Since 2016, Nagarro + MBIS has delivered many end-to-end S/4HANA projects with great success and continues to rapidly increase its reference portfolio with distinguished customers who prefer Nagarro + MBIS in their Digital Transformation journey.

Migrate to S/4HANA with Nagarro + MBIS experience!

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Working on SAP® HANA, the market-leading in-memory database with incredible processing speed, simplified to the last detail, S/4HANA plays a
critical role in your Digital Transformation journey by providing smart automation for your current business processes.

SAP S4HANA on-premise

On-premise, public/private cloud or hybrid deployment

SAP S4HANA gömülü

Embedded AI, advanced analytics and smart process automation

SAP S4HANA in-memory

In-memory database and simplified data model

SAP S4HANA işlev

Best practises and new functionalities for large scale of industries

SAP S4HANA gelişmiş

Improved user experience (UX)

SAP® S/4HANA Functionalities

SAP® S / 4HANA provides next-generation processes that connect and organize your entire business, and
leverage artificial intelligence to enable every employee to make smarter decisions faster.

SAP S4HANA finans


Enable subscription-based revenue models, simplify accounting and financial closing processes, improve treasury and financial risk processes, support collaborative finance transactions, simplify property management, and more.

SAP S4HANA tedarik

Supply Chain

Provide more accurate commitment dates, integrate transportation management, streamline warehouse management, optimize inventory levels and processes, and more.

SAP S4HANA üretim


Improve production planning, support complex assembly processes, accelerate operations, support seamless manufacturing engineering, enhance quality management, and more.


R&D and Engineering

Improve project control and product development, manage enterprise projects effectively, streamline product life cycle management, speed up product engineering processes, boost efficiency with requirement-driven processes, and more.

SAP S4HANA satış


Maximize revenue with order and contract management, drive and manage sales performance, support your sales force and sales managers, and more.

SAP S4HANA profesyonel

Professional Services

Optimize engagement profitability, assess staffing levels, simplify time entry, enforce limits on time and expense billing, reimagine bid management, streamline quote to cash, and more.

SAP S4HANA satınalma


Gain in-depth purchasing insights, streamline operational purchasing, automate sourcing and contract management, centralize procurement processes, manage commodity procurement, effectively reduce supply chain risk, and more

SAP S4HANA varlık

Asset Management

Turn asset management practices into new opportunities for operational excellence by planning, scheduling, and executing maintenance activities with integrated and optimized processes enabled by SAP® S/4HANA.


And more…

Simplify asset operations and maintenance, manage environment, health, and safety risks, maintain service agreements, provide customer-oriented services, streamline service parts management, and streamline core HR and payroll processes.

S/4HANA Business Benefits

See how S/4HANA can make a company faster, more productive, more accurate in its decisions, and more competitive.

%50 reduction
in data volume

through in-memory columnar
data structuresf

100 times
faster reports

enables faster and more
accurate decision making

Embedded AI

allows improved insight
and performance

Real-time advanced

ensures better forecasting and
faster decisions

Streamlined data

by discarding unhandy aggregates
and indexes

Competitive advantage
and improved workflows

with Industry-specific business

Enhanced User

minimizes errors and improves

Flexible deployment

offer reduced man-days and faster

SAP® S/4HANA Technical Features

SAP® S/4HANA runs on SAP® HANA and allows you to manage your data in a practical way with an extremely fast information processing capacity, while having the right data. SAP® S/4HANA is the right decision for an easy Digital Conversion!

User Enablement

SAP® Enable Now—an enablement framework that delivers continuous learning, embedded directly within SAP® Cloud solutions—helps users onboard quickly, become more productive, and expand their skills.

User Access

Users can access SAP® S/4HANA from a web browser via any device. All they need to get started is an internet connection, the URL, and access rights.

Data Protection

SAP® maintains general, as well as industry- and country-specific, data privacy, product security, and safety standards.

User Management

SAP® S/4HANA relies on the user management and authentication mechanisms provided with the SAP® NetWeaver technology platform and the SAP® HANA platform. more.


Innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics increase business efficiency and enable your employees to make better decisions, faster.

Two-tier ERP

Manage corporate and subsidiary needs with a hybrid landscape – in the cloud and on premise – and leverage a single data model for simplified integration and coordinated processes.

Digital Assistant

Access SAP® S/4HANA from any device with the award-winning user experience, SAP® Fiori, and a context-aware digital assistant, SAP® CoPilot.

