with instant MRP work; thus detecting missing materials and accelerating procurement decisions.


  • Industry knowledge and experience
  • End-to-end integration with specially developed MBIS solutions (E-Solutions, Bank Integration, Supplier Portal)
  • High-level competence and quality of consultancy and project management staff
  • Using SAP’s "Best Practices"

SAP/MBIS Solutions

Project Type

Project Implementation Method
Activate Project Management Methodology

Total Modules and Applications in Scope
FI, AA, CM, FM, Group Reporting, TRM, CO, MM, WM, PP, SD, QM, PM, SAC Planning, SAC Reporting, ABAP, Basis, GRC, e-Transformation, MBIS Products (MDM, AURA, e-Bank, e-Payment)

Project Implementation Method
Onsite and Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project Completion Time
01.06.2022 – 02.01.2023

Number of Companies under the Project

Sakarya, Turkey

Products and services
Hazelnut Production


Business Model
Turkey's first
in hazelnut export.