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How AGT Improved
Business Performance
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About AGT

AGT (Technology That Develops the Wood) is one of the leading companies in the furniture components industry since 1984 with the vision to “become a worldwide brand, that shapes the wood with passion and technology”

Ranked in Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, AGT exports to approximately 90 countries with its employees of over 1000 people, and with more than 1000 sales points on 5continents. The company serves the furniture and decoration sectors with MDF, MF MDF, Panel, Profile production and it also provides service to the construction sector with flooring and skirting board production.

AGT’s Strategic Business Goals

  • Increasing production quality by staying on top of emerging technologies, with a
    reliable, organized and institutionalized business approach
  • Fully meeting the customer needs and expectations
  • Increasing the efficiency of the quality management system
  • Always being a preferred brand nationally and globally

AGT’s Operational Needs

  • Creating a competitive advantage by gaining the
    ability to make faster and more effective decisions
  • Saving operational costs and facilitate system management
    by consolidating CRM and similar processes carried out in
    different systems
  • Increasing business performance by starting to benefit from process simplifications
    and successful industrial applications in the sector as early as possible
  • Improving process efficiencies by enhancing the user experience
  • Making the transition to the new solution shortly and saving time and
    money both in the short & long run.

Project tag:

Project type:
SAP® S/4HANA Conversion

Project Management methodology:
PMI Agile

Project application method:
Remote (Through digital connection and communication tools)

Project duration:
4 Months

The Solution: MBIS Springfield SAP® S/4HANA Transition Project

As the best transformation approach to meet their needs, AGT decided to apply the
Springfield Methodology specially developed by MBIS for businesses that do not need to redesign
their business processes.

With the Springfield Methodology developed with the MBIS’s profound industry know-how, AGT successfully and seamlessly
implemented SAP® S/4HANA in a short period of time without disrupting ongoing operations, by avoiding customer
dissatisfaction and fully preserving historical data.

To learn more about MBIS SpringField Methodology,
please visit our website.

Result & Acquirements

As a result, AGT was provided with the following business benefits:

  • Agility and Competitive Advantage: Faster and more efficient decision-making capabilities in business processes with the platform features such as in-memory database, artificial intelligence support, and embedded advanced analytics
  • System Consolidation and Cost Saving: Facilitating system management and reducing operational costs by consolidating CRM and similar processes carried out in different systems within SAP® S/4HANA
  • Performance Increase in Processes:A significant increase in process performance due to the simplifications and best practices embedded in the platform
  • Enhanced User Experience:Better user experience with platform-independent (mobile, desktop), role-based and effective UX design through Fiori screens
  • Transition to a Strategic Platform:Early implementation to SAP® S/4HANA Platformwhere SAP® has strategically invested. Thus, saving costs in the short and long run and quickly benefiting from future functional and operational advantages of the platform.

9 reasons of why you should move to S/4HANA with MBIS Springfield methodology


Transition to S/4HANA within weeks with an experienced and successful approach


Providing the opportunity to benefit from the technological and functional advantages of S/4HANA as soon as possible


Simultaneously going live with both technical transition to S 4HANA and selected new functions (eg Fiori, CM) along with selected process changes


Through historical data transfer, there will be no critical decision-making problems due to reporting limitations which exist in some other approaches.


There is no need of using relatively expensive data transfer tools and applications required in the Selective Data Transition approach


Immediate realization of tactical business gains in the short and medium term, providing gradual improvements opportunity for strategic goals after transition to S/4HANA


The ratio of cost to value (compared to other methods) is extremely low


Requirement for participation of business units is very low compared to Selective Data Transition and Greenfield, so there is no or negligible operational loss.


Minimizing the project risks with MBIS' experience and distinguished consultancy team

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