Embedded Analytics

End-to-end analytics make it possible to understand every aspect of your business at the most granular level so you can steer your business in real time.


SAP® S/4HANA can be extended through the SAP® Cloud Platform and in-app configuration. On-premise landscapes can also utilize code modification.

Capacity Optimization

Optimize your capacity for specialization by deploying SAP® S/4HANA in your own datacenter or utilizing an infrastructure-as-a-service provider and customize and extend SAP® S/4HANA with complete control of your environment.

Simplified Data Model

A single, simplified data model that is consistent across cloud and on-premise landscapes, making hybrid landscapes easier to deploy and manage.

Identity and Access Management

Organizations can support the establishment and maintenance of identity and access management standards.

Customer Testimonials

How do we support your business growth?

Turgay Fidan
Aşkale Çimento, Group Information Technologies Manager
As Erçimsan Holding, one of the leading companies in the cement industry, after deciding to switch to the SAP® system in 2009, we chose Nagarro + MBIS by making the best and right decision. We thank our business partner Nagarro + MBIS, who supports us, offers digitalization solutions, and guides us, for being with us in this successful process so far.
PULVER, Information Division Technology Manager
"Simplifying and accelerating our processes according to industry-specific best-practices were among the main goals of our SAP® S/4HANA transition project. We succeeded in achieving these goals and took the customer satisfaction to the highest levels with the right cost structure and quality products. We would like to thank the success-oriented and experienced Nagarro + MBIS team, whom we worked shoulder to shoulder throuhout the project."
UGETAM Inc., Information Technologies Manager
“We have successfully completed the first phase of our SAP® S/4HANA Digital Transformation Journey, which we plan to expand to IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) subsidiaries and affiliate companies, together with the experienced team of Nagarro + MBIS, in only 4 months. We combined our lean, efficient and transparent management approach with our new generation business software strategy, using the simplicity of SAP® S/4HANA Fiori screens.

We would like to thank Nagarro + MBIS who played a crucial role in realizing this successful project.”
Birkan Uçar
SAP Customer Project Manager
Kopaş Kozmetik, with its successful brands in the fields of personal care, baby care and nutrition, has been among the leading companies of Turkey since 1974, while also bringing its brands together with its customers in different parts of the world in a global sense. As Kopaş Kozmetik, in order to respond to the needs of the industry more quickly and effectively with the mission of being the pioneer of innovations and developments; our SAP S/4HANA project went live on January 1, 2022, as planned. I would like to thank the Nagarro + MBIS & KOPAŞ project team, who worked meticulously throughout our SAP S/4HANA project and supported the rapid and successful implementation of the it.
Murat Yorgancılar
Murat Yorgancılar
İzeltaş, COO
İzeltaş, Turkey’s first and only hand tools manufacturer, has been leading the hand tools industry for 53 years. As the leading company in our industry, we have put the SAP S/4HANA , which is the most important step of the digitalization adventure that we started in the last 3 years in order to keep up with the innovations brought by our age and to provide better service, in 11 months, as a result of the serious efforts of the entire İzeltaş Family, on 1 June 2020. We would like to thank the Nagarro + MBIS family for their support during this process and their efforts to make this transition process as smooth as possible.
Hakan Kalander
Hakan Kalander
Supply Chain Coordinator-Business Unit Project Manager, Lidya Madencilik
“Lidya Madencilik was established in 2010 after Çalık Group realized the first major international cooperation of Turkish mining with Alacer Gold in 2009, and started its production activities in November 2021 with the live transition of the SAP ERP project. We started the SAP ERP project with Nagarro + MBIS in June 2021 in order to realize our operational activities, to respond to the needs of the sector more quickly. We would like to thank the Nagarro + MBIS team, who worked with devotion throughout the project, which was successfully implemented in a short period of approximately 4 months and closed at the end of the 6th month.”
Yaşar Murat Taşkale
Yaşar Murat Taşkale
Information Technologies Project Manager, Lidya Madencilik
“The end-to-end ERP project we carried out together in our Polimetal Madencilik company required high-level planning both in the analysis of unique business processes and in realization due to time constraints. In this sense, we made a very accurate cooperation with Nagarro + MBIS in terms of project management and documentation, as well as professional approach and coordination, and we commissioned our project at the planned time. I would like to thank Nagarro + MBIS for their devoted work on our SAP ERP project, which went live in a short period of about 4 months.”

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