How Genveon Pharmaceuticals improved its
business processes with the MBIS SAP®
S/4HANA project?


Genveon Pharmaceuticals released its first pharmaceutical product in 2009 in the field of the Central Nervous System and introduced many products in various fields of treatment to the service of Turkish medicine since then. Today, it has become one of the key players of the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry extending its portfolio with value-added original and generic pharmaceutical products in specific fields of treatment such as CNS, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation/Orthopedics, Infection, Pain, and MS.

In 2020, Genveon Pharmaceuticals incorporated the Gebze Production Facility which is considered the best in its class in Europe and Worldwide. In this facilty, products for 83 countries are being produced with certification given by healthcare authorities in 29 countries. This great investment has enabled Genveon to contribute to the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry considerably. With this production facility and the ecosystem it has created, Genveon Pharmaceuticals aims to see the outcome of the transformation plan it has created starting from 2021 and thus aims to have a healthy and sustainable growth pursuing a road map that consists of topics such as becoming a production base for many countries and for the developed countries in particular, increasing its exports, giving value to R&D, and working to create new products.

Project Identity:

Project type:

Project implementation method:
Agile Project Management Methodology

S/4HANA migration method:
Greenfield SAP S/4HANA

Total modules and applications in scope:
MM, SD, PP, MES, QM, EWM, CO, FI, PM, HR, e-Transformation products
(e-Invoice, e-Waybill, e-Archive, e-Ledger), Embedded Analytics

Project implementation method:
Onsite and Remote (with digital connection and communication tools)

Project completion time:
7 months

The number of companies within the scope of the project:
Genveon (financial processes of two subsidiaries Consentis and Gekem)

With the SAP® S/4HANA Project, Genveon aimed to achieve the following:

  • Joint system use with the Gebze
    factory it has incorporated
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Profitability
  • Optimizing and simplifying processes
  • A validated system
  • Having more easily accessible SAP systems

How did we succeed together with
Genveon Pharmaceuticals?

In January 2020, Generica Pharmaceuticals, whose HR module was brought to life by
MBIS, stopped its other live transitions for a while as the company needed to renew the
system. With the company's system decisions, fit-gap studies started again in January 2021.
Afterward, the project started again, this time under the name Genveon Pharmaceuticals.
The project, which had started in January and had been planned to go live in 7 months, went
live on July 26.

Genveon Pharmaceutical, located in two locations, Gebze and Maslak, used the SAP system
in the Gebze location, while the Maslak location used the VERA system. The SAP S/4HANA
project was successfully brought to life with the great dedication and efficient work of the
teams in these two locations, whose working styles are very different from each other.

Without hesitation, on July 26,

  • Production started to work.
  • Waybill and invoice, goods receipts, movements within the warehouse were carried out.
  • Quality and maintenance procedures were carried out.


With our successful project, the following gains were achieved for Genveon Pharmaceuticals:

  • In terms of innovation and sustainability, a fast, reliable, and integrated information system infrastructure was established.
  • By ensuring data integrity, real-time, accurate reports were obtained.
  • Real-Time Sales-Cost Analysis was conducted.
  • With the successful structuring of finance and cost accounting modules, infrastructure was built, which reduced corporate costs.
  • Standardization was achieved by simplifying the Gebze and Maslak processes and equalising them as much as possible.
  • A validated system suitable for the pharmaceutical industry was devised and the documentation was completed.