How Green Chemicals Improved Its
Business Processes with SAP S/4 HANA?

About Green Chemicals

Green Chemicals, a global company that produces chemical products, was established in Kocaeli with its national capital in 1995.

The company, which has a production capacity of 50.000 tons and a storage capacity of 7.000 pallets, provides services in the fields of water & wastewater treatment, metal surface treatment, oil & gas, geothermal, mining, industrial systems, automation, and adhesives.

Green Chemicals, whose vision is to be the leader in its brands and technologies as the first in our country and then in the whole world by preserving the sustainability principles, was selected as the "Most Successful Chemical Company" in the whole Marmara Region both in 2015 and 2016 by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry.

Exporting to more than 35 countries, Green Chemicals is constantly increasing its market share.

Green Chemicals' Strategic Business Goals

  • To better track its stocks
  • Providing financial integration with stock tracking
  • Having an integrated information system structure
  • Making use of reporting tools quickly and effectively
  • Making an earlier term closure
  • Improving delivery times
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing logistics and production costs

Project Identity:

Project Type:

Project management methodology:
Activate Methodology (Best Practice Processes)

Total number of modules and applications in scope: 9
MBIS e-Transformation package (e-invoice, e-ledger, e-archive, e-waybill)

Project implementation method:
Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project completion time:
9 months

Solution: Green Chemicals
SAP S/4HANA project

Green Chemicals has chosen SAP S/4HANA, a solution that will meet its needs and improve its business processes. Chemistry Industry “Best Practices” applied for the project, which started with the Kick-Off meeting on 14 August 2020.

As of August 17, 2020, fit/gap analysis and conceptual design studies have been started in the project in Purchasing, Production, Sales Distribution, Quality, Warehouse, Accounting & Cost, and Human Resources based on the best business processes in the sector. Additionally, adapted on the SAP S/4Hana Platform and all business units get enabled to work on a single system.

With this project,

  • Great advantages were achieved by providing real-time sales and cost analysis.
  • With the use of addressing, lot tracking, and packaging functions, improvements were made in stock tracking and Accounting/Finance integration was realized.
  • An integrated information system infrastructure has been established to obtain real-time, accurate, and reliable reports quickly by ensuring data integrity.
  • Purchasing and sales transactions between Group Companies have been made faster with SAP's Internal Settlement Process.
  • With the Make to Stock, Make to Order Strategies, process-type production processes were put into use, and effective integration of purchasing-production-quality-sales and shipment was achieved with MRP Live.
  • The project, which offers a solid framework and infrastructure in terms of innovation and sustainability, went live on April 1, 2021.
  • In addition to the Material Management, Process Type Production, Sales Distribution, Accounting, Cost Accounting, Quality Management, Warehouse Management and Human Resources modules in the SAP S/4HANA Project, MBIS e-Transformation package (e-invoice, e-ledger, e-archive, e -waybill) modules were implemented.
  • After the project went live, live usage support was provided.

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