How Edita Optimized
Supply Chain Management with
SAP® DSD Van-Sales?


With 5 production facilities equipped with the latest technology and covering 31 production lines, Edita, the leading FMCG company in Egypt and the Middle East, has a wide distribution network serving more than 57,000 wholesale and retail customers in the region, exporting to more than 17 markets. Edita is also leading the snacks industry with its high quality, affordable and innovative products.

Edita’s main goal was to provide the high quality of its products in the supply chain processes perfectly and thus to provide the best service to its wide customer network.

Therefore, their aim was to optimize the supply chain management in the most reliable and fast way with a holistic approach, similar to technology tools that enable them to maximize efficiency in the production phase, and to maximize the efficiency and service quality in distribution channels.










Short product life, low-profit margin, high competition and sudden demand fluctuation are the best known challenges in the FMCG industry. In this industry, which has an extremely wide distribution network, the speed factor that gains importance with all these difficulties poses an important threat in logistics management.

Managing the intermediaries in the supply chain, the internal flows of distribution centers and distribution points, i.e. in short, optimizing the entire logistics flow in the most accurate way isa process that can often become quite complex.

In addition, if an external mobile application is used for supply chain management, all transactions such as master data, price, etc. must be integrated with the software used within. This brings along a technical, risky and costly process such as developing a mobile software.

Hani Berzi,

Chairman of the Board and CEO, EDITA.

“We would like to thank our partners MAS and MBIS for their outstanding
project management skills and SAP® consulting and development teams, who perfectly
helped us deliver this wonderful project remotely during COVID-19 with their expert technical teams.
If we need to describe this hard work, we can use these miraculous 5 words:

Our solution:
SAP® Direct Store Delivery

SAP® Direct Store Delivery is a business process management solution used in the consumer products industry to distribute products directly to the end customer. DSD is designed to support sales, marketing and logistics business processes such as customer visits, orders, CRM events and deliveries to enable mobile users to both sell and distribute products directly to the point of sale.

The most important benefit of direct-to-store delivery to the FMCG industry is that the goods are not distributed through a retail company's warehouse or distribution centers, that is, it increases process efficiency by eliminating intermediaries and minimizes the risk of compromising quality.

With the help of SAP® DSD's online integration scenario, all data in the field are transferred to the CRM system in real-time. Therefore, there is no need for an additional process to transfer the data in the field to the system.

The SAP® Direct Store Delivery application can also be easily used on mobile devices, so field sales workers do not need to document the data they collect from distribution tours on paper. As a result, the data entered into the mobile device can be automatically uploaded to the DSD system, so the data can be easily processed later on.

Process with MBIS

In the process of bringing all sales and distribution processes to the latest technology, Edita decided to use SAP® DSD Mobile Android Solution 2.0, which works in harmony with SAP® ECC and optimizes its business processes in the most efficient way by offering the best practices in the consumer products industry.

Thereupon, the SAP® and MBIS teams helped EDITA to meet all the requirements in the implementation process and to complete the DSD operation with digital transformation in the best way.

Since last January, the project started with a highly detailed design phase that prioritized all the workflow and technical requirements required with the goal of achieving customer success.

In this process, ZEBRA offered the most innovative mobile hardware technology and printer support for sales points with the aim of bringing the best performance and transaction time to the SAP® software solution.


  • All sales force and distribution activities, including pre-sales and van sales, started to be carried out end-to-end with SAP® DSD Mobile Android and SAP® DSD Backend compatible with ECC, which was quickly put live on approximately 700 devices located over 24 distribution centers spread across the country. At the same time, the leading brand of the Egyptian market increased its market share with the unique features offered by the product
  • The mobile application solution and SAP® speak the same language; therefore, a fast and agile adaptation process was designed without the need for an additional mobile software process or integration development.
  • Ensuring that system availability is operational during high demand processes and the synchronization process by using the end-to-end functionality of the product such as real-time market order creation on the ECC side, terms of agreements, uploading PDF documents for legal purposes, reloading or unloading, stock visibility, loading confirmation, e-signatures, invoice and credit note creation.
  • It was ensured that the delivery rounds, together with all their outputs, were uploaded smoothly and quickly to the mobile device and transferred to SAP® , and this process was completely automated. Thus, data tracking and process management have been optimized.
  • With the first worldwide application of SAP® DSD Android 2.0, which works in integration with SAP® ECC and includes many customization, verification and control points on the mobile platform, all of the change management requirements have also been met to move to a more paperless environment using e-Signature.
  • The system, which was established with automatic calculation, made it possible to create all documents, from order to collection and even clearing documents, automatically.
  • Both English and Arabic printouts have been provided so that the processes in the wide and international supply network can be followed and reported accurately.
  • Thanks to the ability to progress according to the indicators on the screens (which have a user-friendly and simple interface design) supply chain employees were quickly and easily involved in the process, and sustainable efficiency was achieved.
  • Special sales conditions, such as flexible promotional products, were made applicable in the field.
  • With offline pricing, the price conditions in SAP® have been made functional in the field.
  • Field sales representatives and customer location control have been activated.
  • Vehicle mileage control was put into use for the processes that govern a vehicle's entry-exit and an average customer visit duration.
  • Automation was developed for automatic recording and accounting of daily sales representative expenses.
  • Online credit check has been provided.
  • Authorization based on field sales representative, transaction and material was activated.
  • At the end of the day, the salesperson can enter the physical vehicle stock, and the difference transaction becomes executable.
  • Output savings and cost reduction were achieved by taking the printouts as PDF.
  • The flexibility to respond instantly to changing market expectations is provided.
  • With the electronic signature that the sales representative can use in loading and unloading documents, and which the customer can use in filling order confirmation form, real-time tracking became possible.
  • Each sales representative started to be able to create a loading order for their own vehicle from their mobile device.
  • Coordinate information of new or one-time customers started to be obtained.
  • The system was set up and integrated to provide Instant Route Optimization.

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