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MBIS Technology Architecture | Vulnerability Sensor
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Vulnerability Sensor

Vulnerability Sensor

How secure are your custom ABAP codes? As every information system , your company’s SAP systems are also under miscellaneous security risks. For example ; there are code weaknesses which lets information theft , unauthorized access to specific data & transactions and codes which are open to attacks in “injection” class.

In your SAP systems,

● Is it possible to access an important data or transaction without related authority checks via a custom (Z) program ?

● Is there any information theft in your SAP systems because of a custom function or program ?

● Have you ever scanned your custom codes againist these risks ?

Your company’s softwares should be updated frequently againist these risks.

SAP standard package is already protected by up to date security patches.

You can check updated security notes & patches in SAP service center (

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