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MBIS Technology Architecture | SAP SCM
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All the processes that involve the transformation of raw materials from natural resources into a finished product ready to be delivered to the end user constitute the supply chain. Supply Chain Management goes beyond an enterprise’s own processes to include all the product, service, information and resource flows from the first supplier to the end customer, and allows the integration of all these processes in the most effective way possible.
The ability to deliver the right product, on time and according to predetermined conditions shortens the production process and increases quality while imparting flexibility to the company in the face of changing economic and market conditions.
SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an integrated solution that helps companies plan and produce their products or services effectively through all the processes they go trough. supports simultaneous interaction between all departments and persons who participate in the supply chain.

SAP SCM solution, which is a part of SAP Business Suite, allows planning of resources across companies and enables suppliers, customers, and companies to achieve effective communications and data exchange. This ensures maximum efficiency in the processes between the suppliers and the producing company.

Efficient coordination of the supply chain allows you to:

  • Manage information, material and cash flow easily,
  • Achieve shorter distribution time,
  • Achieve shorter delivery/supply time,
  • Achieve maximum performance,
  • Increase your competitive power in the market,
  • Optimize inventory balance,
  • Increase product and service quality,
  • Achieve lower supply chain costs and increase profitability.
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