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MBIS Technology Architecture | SAP EHS
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SAP ERP ‘s Environmental Health and Safety module consists of 6 components which cover the following business processes:

  • Industrial Hygiene & Safety

    • Risk management
    • Risk assessment
    • Safety measures (corrective preventive measures)
    • Auditing (internal/external audit data)
    • Accident records
    • Questionnaires

  • Occupational Health

    • Medical examination (Periodic examinations)
    • Anamnesis (Medical history)
    • Laboratory and physical tests
    • Examination
    • Vaccination
    • Diagnosis
    • Medical measures
    • Questionnaire
    • Injury/First aid records

  • Waste Management

    • Management of waste generators, transporters and treaters
    • Waste issue document generation
    • Automatic SAS (service purchase) creation
    • Waste issue from storage
    • Invoice entry

  • Product Safety

    • Management of material specifications
      (All properties – to be defined)
    • Monitoring material quantities
    • Label generation

  • Dangerous Goods Management

    • Dangerous goods monitoring
    • Tracking packaging materials
    • Dangerous goods product approval

  • Hazardous Substance Management

    • Hazardous substance risk assessment
    • Label generation
    • Putting hazardous substances through approval prior to sale and distribution

The EH&S module is integrated with SAP’s Human Resources, Procurement, Sales, Repair and Maintenance, Production Planning, and Cost/Finance modules and allows all statistical data to be drawn from the system through its reporting system.

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