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Reconstructing and visualizing processes

Celonis, the leader in process mining software, uses the digital traces of IT-supported processes to reconstruct what happens in a company. It shows all of the process variants, from the most common process flow to a full visualization of all currently running processes. With the intuitive Process Explorer, as well as many other flexible visualization and filtering options, you can zoom in to the single document level and set up any number of metrics.

Detect vulnerabilities automatically

Celonis Process Mining technology automatically learns how your process works and detects any hidden vulnerabilities. You can see at a glance where inefficiencies and deviations from the target process are driving up costs or delivery times. You can search cases where time is lost through bottlenecks, unnecessary detours, and interventions, or where compliance issues may arise.

Analyze processing times, detect bottlenecks

Celonis flexibly shows the processing time of all process variants and the individual steps involved. Quickly determine the ideal processing time, the most efficient material flow, the fastest ordering and distribution channels, the most reliable suppliers, and more. Analyze the processing time between any two points to explore the process in further detail.

Identify causes, find solutions

Celonis uncovers exactly where problems and weaknesses in the process occur, allowing you to make direct connections about their causes and solutions. You can do this either systemically or on an exploratory basis. With a few clicks, the results help deliver the facts and clarity you need to make decisions or take concrete action.

Real-time optimization

Celonis puts you in control of your processes at all times to ensure continuous efficiency. Thanks to real-time process mining, you can respond to changes in the process and market immediately and always be one step ahead of the competition. Story mode lets you create fast analysis to validate the impacts of process changes, good or bad, as they are deployed.

Apps for a quick start

Want to straighten out a few specific issues with your processes in a short amount of time? Then go to our content store. Here you can choose proven metrics and analytical tools we have developed in cooperation with our customers and partners to measure your true process efficiency. Lightning-fast to install and customize so you can start immediately, without any prior training.

Fully scalable and enterprise-ready

The Celonis platform was developed for individual users (single user, desktop) as well as for companies of any size (enterprise, server). Highly efficient algorithms ensure that even extremely large amounts of data of complex IT landscapes can be processed in real time. A specially developed work environment enables easy management of users, roles, and versions, as well as the practical parts of analyses, through a transport system.